The YouTube algorithms are out to get Boogie2988

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, has scanned his current threat environment and has identified a new threat to his wellbeing: the YouTube algorithm.

He posted a video complaining about YouTube and its algorithm the other day.

If I understand what Boogie is throwing down, and maybe I don’t, he expects people who’ve subscribed to his channel to see his videos appear as a Recommended video.

I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work.

I think everyone uses YouTube differently. I have my subscription feed bookmarked and when I want to watch a YouTube video, I go to my bookmarked link. Just because I subscribe to a channel doesn’t mean I ever watch videos on that channel.

Why subscribe to a channel if you don’t watch the videos? Because if a YouTuber’s video is generating buzz elsewhere, it’s easier to find and watch that video if you’re subscribed to the YouTuber’s channel. It’s not like it costs anything to subscribe to a YouTube channel. There’s no drawback to subscribing to a YouTube channel you never watch.

Boogie2988 currently has 4.4 million subscribers. Very rarely, especially recently, do his videos get that many views. For example, the video above in which he complains about YouTube and its algorithm shows 87,000 views.

That’s a fraction of his subscriber base.

Most, if not all, of Boogie2988’s most watched videos, were made years ago when he was doing a bit and playing one of his characters. Most people didn’t realize it was a bit. His most watched video is Dramatic Fat Guy Splash. It was published in 2011 and has over 35 million views. It’s a 37-second video of a shirtless Steven Williams falling backward into a swimming pool.

Boogie2988’s second most watched video is Francis Rages – Where’s My Goddamned Mountain Dew?  It was published in 2011 and has almost 17 million views. It’s a bit where he is “Francis” sperging out about not being able to find his beloved Mountain Dew.

His most recent highly watched video was Open Letter to Logan Paul. He published it three months ago and it has a little less than 3.5 million views. I think most of that video’s viewers were probably Logan Paul fans or people curious about the incident where Logan Paul was in Japan and made a video about someone killing themselves in a forest. I didn’t watch it. I don’t like Logan Paul and I have no interest in an open letter to him.

Most Boogie2988 subscribers do not watch his videos. If they did, each of his videos would have around 4.4 million views.

Steven can address that fact in different ways. He can try to make better content so people will want to watch his videos, or he can blame YouTube and its algorithm.

It appears he chose the latter.

I freely admit I’m not a typical Boogie2988 viewer. I watch his videos because I think most of the stuff he says is so absurd, it’s entertaining. I don’t watch any of his Francis videos because I don’t think they’re funny. When Steven tries to be funny, I don’t find him to be funny. What I find funny is when he is completely serious, especially when I catch him in a lie or better even yet, multiple lies.

That’s not to say I’ve always felt this way. I used to watch his videos because I thought he was a nice guy who had interesting things to say. I then gradually realized over time he was fake, lied frequently, and was often just trolling for sympathy he didn’t deserve.

Update (4 April 2018)

In light of the YouTube shooter Nasim Najafi Aghdam, Steven removed his video complaining about many of the same things Aghdam complained about.

If he believed the things he said in the video, I don’t understand why he would remove it.

Boogie2988’s ex-wife is his landlord

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, admitted on Reddit that he doesn’t own his house. His credit rating is so bad, he couldn’t get a mortgage in his name. The mortgage is in his ex-wife’s name, Desiree Williams.

From Reddit:

Hey guys. Since I got tagged in this thread I saw it so thought I’d help you guys out. Why is my credit at zero? I got very sick as a young adult. I almost died. Lymphedema in my legs went septic. I was in the hospital for almost a month and ran up a few hundred thousand dollars worth of medical bills. In order to get my credit BACK to zero, I paid off all of that debt with the first few years of youtube income.

I am now working on the credit by borrowing money, putting it into an account, and letting it draw off itself. Overall the small loan will cost me about 16 dollars to build credit.

The house is in my wife’s name because, at the time, I wasn’t able to purchase it for myself. However, the wife and I during mediation came to the arrangement that:

  • I can live in the house for 6 months to a year (my choice)
  • i live here rent free
  • she maintains the mortgage from her share of the assets until i’m ready to move or take it over
  • when we sell, we split any equity. if I take over the house the equity can optionally stay mine if I give her a small payment for it.

This is why I keep saying she rocks. She volunteered to do all of that. She wanted me to feel safe. The only reason she didn’t simply transfer the mortgage over to me was the bank wouldn’t allow it because of my credit.

I could potentially finish off this mortgage in one lump payment but I’d have to sell stocks to do it and I have no interest in selling those stocks. So I’m looking for a new home with a pool or hot tub instead.

I might decide to keep this place and take the price to refinance using a mortgage broker but since rates have gone up it seems like it might be better to get a place with more amenities for the same price that was built more recently. Time will tell though.

thanks for the questions!

There’s a lot to digest in what Boogie wrote on Reddit. Considering how difficult it is for him to tell the truth, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. For example, if Boogie owed $200,000 in medical bills and had no way of paying it, why didn’t he declare personal bankruptcy? That’s what personal bankruptcy is for.

Then there’s the part about him owning stocks. If he owned stocks he could “potentially” sell and pay his wife, why wouldn’t he do that?

His ex-wife is his landlord. Who in their right mind would choose to live that way if they didn’t have to?

Boogie’s ex-wife and landlord, Desiree Williams.

Just because his ex-wife “rocks” this minute doesn’t mean she always will. Wait till she meets someone new and that new guy learns that her 400-pound ex-husband lives in her house rent-free. That can only become a massive obstacle in her new relationship.

If I were Steven, my number one goal would be to get my hands on enough money to pay off my ex-wife so that the home I live in would belong to me and me alone. I would sell whatever I could to get enough money to make this happen. I’d sell all my toys. I’d sell all my Pokémon and Magic The Gathering cards. I’d sell everything.

Once I owned my home outright, then I could think about selling it and buying something else with a pool or a hot tub. If his credit rating is as bad as a says, he’s going to have trouble even renting something halfway decent, let alone buying something.

Boogie2988, pound for pound, one of the biggest defenders of our country


Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, had a mini-meltdown last night on Twitter. The reason? He thinks Donald Trump is going to take away his violent video games.

Grand Theft Auto V, the most recent in the series, was published September 2013.

Does anyone even make violent video games anymore? Rockstar last put out a Grand Theft Auto game in 2013. When I think of so-called violent video games, I think of the Grand theft Auto franchise. Games like that aren’t my thing, so I don’t know if there’s anything out there right now that rises to the violent equivalency of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Boogie began to sperg out yesterday with the following tweet:

People then began calling Boogie out for not criticizing Donald Trump for any of the other retarded things he’s tried to do until now. I guess some people assumed Boogie was a supporter of Donald Trump since he’s never said a negative thing about him or his policies until now. Plus, Boogie is a Republican. Not just any Republican, he’s an Arkansas Republican.

That’s one of the problems with being a middle of the road fence sitter, something Boogie always take great pride in being. People never really know what you believe in.

My guess is people see Boogie, a white guy in his forties living in Arkansas who makes a lot of money from his YouTube videos and has never criticised Donald Trump, assume he’s a Donald Trump supporter. Considering how he sperged out yesterday, I think he was a Donald Trump supporter. His tweets and the emotion behind them reminded me of something you’d expect from a jilted lover.

By far my favorite Boogie tweet was this gem:

What’s G. I. Boogie ever done to defend this country?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Boogie2988 had gastric bypass surgery, still has an eating disorder

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, posted on Twitter about “feeling down” so he got “sushi” for lunch.

Boogie was the recipient of gastric bypass surgery on August 1, 2017. It looks like gastric bypass surgery didn’t cure his food addiction problem. Go figure. I’ve never understood how gastric bypass surgery, essentially making your stomach the size of an old lady’s coin purse, can successfully treat an eating disorder. That’s what Boogie has, an eating disorder. Doing gastric bypass surgery on someone who overeats because of mental problems makes as much sense as doing stomach enlargement surgery on an anorexic.

Most people who get gastric bypass surgery lose weight, but then eventually gain it all back. At first, they lose weight because their stomach is too tiny to allow them to eat as much as they want. As time goes by, the stomach begins to expand, allowing them to eat more.

Is the pile of food shown in the photo even sushi? It looks so disgusting. It looks like Boogie is having soy sauce with a side of California rolls. I’ve never really considered California rolls to be true sushi. The first time I had sushi was on Okinawa, so I’m a bit of a sushi snob. I like my sushi to have only two ingredients: rice and raw tuna.

Boogie2988 got gastric bypass surgery, still has an eating disorder - Bent Corner

That’s not to say I don’t like California rolls if they’re made right. I don’t like them with fake crab meat or cream cheese. I also like the seaweed wrap to be on the outside of the roll, not the inside.

After seeing Boogie’s photo, I don’t know if I can eat California rolls anytime soon.

Boogie2988, staunch defender of the adult entertainment industry

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, posted on Twitter about his support of the adult entertainment industry.

I wonder if he had a daughter, would he encourage her to pursue a career in the industry he has nothing but love for? Would he encourage any of his fans to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry? An industry that is notorious for abusing the people who participate in it?

What a weirdo. No wonder Anita Sarkeesian refused to pose for a selfie with him at this past Vidcon. The two appeared together on the same panel. He probably gives off a weirdo stink that she could detect. As such a huge fan of video games, why would he even want a photo with Anita Sarkeesian?

Steven Williams, also known as Boogie2988, also known as Francis, is such a lying fake. Why more people don’t see that about him is a mystery to me.



Boogie2988 and his roommate Chad just hanging out

The above is a screen grab taken of Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube sitting shirtless at his computer with his loyal roommate Chad hovering in the background.

Who is Chad? He’s Steven’s roommate. The two met while playing Magic The Gathering years ago.

Steven has had Chad the roommate for years, even when he was married to now ex-wife Desiree Williams. Chad evidently gave Steven a place to live back when Steven was homeless and had nowhere else to go. Chad then later saved Steven’s life when Chad found him in bed dying from a serious infection. Chad took Steven to the hospital which allowed medical staff to cure Steven’s infection.

Steven has been indebted to Chad ever since.

Now that Steven is rolling in all that YouTube money, he’s repaying Chad by giving him a permanent place to live in his fancy YouTube house.

So why is Steven shirtless? Some on Reddit have asked that same question. My theory is that Steven and Chad just finished playing one-on-one basketball where Chad was shirts and Steven was skins. Before hitting the showers, maybe Steven wanted to check his email to see if he had any new messages from Philip DeFranco, Ethan Klein, or some other top YouTubers Steven is friends with.

What else could it be?