YouTuber ‘The Apptrepreneur’ is a purveyor of fake news

Kevin Rodriguez from the YouTube channel The Apptrepreneur posted a video about an Uber driver supposedly getting suspended from Uber because he spoke to his passenger and his “car was a bit too cold.”

He posted a screenshot of the supposed message from Uber to the driver.

YouTuber 'The Apptrepreneur' is a purveyor of fake news - Bent Corner

What’s an Uber Comfort ride?

The ride in question was a Comfort ride. It’s a ride where the car has lots of legroom and the passenger can request that the driver does not talk to them. They can also request the temperature of the vehicle set to their liking. Thankfully, my 2016 Ford Fusion doesn’t have enough legroom in the backseat to qualify as a Comfort vehicle. This would be news to anyone who has ridden in my car’s backseat because it has a tremendous amount of legroom.

YouTuber 'The Apptrepreneur' is a purveyor of fake news - Bent Corner
My 2016 Ford Fusion with its “tiny” legroom.

The screenshot Rodriguez posted is a total fake. Any Uber driver reading it should have known immediately it was a fake. Even though Rodriguez makes numerous videos about Uber and driving for Uber, he himself does not drive for Uber. He used to, but not anymore. Quite a few Uber and Lyft YouTubers do not actually drive for Uber or Lyft, yet they are experts in all things involving rideshare.

Why I stopped watching The Apptrepreneur

I stopped watching The Apptrepreneur when I realized its host wasn’t knowledgeable in anything I was interested in and was kind of a jerk. Plus, he lives in the Los Angeles area yet wears a knit cap in all of his videos. The high in Los Angeles the day he posted the video was 85 degrees. What kind of depraved monster wears a knit cap in the summertime? I don’t even wear a knit cap on my shaved head in the wintertime when the temperature is in the single digits.

I found out about this video from watching Rideshare Revolution. Unlike most YouTubers who make videos about driving for Uber and Lyft, the host of Rideshare Revolution drives for both platforms. He does it on a fulltime basis. He made a video in which he pointed out Rodriguez was lying to his audience and the screenshot was totally fake.

Not that anyone would really need to be told this screenshot was fake. The grammar is bad. The word “Requires” should not have been capitalized. It also should not have the letter “s” placed at the end of it. Additionally, the usage of “us” when referring to Uber was incorrect. Uber would never send a canned message like that.

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