Tweet at Donald Trump and your account may be flagged as ‘potentially abusive’

I follow Donald Trump on Twitter. I don’t know why I do it. I don’t like Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. I think most of what he has done since becoming President has been wrong. I guess I follow Donald Trump on Twitter to see all the stupid and unnecessary things he … Continue reading “Tweet at Donald Trump and your account may be flagged as ‘potentially abusive’”

Glenn Greenwald is an idiot

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist made famous for helping Edward Snowden leak top-secret classified documents to the world, went to Twitter and quoted the great Godfrey Elfwick. New Atheist followers spent all day claiming Muslims attacked in Quebec City, spreading to thousands. No correction when it proved false — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 31, 2017 … Continue reading “Glenn Greenwald is an idiot”

Donald Trump still thinks he won in a landslide

Former reality TV star and our future president, Donald Trump evidently still thinks he won last month’s election in a commanding fashion. He did not. Trump received 306 electoral votes compared to Hillary’s 232 electoral votes. That’s a difference of 74 electoral votes. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to be President. Trump tweeted the … Continue reading “Donald Trump still thinks he won in a landslide”

Arthur Chu keeping it classy

Former Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu isn’t too happy about Donald Trump becoming president. Here is something he tweeted in response to the Trump win: I hate America, I hate white people, I hate you, personally, and the only motivation I have is to spite you. There’s your healing — Arthur Chu (@arthur_affect) November 9, 2016 … Continue reading “Arthur Chu keeping it classy”

Donald Trump can’t swim?

Like Most Americans, I get my news not from newspapers or television, but from Twitter. Last night I noticed the hashtag #TrumpCantSwim was trending. If I’m reading it right, it indicates that Donald Trump can’t swim. Could this be true? Does Donald Trump not know how to swim? Earth is a water planet. Around 71% … Continue reading “Donald Trump can’t swim?”