Boogie2988 buys $100k Tesla, begs his fans to pay for it

Steven Williams, the man who plays the YouTube character Boogie2988 recently put a deposit on a Tesla X, the SUV model offered by Tesla. According to Boogie, the car will cost $100,000.

Here’s the video clip of the Twitch stream where Boogie talks about buying the car:

The video is interesting on many different levels

According to Boogie, Zack the Tesla salesperson convinced him to buy the car by telling him things that may or may not be true. Here are some of the things Boogie shared on the live stream:

  • The Tesla X will be the last car Boogie will ever need.
  • Buying the Tesla X will convince at least ten of his viewers to buy the Tesla Model 3, the lowest priced Tesla. This will help the environment by getting them “off renewable” energy.
  • Within 2 to 3 years, the car will earn Boogie up to $30,000 a year in income driving strangers around using Tesla’s upcoming Uber competitor service.
  • Owning a Tesla will make Boogie want to go to the gym.
  • Even though Boogie has repeatedly said he is a millionaire, he will need to finance the Tesla X.
  • His current vehicle is worth around $1,600.
  • His Tesla car payment will be between $1,500 to $1,700 per month, more money than he makes on Twitch. It’s also around half of what he made on YouTube in June.
  • Tesla spends a lot of money on YouTube advertisements. To capitalize on this, Boogie will begin making lots of Tesla videos.
  • Boogie owes $200,000 on his house.
  • Boogie asked his Twitch viewers to help pay for the car with donations.
Boogie2988 buys $100k Tesla, begs his fans to pay for it - Bent Corner
Boogie2988 on Twitch with his fans.

If you’ve ever watched him on Twitch, e-begging is something he does constantly. I think that’s why he does Twitch. As a famous YouTuber, he could do YouTube live streams. Lots of YouTubers do it. My guess is he could not make over $1,000 on YouTube live streams. I think Twitch is more conducive to e-begging.

Boogie2988 cannot afford a Tesla X

According to Boogie, he makes around $3,400 a month on YouTube and less than $1,500 a month from Twitch. Those are the only revenue streams he has. That puts him at around $5,000 a month of income, before taxes.

Considering that, what financial institution would ever finance his Tesla X? Remember, he still owes $200,000 on his house. That means he’s still paying a mortgage.

I don’t think he will continue to ask his viewers to pay for his new Tesla X because I don’t think it will ever get to that. I don’t think he will be able to secure financing.

Boogie2988 should be able to afford a Tesla Model 3

He could probably still get a Tesla, just not a Tesla X. He could get a Tesla Model 3. Those are around $35,000. He could either get financing for that or if he has enough money in savings, he could pay for it outright. He should have enough money saved up.

Owning a Tesla Model 3 would still allow him to make videos about his Tesla and get a piece of that sweet YouTube Tesla advertising money.

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