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Boogie2988 is armed and slightly dangerous

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about YouTube’s biggest fake human being, Boogie2988. If you’ve read any of my posts about him, you know I don’t care much for the man. I’ve written so much about him, he even has his own category here.

I used to watch his videos. I thought he was a sweet guy who had a lot of problems. I then began to notice he tended not to tell the truth. The more I paid attention, the more lies I caught him telling.

What I found even worse than his blatant lying was how he was continually fishing for sympathy. He was always trying to manipulate his fans into showering him with their empathy. I found it disgusting. I stopped watching his videos entirely.

Fast forward to today

I saw the word “Boogie” was trending on Twitter. I clicked in the link, and the first thing I noticed was the above image. It shows Boogie2988 (aka Steven Williams) in a tight tactical shooting stance holding a handgun. Just kidding. It shows Booging2988 holding what appears to be a revolver with one hand.

Some semi-famous Internet troll posted online that he was in Boogie2988’s town and would drop by his house for a visit. Being that the troll is not a 19-year-old camgirl, Boogie2988 did not want this person to come over.

When the troll arrived at Boogie’s home, he began filming because that’s what semi-famous Internet people do. Boogie came out of the house, holding his grandmother’s lady pistol and fired a “warning” shot into the air. He then pointed the gun at the troll.

I think the whole thing is a work

I doubt any of this happened. It was probably staged to give both Boogie and this other person some attention. Boogie loves attention. This stunt got him trending on Twitter.

It wouldn’t be the first piece of pointless drama that Boogie2988 faked.

I don’t see the point of what Boogie supposedly did. If someone comes to my home that I do not want to see, I don’t go to the door. At most, I would call the police and tell them there’s a man in my front yard, exposing himself. I would then have a police report chronicling the whole non-event. I could then obtain a restraining order if I felt so inclined.

That’s probably not dramatic enough for Boogie.

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