Boogie2988 appeared on the H3 Podcast and lied

While in Southern California for VidCon 2018, Boogie2988 appeared on the H3 podcast with hosts Ethan and Hila Klein.

Lots of things were talked about including what happened at last year’s event when Boogie2988 appeared on a CyberBullying panel. One of the other guests on stage was the infamous Anita Sarkeesian. If you believe Boogie2988, Sarkeesian chewed him out after the panel.

Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. I don’t really care. If he didn’t want to get into it with her, he should have just driven his scooter chair away. Better yet, he shouldn’t have even appeared on the panel with her. He loves video games. She hates video games, is anti-free speech, and would like to ban most video games because they’re sexist and misogynistic. Boogie2988 makes a living because of free speech and video games.

From the H3 podcast (50 seconds in):

I’m going to repeat the thing that got me in so much trouble: here I am sitting in a place of perceived privilege. I and straight. I am white. I am male. And you guys think that makes me bulletproof, but it doesn’t. I’ve had people show up at my door to say nasty shit to my face. I’ve had them send boxes of shit to my front door. I’ve had them send black dildos to my PO box.

If you are a straight white male and you’re in this audience and you think you’re immune to it, get to my level of notoriety and you’ll get shit too.

You don’t have to get to Boogie2988’s level of notoriety to get shit on the Internet.

Are black dildos less collectible?

Why the emphasis that the dildo was black? Does that make it worse somehow? Don’t they make dildos in lots of different colors? When you set up a PO box and ask people to send you things, it’s not all going to be Pokemon plushies and packs of Magic: The Gathering cards. You should expect a dildo every now and then.

Boogie claimed what he said on the H3 Podcast was basically word for word what he said at the panel. Was it?

Here’s a transcript of his appearance on the 2017 Vidcon Cyberbullying panel (51:23):

Moderator: We only have about five minutes left. I just want to ask if anyone has any final thoughts before we close up.

Boogie2988: I’ve got a doozy if I can. Oh okay, I practiced this for weeks. I think sometimes because we do talk about certain subsets of people specifically people without privilege some people can get the misconception that only those groups are targeted. I say this as the only male on this panel and I say this as a white cis male, a person who’s in a place of privilege that I understand some communities have it worse but I have trouble really understanding them because of the depths of what we’ve gone through.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a few years back we had someone put out a hit on my wife on the TOR network for thirty-five hundred bucks and then they sent me the link and they delivered a pizza to my house to let us know they are there. The absurd thing is they had an address wrong. They had my friend’s address because a friend had left a box at my house and the box had a label and the label appeared in a video. So I had to call my friend and say, “Jason, get out of your house. They’re going to kill you.” And he said, “What are you talking about?” I sent him a screen cap and the doorbell rings and it’s Dominoes. And he said, “We don’t want any pizza, please.”

We’ve had boxes of feces delivered to our homes. We’ve had threats on my life, my family. We’ve been made to feel very, very uncomfortable. And I don’t say this to dismiss anyone else’s pain or to say that I have it worse because I genuinely don’t believe that I do. I just want to say that if it can happen to me, and I’m coming from a place of privilege, I think it can happen to anyone.

It can happen to any of you who choose to create tomorrow. And I think when we get that misconception. I think that… we have naysayers. Well, it’s not worse for you, it’s not worse for people of color. I think that when we focus it on a human rights issue, not a woman’s issue, not a man’s issue. Not a gay or straight issue or a fat person or skinny person issue.

When it’s a human rights issue that affects us all at least in some way, I feel we can unite these subsets, these groups of these different people and I think we can fight it together and when we do that, I think that’s how we actually could potentially beat cyberbullying. But we have to unite into a strong group to do that.

I now see Anita Sarkeesian’s point

Listening to this so I could write out a word for word transcript really opened my eyes. I see why Anita Sarkeesian was so pissed at him. I’d be pissed off too.

When the moderator said they had about five minutes left and asked if anyone had any final thoughts, Boogie had just finished speaking. Hearing there were only five more minutes left for the panel, he proceeds to speak for another three and a half minutes.

Doctor Who is a Time Lord, Boogie2988 is a Time Hog

The words that came forth from Boogie2988’s mouth really were a doozy. First of all, he says the hit was taken out on his wife, not him. This would confirm women do have it worse when it comes to cyberbullying. He can’t see that. He’s always the victim. Even when his wife was threatened, he has to make it all about himself.

And the pizza being sent to his friend’s house? I think it really was sent to his house, but he was trying to throw some chaff and flares towards the person who ordered him the pizza, to make them think they don’t have the correct address when in fact they really do.

An Air Force C-130 dropping chaff and flares.

Even Boogie2988 gets confused about who’s house it was sent to. First, it was his house, then it was his friend’s house.

You will notice not once during the VidCon 2017 panel does he mention a perceived privilege.  He said:

  • He was a person who’s in a “place of privilege.”
  • I’m coming from a “place of privilege.”

This was when I lost all respect for Boogie2988. He was repeating the same old canard that straight white men are somehow privileged. As a white, straight male I can assure you this sexist and racial stereotype is not at all accurate.

It was then that I stopped being a fan of Boogie2988. I continued to watch his videos, but with a more critical eye. Once I started doing that, I couldn’t get over how much lying he did. The man lies all the time. I’ve come to the conclusion he may not even realize he’s doing it.

3 thoughts on “Boogie2988 appeared on the H3 Podcast and lied”

  1. I completely respect that decision you, more power to you, but was it really necessary for you to write that he’s a liar with no solid proof in the writing itself? I’d like to understand where your coming from but I can’t seem to see how he came out as saying that privileged white male’s are more powerful. I personally seen his speech as trying to show how everyone gets shit from people but also the fact that its not just one group of people its many including the white males. Also you stated that the pizza was sent to his house then he supposedly said it was sent to his friends house. It was supposed to go to his house but they had the wrong address. And really your giving him shit on putting “black” in front of dildos? It’s describing dipshit. What? He can’t say he had a black dildo sent to his house now because is profile or symbolizing something? Is he gonna have to lie now because saying something is black is racist or sexist. Why don’t you just fuck off and leave him alone he’s done nothing to you and if he is lying be the better man don’t go writing about shit just because you believe your right. You should look at both sides man and not follow just one do research and come back with good evidence.

    1. was it really necessary for you to write that he’s a liar with no solid proof in the writing itself?

      I did prove he was a liar. He said on the H3 podcast that he said “perceived” privilege. He didn’t say that. He lied about his comments on the panel. I proved it by comparing the two transcripts.

      And really your giving him shit on putting “black” in front of dildos? It’s describing dipshit.

      I don’t collect dildos nor am I educated about the dildo collecting community. I don’t understand the need to differentiate it that way. To me it sounds racist.

      Why don’t you just fuck off and leave him alone he’s done nothing to you and if he is lying be the better man don’t go writing about shit just because you believe your right.

      If he wants me to stop writing about his lies, then he should just stop lying.

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