How to easily add a widget area to WordPress

Does your WordPress theme not have enough widget areas? Do you want to add a widget to an area that does not have a widget area? No problem. This is a simple, easy-to-follow tutorial showing how to add a widget area to WordPress. Step One Open up an FTP client and go to the themes … Continue reading “How to easily add a widget area to WordPress”

WordPress 5.0 is the New Coke of WordPress

I logged into this blog this morning and saw that I had an update to install. It’s for WordPress. 5.0 “Bebo.” I am not going to update my blog to version 5.0. Instead, I will wait for version 5.03 or higher before I even think about updating WordPress. I have no reason to update my … Continue reading “WordPress 5.0 is the New Coke of WordPress”

I’m extremely thankful to have health insurance

I’m so, so thankful I have health insurance. I received a statement in the mail from the University of Maryland Medical Center for the surgery to remove part of my large bowel last month. Because I have health insurance, my out of pocket cost for the whole thing was zero. I’m lucky to have health insurance. … Continue reading “I’m extremely thankful to have health insurance”

Worst day of rideshare driving ever

I don’t know why, but yesterday was the worst day I’ve ever had as a part-time Uber and Lyft driver. It was like somebody came to Hagerstown and gave everyone who didn’t have a car a free one if they agreed to delete the Uber and Lyft app from their phone. I had a total … Continue reading “Worst day of rideshare driving ever”

2015 Hugo Awards nominees announced

The 2015 Hugo Award nominees were announced yesterday, and the list of nominees is reportedly rife with controversy. I wouldn’t know. I look at the list of finalists for Best Novel, do a quick mental check to see if I’ve read any of them, and then generally move on with my Internet browsing.  The list of … Continue reading “2015 Hugo Awards nominees announced”