‘Sunday Night Football’ is taking a giant hit in the ratings

From CNN:

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” match up between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers brought in 17.2 million viewers on Sunday night. That number was down 35% from last year’s Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants game, which was the most-watched prime time regular season since Thanksgiving 2015.

Yes. NFL viewership is down. That should be no big surprise.

For one thing, NFL football, like all sports is boring. For every second of excitement, there are minutes of complete boredom. There are too many commercials in between the boredom. I used to think the commercials were needed because of what was going on to get the field ready for play. That’s not so. I’ve gone to a few NFL games and during the times where commercials are being shown on TV, the players are just standing around with their hands on their hips waiting to play.

People are tired of being bored when they watch TV.

Another problem with the NFL is the perception that its players are criminals and thugs. I believe this perception is due mostly to the fact that many of the players are criminals and thugs. After a while of hearing about player legal problems, fans and casual viewers begin to form an opinion that’s hard to shake, not that it even deserves to be shaken. A long time ago, the NFL decided that it was okay to field players who had a not-so-normal propensity of running afoul of the law. Nobody is forcing the NFL to draft players out of college who seem like they will be bad citizens.

The thing that’s killing the NFL now is its stance on the National Anthem protests. It bothers people, casual viewers of the NFL, that so many of its players are refusing to stand up and show their respect during the National Anthem. What’s even worse are players, American players, who sit during our National Anthem, but stand for the Mexican Anthem. The NFL’s reaction to all this?


This shirt runs $39.99 on the ShopNFL.com website. Am I supposed to believe they aren’t wetting their beak on any of it? Sure.

Nothing unless you count the league’s stupid Salute to Service gimmick. It’s where they make officially licensed clothing styled with military coloring. The NFL claims they do not profit from the sale of Salute to Service products. I do not believe them.

If the NFL really wanted to salute the service of people who have served in the military, they would make their players stand for the National Anthem. They would also offer a discount to military veterans on their overpriced crap. The National Anthem is a big deal to the military and its veterans. Perhaps if anyone in a leadership position within the NFL had served in the military, they would know that.

If the NFL wants to increase viewership, make the games less boring. Eliminate all the commercials breaks. If networks need to tell viewers what products and services they should be buying, put something at the top of the screen. Stop fielding players who if it wasn’t for the NFL, would be selling drugs or serving time in prison for selling drugs. Stop allowing players to disrespect the National Anthem.

Jordan Chariton, fired ‘Young Turks’ reporter sues ‘HuffPost’

From Politico:

A former reporter for the digital program “The Young Turks” is suing HuffPost for $23.5 million, alleging libel and defamation over a since-deleted post detailing allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him.

The reporter is Jordan Chariton. I don’t know if he’s a creep or not. If he’s ever gone on the record as a male feminist, then I’d say the chances of him being a creepy pervert are fairly high.

I don’t trust anyone who claims to be a male feminist. It’s just a simple rule of thumb, but it’s one that’s served me well.

This story intrigues me on many levels. The Young Turks employs reporters? I thought they used unpaid interns to lift stories from the mainstream news and then their on-camera personalities offer their fresh perspective on the story. By that, I mean whatever Armenian holocaust denier Cenk Uygur, believes on the matter.

I truly wasn’t aware any real reporting went on over at The Young Turks, let alone they possessed paid journalists. Now I know.


The mysterious case of Melissa Morgue

Once upon a time, there was a journalist/film student from Berkley named Melissa Morgue. She was reportedly creating a documentary on #ComicsGate.

What is #ComicsGate? I think it depends on who you ask. Morgue wrote about #ComicsGate on the website CapelessCrusader.org, so that might be a good place to go to get her perspective.

There’s a feeling shared by some people that comic book publishers, mostly Marvel Comics and to a lesser extent IDW, have made wholesale changes to their books and characters, not with the goal of telling better stories for their customers, but to push a narrative more in line with social justice. Whether the fans of these books and characters like the changes are not important. If they don’t like the changes, they can stop buying these books and just go away.

IDW turned the character Salvo, a muscular white man with a shaved head, into an overweight Samoan woman.

What kind of changes are we talking about here? Iron Man was replaced with a 15-year-old African-American girl smarter than Tony Stark. Thor was replaced with a woman. Iceman was turned gay. The Hulk’s human counterpart Dr. Bruce Banner was replaced with an Asian scientist. Captain Marvel was made less feminine and more masculine, seemingly more masculine with each issue.

Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, now looks more like a man than I do.

I could go on with more examples, but like a lot of comic fans, I don’t read Marvel Comics anymore. Since Marvel Comics decided to go full social justice, sales have tanked. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, one of the people responsible for the social justice sea change to was fired.

Morgue also created a YouTube channel called The Feminist Fangirl. Although I didn’t agree with most of what she said on her channel, I thought the videos were well made and they sounded professional. There’s a reason they sounded so good: they were performed by a voice actress.

Their reason? Because Melissa Morgue isn’t real. She is, in fact, a middle-aged man pretending to be a young female film student from Berkley.

Not only is Melissa Morgue a man, he’s married to a woman and they have real, human children.

A part of my thinks it’s weird that a full-grown man would go on the Internet and pretend to be a woman to push feminism and social justice. Another part of me just doesn’t care. If it makes him happy to pretend to be a woman when he pushes his narrative, then more power to him. Who am I to judge?

I don’t agree with most of Melissa Morgue’s opinions, but I do agree they have a right to share them on the Internet. I strongly agree the Melissa Morgue audience has a right to learn about those opinions. I like opinions to be shared, whether I agree with them or not. I’m not into de-platforming people. I’m not into stopping people from voicing an opinion or an idea just because I don’t agree with it. Although he’s my neighbor, I’m not Steve Shives.

Melissa Morgue has my @bentcorner Twitter account blocked, but they don’t need to do that. I wish them nothing but the best.  I hold no ill will towards them.

Update: 14 December 2017

Melissa is actually a guy named Gadd Ramone. At least that’s according to a new The Feminist Fangirl video.

I’m not sure how one can be expected to believe anything said on a YouTube channel built upon a foundation of lies.

Update: 15 December 2017

It looks like Melissa Morgue also known as Gadd Ramone also known as Martin has begun erasing himself from social media. As you can see from the above linked YouTube video, it’s no longer available. Good. I hope that means he wants to spend more time with his wife and children, and less time pestering Diversity & Comics and national treasure of an artist, Ethan Van Sciver.

I hope this also means Martin will seek medical help. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help when you need it. Martin needs it. There is nothing wrong with seeing an oncologist when you have cancer. Why would there be anything wrong with seeing a psychiatrist when you have mental problems?

Martian, if you’re reading this, I wish you nothing but the best. Take care of yourself. Allow the people who love you to help you on your journey to getting well.

Explaining the new Patreon service fee

Beginning December 18, Patreon will charge patrons, the people giving money to the creators they support, a flat 35 cents plus 2.9% of the pledge. This means that if you decide to give $1.00 a month to YouTube creator Nerkish, Patreon will charge you $1.38 a month. Nerkish after Patreon’s five percent handling fee to the creator will rake in 95 cents.


Why is Patreon doing this? because that is what Patreon’s credit card processor is charging them to process credit cards: a flat 35 cents per transaction and 2.9% of the pledge. This is a standard fee structure charged by credit card processors to merchants. In this particular case, Patreon is the merchant.

Is Patreon allowed to do this? Yes, in fact, according to recently enacted credit card processing laws, they are expressly allowed to pass on the processing cost to the cardholder. Even if they wanted to pass this on to the creator, technically under the law, they wouldn’t be allowed to. This can only be passed on to the cardholder.

I should note the flat 35 cents per transaction is charged whether the transaction is approved or declined. It’s an authorization fee. It’s what the processor charges the merchant for each card that is run. Technically, it’s what MasterCard and Visa charges for each card run and this cost is passed over to the processor. If the card is approved, the Patreon passes this over along with the other 2.9% fee. If the card is declined, they eat the cost.

This new change should decrease the number of $1 pledges people have made. Knowing that a $1 pledge costs a $1.38 a month might make people think twice before pledging money to their favorite YouTube creators.

Diversity & Comics ringtone: ‘Are you a racist?’

In Diversity & Comics episode, C.B. Cebulski Needs To Clean House At Marvel Comics…Starting With Max Bemis’ Mouth, there was a funny bit about a New York City hot dog vendor ensuring that his customers weren’t racist or transphobic before he would sell them a hot dog.

Having personally purchased hot dogs on the street in New York City, I can attest that this does not happen. They will sell hot dogs to anyone. Imagine that.

I thought the bit was funny. I thought it was so funny, I took the bit and turned it into something that can be used as a ringtone. If you’d like to use it as a ringtone, then be my guest.

Download “Are you a racist?” (m4a)

Download “Are you a racist?” (mp3)


‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is proof DC should just stop making movies

I finally got around to seeing Thor: Ragnarok yesterday. What a great movie. It’s clear Marvel has won the motion picture battle. DC makes pretty decent TV shows, but the DC movies just aren’t translating very well to the big screen.

In fact, I didn’t have interest in even seeing Justice League before yesterday. Now after seeing something as superb as Thor: Ragnarok, a giant comic book movie with multiple characters, I don’t think I ever want to see it. Not in the theater, not on Blu-ray or DVD, or not even on Netflix.

I’ve already seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Justice League looks to be the same movie, only with Sons of Anarchy Aquaman and a fake Flash.

Marvel knows how to lay down a solid foundation within its universe for building superhero movies. This foundation helps feed and connect one movie to another.

DC doesn’t have anything similar.

One of the powers Marvel has tapped into to its advantage is its humor. Thor: Ragnarok is no exception. Thor: Ragnarok is a very funny movie. It’s funnier than most comedies. I think Marvel has shown us that superhero movies are best when they’re peppered with quality humor.

The one character who seems to have been designated the comedic relief in Justice League is Flash. It annoys me that the character is being played by Ezra Miller.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. The TV show Flash. The one true Flash.

I’m a big fan of the TV show The Flash. In my mind, Barry Allen aka The Flash is actor Grant Gustin, not Ezra Miller. If Flash wasn’t going to be played by Grant Gustin in Justice League, he shouldn’t have been included in the movie.