Do not commit fraud when canceling because of an unaccompanied minor

Unaccompanied Minors has been a hot-button issue with many YouTube Uber and Lyft drivers. The YouTube channel Dustin is Driving published a video entitled, “Uber-This Is What Happens When Unaccompanied Minors Try To Scam Drivers For A Ride.” It features a video from Dave the Uber Slave, another Uber driver who makes YouTube videos.

Do not commit fraud when cancelling because of an unaccompanied minor - Bent Corner
Dustin Nicol from Dustin is Driving.

Just how does the unaccompanied minor attempt to scam Dave? By requesting a ride using his Lyft app and then expecting to be driven to his destination. In other words, doing what millions of other people do when they request a ride. This is somehow a “scam.”

In the video, Dustin said Dave handled the situation perfectly. I strongly disagree. Dave displayed terrible customer service skills in dealing with the unaccompanied minor. He speaks to the minor through a slightly open window while the 15-year-old stands in the rain. The minor cannot hear him. Dave speaks to him in a condescending, passive-aggressive way, recording the entire encounter for his YouTube channel.

Do not call passengers names

Dave Zambie from Dave the Uber Slave.

Dave says things to the rider you should never say to a customer. At one point, he calls him a brat. That’s not right. There’s a way to deal with an unaccompanied minor that’s both professional and not at all combative.

All Dave had to do was explain the policy, apologize for the inconvenience, cancel the ride, and leave. That should all take no more than 30 seconds.

When canceling, he should have canceled due to an unaccompanied minor. It’s one of the reasons Lyft presents to you when canceling a ride. Did he do that?

Dustin incorrectly states that Dave had to sit there for five minutes to get a cancellation fee. This is false.

When canceling an unaccompanied minor request, do not commit fraud

When you cancel a ride because of an unaccompanied minor but fail to select the correct reason, instead indicating the rider did not show up, you are attempting to defraud Lyft. This is against Lyft’s Terms of Service. From section 10 – Driver Representations, Warranties, and Agreements:

f. You will not attempt to defraud Lyft or Riders on the Lyft Platform or in connection with your provision of Services. If we suspect that you have engaged in fraudulent activity we may withhold applicable Fares or other payments for the ride(s) in question.

Drivers attempt to defraud Lyft because it pays an automatic cancellation fee to the driver when a rider is not where they said they would be. The driver must wait at least five minutes before canceling to collect this fee.

Lyft will still pay you for canceling because of an unaccompanied minor, but you will need to contact customer service to get the fee.

Contrary to what Dustin said in the video, don’t lie when you cancel a trip. Remember, driving for Lyft or Uber is a privilege, not a right. You are an independent contractor. They can deactivate your account for almost any reason.

You should always strive to do better

You should always be thinking about how you can do things better. I replay trips in my mind and try to find ways I could have done them better. Guess what? I almost always find things I could have done better. That’s because I’m not perfect. I’m a human being.

Once I find something I could have done better, I try to incorporate it in future trips. I like to think it’s one of the reasons I have high feedback ratings in both Lyft and Uber.

Boogie2988 mocks gamer because they come from a ‘broken home’

Steven Williams, the man you plays Boogie2988 on the Internet, did something on Twitch that exposed him as the person he really is.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Boogie is not the rotund Mister Rogers of YouTube. He is a mean, self-centered, manipulative person who would rather lie than tell the truth.

Boogie2988 was on Twitch playing a video game with strangers. Here is the video:

Boogie does not know this person. He asked them personal questions and then used the fact the other person’s parents are not together against them. Boogie even tried to gaslight him into believing he had anger issues.

Boogie, a 44-year-old man then tries to turn it around by saying both his parents are dead and that he’s Batman.

Boogie2988 mocks gamer because they come from a 'broken home' - Bent Corner
Batman vs. Boogie 2988 (Image: Frank Miller)

Boogie2988 is not Batman. He is a self-centered liar who feeds off pity. Boogie2988 is the type of man Batman beats up and leaves lying in an ally.

Boogie2988 only cares about himself

Again, Boogie does not know this person. He does not know if the other person has mental health issues. If they are “suicidal tendencies” or suffers from dissociation. These are two mental disorders Boogie claims to suffer from. Also, is this other person unlucky enough to have the world-famous Boogie mock on Twitch even 18? It’s not clear from the video if they are an adult or not.

From what I have seen on Twitter and Reddit, more and more people are beginning to see Boogie for what he is. This video seems to have resonated with many of them. Good. It happened to me a while ago. I went from being a fan to the opposite of a fan. I expect more people will do the same. Eventually, his YouTube channel will die and he will have to get a job.

Leave MundaneMatt alone (Update)

(Note: make sure to read the update located at the end of this post.)

YouTube personality MundaneMatt (government name Matt Jarbo) is in hot water with other YouTube personalities for committing one of the greatest crimes a YouTube personality can commit: flagging videos critical of him as falsely containing inappropriate content.

Personally, I don’t see how this is a big deal. Not really. I assumed most if not all YouTube content creators did this.  Where MundaneMatt screwed up is appearing on TheRalphRetort’s #Killstream YouTube channel and then showing a screenshot of his YouTube flagging history. That, and flagging other YouTubers with his main YouTube account. I assume when other YouTubers do this, they either have a friend do it, or they use one of their alt accounts.

Is flagging other YouTube creators a dirty thing to do?

If this seems like a scumball thing to do, remember, he did this to other YouTube creators. Most of them refuse to show their face and insist on using a fake name when making content. At least MundaneMatt shows his face and doesn’t shield his real name as though it’s the equivalent to the nuclear launch codes.

Showing his face is actually a detriment for Matt. He has a face more suited for an old-school audio-only podcast. As far as voices go, he has one of the best on YouTube. The problem is, he looks like a pretentious Kevin Smith without the hockey jersey and trenchcoat.

When I go to YouTube and do a search for MundaneMatt, I find a multitude of videos created within the last 48 hours by all sorts of anonymous edgelords condemning him for flagging other YouTubers and then lying about it. These people need to slow their roll. People who lie about their identity should not be lecturing anyone else about lying.

These people all have garbage people for an audience. If you don’t believe me, go to their comment sections and get a good whiff of the scum populating it.

You should never take advice from anonymous edgelords

Most of these fake people are jumping up and down demanding MundaneMatt address this matter on his channel. For his sake and for the sake of his audience, I hope he doesn’t do that. Much like going on TheRalphRetort’s #Killstream, nothing good can come out of it. MundaneMatt has a responsibility to his audience, not TheRalphRetort, Keemstar, Declan Black, or any of the other cringy edgelords demanding blood and other various bodily fluids.

I’ve criticized Matt in the past. I refuse to criticize him for this non-crime.


Zoe Quinn

Mister Metokur posted his video on MundaneMatt. After watching it, I now legally, morally, and spiritually rescind everything I posted above. I learned Matt’s channel became popular way back when after Zoë Quinn abused the flagging system on YouTube and flagged one of his videos for copyright infringement. He made a video about that and after five years of YouTube obscurity, became an overnight sensation.

I didn’t know this history.

I have such a low opinion of professional YouTube content creators. I automatically believe most of them engage in sketchy behavior and when caught, lie about it. See Boogie2988. See Jeremy Hambly.

I realize now what MundaneMatt did goes well beyond the normal YouTube creator unethical sketchiness. He went so far past the line of normal professional YouTube creator behavior, he can’t even see Boogie2988 or Jeremy Hambly with a high-powered telescope.

I think MundaneMatt is done being a professional YouTuber. He needs to look into truck driver school. You’ve got to admit he looks like someone hauling cheaply made Chinese goods from one location to another. He looks the type of would enjoy peeing in an empy Gatorade bottle.

This just in, Boogie2988 is a terrible person

He of course as denied the accusation. That’s what Boogie2988 does when accused of anything, even word-for-word direct quotes from something he’s said; he denies, denies, denies. The then proclaims the person quoting him is a hater and wants to see him die.

Steven Williams, the man who plays the Boogie2988 character on YouTube, has been embroiled in controversy. A 20-year-old cam girl and porn actress, Lucy Foxx, has accused Boogie2988 of mental abuse during their ten-week relationship.

He, of course, has denied the accusation. That’s what Boogie2988 does when accused of anything, even word-for-word direct quotes from something he’s said; he denies, denies, denies. The then announces the person quoting him is a “hater” and wants to see him die.

I don’t know if the accusations made by Lucy Foxx are true or not. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter. Although Lucy Foxx has problems in her life, an abusive relationship with Boogie2988 does not compare to her other problems.

What matters are the underlying facts in the story that Boogie2988 doesn’t dispute: he had a ten-week relationship with a 20-year-old sex worker. He’s 44 years old. Even if she wasn’t a cam girl or a porn actress, the relationship would be highly inappropriate for no other reason than their difference in age. Throw in the fact she’s a sex worker just makes the story all that worse.

What kind of repugnant man has a relationship with a sex worker 24 years younger than him? Even if there was no abuse going on, the situation was ripe for it.

Tell me again how Boogie2988 is the Mr. Rogers of YouTube?

This just in, Boogie2988 is a terrible person - Bent Corner
Mr. Rogers, the Boogie2988 of PBS.

This will be my last post about Boogie2988. I just don’t see the point of commenting any further on any of the garbage he does. He lies constantly. He defended his child rapist father. He shared with people on Twitch how he performs oral sex on a prostitute and then strangles them.

At this point, I don’t understand how anyone can look at Boogie2988 and not see him for what a garbage person he is.

To continue blogging about him and pointing out what a loser he is would be like blogging about the Atlantic Ocean and pointing out how wet it is. It’s an ocean. Of course, it’s wet. The same thing applies to Steven Williams. Of course, he’s a lying psychopath addicted to the sympathy of strangers. If you cannot see that, then there’s no amount of posts from me that will ever change your mind. At this point, it should be obvious to everyone.

Goodbye Steven. I know you read all my posts about you. I hope you enjoy this post because I will never blog about you again.