What does ‘Rise of Skywalker’ mean?

Star Wars Celebration is a national gathering of fans to celebrate all things Star Wars. This year’s event took place in Chicago. Like past events, I read about it and watched highlights of the event online. Also like past events, I immediately wished I attended. Maybe one year I will get to go to one.

YouTuber says very few Uber drivers have ‘any self-respect or dignity’

The Apptrepreneur (government name Kevin Rodriguez) is a YouTuber who makes videos about driving for Uber and Lyft. Like many other people making these types of videos, he doesn’t actually drive for either rideshare platform. He used to, but not anymore.

Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis now has 49 consecutive at-bats without a hit

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris “Crush” Davis now has 49 consecutive at-bats without registering a hit. If you think that is some sort of record, you are correct. He’s now surpassed Eugenio Velez who had 46 at-bats without a hit during the 2010-11 seasons.