‘Justice League’ does really well with film critics

Justice League hits theaters today and it’s doing better with movie critics than studio executives had hoped. Movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is showing the movie at 38%, a phenomenal score for a movie like this.

The movie includes Sons of Anarchy Aquaman played by Jason Momoa and some guy as the Flash who is not the Flash. The Flash is in its fourth season on the CW and this guy playing Flash in the movie is not the Flash from the TV show.

That’s dumb because the guy on The Flash TV show is terrific. The Flash from the movie, not so much. He looks like a turd.

TV Flash played by Grant Gustin.

If you already have a guy playing Flash on TV who is pretty damn good at it, why not just have him play Flash in the movie?

Other than the Wonder Woman movie, most of the DC movies have been less than spectacular. It’s like they’re trying to compete with the first Fantastic Four movie and Jennifer Garner’s Elektra movie.

Did anyone over at Warner Bros. Pictures even see the newest Spider-Man movie? The bar has been raised. You can’t just make crap with a lot of CGI and expect moviegoers to flock to it.

There is a new Superman and he is Chinese

I haven’t been following what’s going on in the world of comic books these days, especially superhero comic books. Movies have taken the place of actual comic books when it comes to superhero storytelling.

It would seem that I’ve been missing a lot. For instance, Superman is now Chinese.

There is a new Superman and he is Chinese - Bent Corner

It appears from the cover art that not only is Superman now Chinese; he is Communist Chinese. His uniform is red and features the stars from the Communist China flag. Even when Superman was a Kryptonian- American, he didn’t go around wearing parts of the American flag as a uniform.

There is a new Superman and he is Chinese - Bent Corner
Buy “Red Son” on Amazon

This isn’t the first time Superman has been portrayed as a godless Communist. The 3-issue Elseworlds miniseries Red Son told the story of what would have happened if baby Superman’s spaceship had landed in the Ukraine instead of Kansas and he was raised in the Soviet Union. It came out over ten years ago, and I haven’t read it since. I remember enjoying it. I thought it was an interesting premise.

This new Chinese Superman doesn’t look quite so interesting. In fact, it looks quite bad. The artwork looks cheesy and just ugly. I wouldn’t pay three dollars to read it, although I would probably pay three dollars not to read it.

When it comes to reading comics, you’ll have a much more satisfying experience reading older stuff. Avoid any of the material produced in the last five years. DC Comics and Marvel have been putting out a lot of social justice warrior friendly junk lately. Marvel has been especially bad. Thor is now a woman. Ms. Marvel is now a Muslim. The good news is that they both publishers have such an extensive back catalog of work, it doesn’t really matter. You can just ignore the new stuff and go back and read the older material.

Or wait for the movie.

‘Wonder Woman’ official trailer #2

The second trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie dropped, and like the first trailer, it doesn’t disappoint.

Although I enjoyed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice more than most people, I believe that best part of the movie was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. When I first learned she landed the part of the Amazonian Princess, I thought it was a dumb choice. I thought she was too skinny to be the badass that I know Wonder Women to be. Could Gal Gadot play a princess? Sure. How about an Amazonian? Not so much.

Or so I thought. Gal Gadot can radiate a sense of strength and power that is surprising for someone of her slight stature. Although she looks to be too skinny to be a threat to men, one only has to watch her slow walk towards the German trench, to know that a bunch of Huns are about to meet up with their dead relatives in Hell courtesy of a skinny girl and her sword.

If anything, Gal Gadot’s thin physique makes Wonder Woman even scarier when you bear witness to the absolute carnage she can unleash with her sword, shield, and lasso.

I’m looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman. It hits theaters June 2, 2017.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I finally got around to seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yesterday. I was going to see it opening weekend, but I allowed the negative reviews from film critics to cloud my judgement and change me mind. Big mistake. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not a bad film. Far from it. I enjoyed it greatly.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not an action comedy. There’s not much humor in this film and that’s the way it should be. If you need humor in your comic book movies, then I suggest you stick to Marvel Comics films. Even though the characters in those movies engage in brutal combat in densely populated areas, undoubtedly leading to the death of scores of innocent civilians, they still have time to yuck it up.

I thought Ben Affleck made a fantastic Batman, better than Christian Bale. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent is on par with that of the late Christopher Reeve. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was surprisingly good. When I first heard she would be playing the part of the Amazonian warrior princess, I thought she was a bit too thin for the part. I was wrong. She made a fine Wonder Woman. 

The one and only issue I had with the move was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He was annoyingly awful. It was as though he thought Lex Luthor should be played as a cross between Heath Ledger’s Joker and Brad Pitt’s character in the movie 12 Monkey’s. I just didn’t understand the character. It’s not like Eisenberg doesn’t posses the acting chops to play Lex Luthor. Anyone who watched his performance as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network should know he has the ability to play the part of Lex Luthor. Zuckerberg and Luthor are not the different. Not really.

The most notable villain with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t Lex Luthor , it was any critic who unfairly gave this film a negative review. The movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at rotten with 29%.

That’s absurd and it’s dishonest.

Do HeroClix figures really look like this?

Wizkids, maker of collectible miniature games, has released images of some of the 2016 HeroClix convention exclusives. Included in the offerings is Batman with Bomb. From the Wizkids HeroClix website:

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb… and you are going to want to get rid of this bomb— pass off the Bomb dial hot-potato-style until one unlucky figure goes BOOM! Batman with Bomb is available for $15.00 while supplies last!

I have never played HeroClix, but I have purchased a few of the figures. I like to buy things that I can place on a shelf and collect dust. When I noticed the quality of the paint jobs dropping, I stopped buying them.

Looking at the image of Batman with Bomb, either the quality of the paint job on HeroClix figures has gotten better, or they are dedicating hours of painting time to their prototypes. What are the chances when buying this set on eBay, the figure will look like this?


I think the chances are quite low.

Thrasher Suit Batman Deluxe Figure by Greg Capullo

DC Collectibles released an action figure of Batman in his Thrasher Suit. The special suit first appeared in Batman vol. 2 issue #8. In the book, some Jehovah Witness folks knock on the front door of Wayne Manor and are greeted by Batman in a special armored suit.

Thrasher Suit Batman

At least, that’s the way I remember it.

The action figure is currently selling on Amazon for $44.95. It’s a limited edition (whatever that means) and stands nine inches tall. Normally I’m not the type of man who spends that much money on an action figure, but I have over $70 in available Amazon gift card money, so it would almost be like it was free. Plus, I did buy the NECA Adam West Batman 1/4 scale figure last year for $96 with Amazon gift card money.

It would not be like I was breaking new ground. Not really.