Why I will no longer use the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’

I’ve decided to stop using the term Social Justice Warrior. Instead, I’ll use the term Social Justice Advocate. I believe it conveys the same meaning, but it’s less insulting and demeaning, both to the people whose actions I’m trying to describe and to real warriors. For example, YouTube personality and fellow Western Maryland resident Steve Shives … Continue reading “Why I will no longer use the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’”

I have been blocked by Steve Shives

I’ve joined thousands of other Twitter users and I’ve been blocked by Steve Shives. Who’s Steve Shives? He’s a guy who lives in nearby Sharpsburg, Maryland and maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to social justice, feminism, and atheism. He’s pretty famous for blocking people on Twitter. Evidently, he has a bot that blocks people based … Continue reading “I have been blocked by Steve Shives”

The mysterious case of Melissa Morgue

Once upon a time, there was a journalist/film student from Berkley named Melissa Morgue. She was reportedly creating a documentary on #ComicsGate. What is #ComicsGate? I think it depends on who you ask. Morgue wrote about #ComicsGate on the website CapelessCrusader.org, so that might be a good place to go to get her perspective. There’s a feeling shared by … Continue reading “The mysterious case of Melissa Morgue”