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Jussie Smollett arrested for faking a hate crime

Empire actor Jussie Smollett was arrested early this morning in connection to filing a false police report. He claimed to be the victim of a hate crime during the early morning hours of January 29 in Chicago.

This is MAGA country!

Smollett claimed he was assaulted by two white men wearing masks and shouting racist and homophobic slurs. One of the men even shouted, “This is MAGA country!”  It was in reference to the red hats Donald Trump supporters like to wear.

Smollett was able to fight off the two attackers, but not before one of them placed a noose around his neck.

In reality, no one attacked Smollett. He staged the thing with the help of Ola and Abel Osundairo, two brothers he knew. Smollett paid the men to stage the fake hate crime.

Is staging a fake hate crime illegal?

Police are charging Smollett with disorderly conduct and filing a false police report. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a law against staging a fake hate crime. Maybe there should be.

I can only imagine the world of grief that would have been visited upon two random white men if police detained them for questioning and Smollett identified them as his attackers. They would have been immediately vilified in the press and on social media. The criminal justice system would then have its turn on them.

The jury would undoubtedly convict them and the judge would sentence them to long prison sentences. How could they not? It was a hate crime

I think if you are going to have laws covering hate crimes, there should also be laws covering false hate crimes.

Jussie Smollett is an awful person

I don’t know what Smollett’s goal in all this was, but I don’t really care. What he did was terrible for a whole host of reasons. After this stunt, people will be less inclined to believe real victims of hate crimes. They will automatically wonder if the victim is just pulling a Jussie Smollett. He must not care about victims of real hate crimes. Not if he would do something like this.

Padres sign Manny Machado to largest free-agent contract in U.S. history

Manny Machado’s long wait is over. The San Diego Padres signed the 26-year-old free-agent to a 10-year, $300 million contract.

The Padres are not a team I like, so them signing someone as toxic as Machado doesn’t bother me too much. I do not like Manny Machado. I do not like the San Diego Padres. It’s a marriage made in Heaven. Or Hell. Only time will tell.

One advantage the Padres had over other teams attempting to lure Machado to their city was that they will probably not go to the postseason in the next 10 years. That fact had to be attractive to Machado considering how poorly he plays in the postseason. Speaking of the postseason, it was reported the New York Yankees were not interested in signing Machado after his antics this past postseason with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Going to the postseason is kind of really important to the Yankees. Not only do they expect their players to do well, they expect them to not act like a dick. History shows that’s too much of an ask for someone like Machado.

I grew up in the Los Angeles area. I grew up a Dodgers fan. It bothered me greatly every time I saw Machado in a Dodgers uniform.

The Padres and their giant pile of money have ensured I’ll never have to see that travesty again. Thank you San Diego Padres. Thank you very much.

Do not commit fraud when canceling because of an unaccompanied minor

Unaccompanied Minors has been a hot-button issue with many YouTube Uber and Lyft drivers. The YouTube channel Dustin is Driving published a video entitled, “Uber-This Is What Happens When Unaccompanied Minors Try To Scam Drivers For A Ride.” It features a video from Dave the Uber Slave, another Uber driver who makes YouTube videos.

Do not commit fraud when cancelling because of an unaccompanied minor - Bent Corner

Dustin Nicol from Dustin is Driving.

Just how does the unaccompanied minor attempt to scam Dave? By requesting a ride using his Lyft app and then expecting to be driven to his destination. In other words, doing what millions of other people do when they request a ride. This is somehow a “scam.”

In the video, Dustin said Dave handled the situation perfectly. I strongly disagree. Dave displayed terrible customer service skills in dealing with the unaccompanied minor. He speaks to the minor through a slightly open window while the 15-year-old stands in the rain. The minor cannot hear him. Dave speaks to him in a condescending, passive-aggressive way, recording the entire encounter for his YouTube channel.

Do not call passengers names

Dave Zambie from Dave the Uber Slave.

Dave says things to the rider you should never say to a customer. At one point, he calls him a brat. That’s not right. There’s a way to deal with an unaccompanied minor that’s both professional and not at all combative.

All Dave had to do was explain the policy, apologize for the inconvenience, cancel the ride, and leave. That should all take no more than 30 seconds.

When canceling, he should have canceled due to an unaccompanied minor. It’s one of the reasons Lyft presents to you when canceling a ride. Did he do that?

Dustin incorrectly states that Dave had to sit there for five minutes to get a cancellation fee. This is false.

I left a comment on the video:

When canceling an unaccompanied minor request, do not commit fraud

When you cancel a ride because of an unaccompanied minor but fail to select the correct reason, instead indicating the rider did not show up, you are attempting to defraud Lyft. This is against Lyft’s Terms of Service. From section 10 – Driver Representations, Warranties, and Agreements:

Drivers attempt to defraud Lyft because it pays an automatic cancellation fee to the driver when a rider is not where they said they would be. The driver must wait at least five minutes before canceling to collect this fee.

Lyft will still pay you for canceling because of an unaccompanied minor, but you will need to contact customer service to get the fee.

Contrary to what Dustin said in the video, don’t lie when you cancel a trip. Remember, driving for Lyft or Uber is a privilege, not a right. You are an independent contractor. They can deactivate your account for almost any reason.

You should always strive to do better

You should always be thinking about how you can do things better. I replay trips in my mind and try to find ways I could have done them better. Guess what? I almost always find things I could have done better. That’s because I’m not perfect. I’m a human being.

Once I find something I could have done better, I try to incorporate it in future trips. I like to think it’s one of the reasons I have high feedback ratings in both Lyft and Uber.



Animegate is even dumber than all the other ‘gate’ movements

First came Gamergate. Then came Comicsgate. Now there’s Animegate. What exactly is Animegate? It sprung up when sexual harassment allegations surfaced against voice actor Vic Mignogna. He’s known for his English voice-over work of Japanese anime shows that were dubbed for English-speaking viewers.

People who are pro-Animegate contend there’s no evidence Mignogna sexually harassed anyone. They created the #animegate and #istandwithvic hashtags.

I strongly disagree with Animegate. I think Vic Mignogna is a creep.

These photos are from Anime News Network and they feature Mignogna posing with a 14-year-old girl at a 2014 convention:


Animegate is even dumber than all the other 'gate' movements - Bent Corner

Notice the right hand under the girl’s jacket. Creepy.

Animegate is even dumber than all the other 'gate' movements - Bent Corner


Animegate is even dumber than all the other 'gate' movements - Bent Corner


Funimation conducted an internal investigation about Mignogna’s behavior and announced they would no longer be working with the voice actor. Rooster Teeth did the same. How could they not? All they had to do is look at the three photos posted by Anime News Network. Why would any company want to work with Mignogna? Generally, reputable businesses don’t want to work with creeps like him.

Ordinarily, I try to see both sides to a controversy before making up my mind. Before I was against Comicsgate, I was for it. I thought comics were too expensive and the books were delving too much into identity politics. Eventually, I could not ignore the underlying base of hatred and bigotry the hashtag movement attracted and fostered. In retrospect, I wish I had noticed it sooner.

Animegate is one hundred percent wrong

I’m having a hard time seeing both sides when it comes to Animegate. This is about as cut and dry as you can get. People who are supporting Mignogna must not have looked at the photo evidence. That, or they don’t see a problem with a 51-year-old man putting his hands and lips on a 16-year-old girl.

In conclusion, I think anyone supporting Vic Mignogna needs to reassess their position.  In this case, the sooner the better.

Boogie2988 mocks gamer because they come from a ‘broken home’

Steven Williams, the man you plays Boogie2988 on the Internet, did something on Twitch that exposed him as the person he really is.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Boogie is not the rotund Mister Rogers of YouTube. He is a mean, self-centered, manipulative person who would rather lie than tell the truth.

Boogie2988 was on Twitch playing a video game with strangers. Here is the video:

Boogie does not know this person. He asked them personal questions and then used the fact the other person’s parents are not together against them. Boogie even tried to gaslight him into believing he had anger issues.

Boogie, a 44-year-old man then tries to turn it around by saying both his parents are dead and that he’s Batman.

Boogie2988 mocks gamer because they come from a 'broken home' - Bent Corner

Batman vs. Boogie 2988 (Image: Frank Miller)

Boogie2988 is not Batman. He is a self-centered liar who feeds off pity. Boogie2988 is the type of man Batman beats up and leaves lying in an ally.

Boogie2988 only cares about himself

Again, Boogie does not know this person. He does not know if the other person has mental health issues. If they are “suicidal tendencies” or suffers from dissociation. These are two mental disorders Boogie claims to suffer from. Also, is this other person unlucky enough to have the world-famous Boogie mock on Twitch even 18? It’s not clear from the video if they are an adult or not.

From what I have seen on Twitter and Reddit, more and more people are beginning to see Boogie for what he is. This video seems to have resonated with many of them. Good. It happened to me a while ago. I went from being a fan to the opposite of a fan. I expect more people will do the same. Eventually, his YouTube channel will die and he will have to get a job.

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