Boogie2988 is fed up with being suppressed

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, is whining and crying about how his videos are being suppressed on YouTube. He’s convinced that algorithms and robots are making it hard for his subscribers to see new content.

When in doubt, blame a robot.

The video linked above is a response to a video posted by fellow YouTuber Philip Defranco, yet Boogie2988 didn’t bother to post a link to the Philip Defranco video he was responding to. Here is a link to the Philip Defranco video.

I don’t know why Boogie2988 is sperging out so heavily about this topic. Granted, he makes his living being a YouTube creator. According to him, he was on disability before YouTube came along. Remember that old episode of The Simpsons when Homer wanted to gain a bunch of weight so he could go on disability?

Steven did that in real life. He was so fat, he could not hold a job. His disability would only allow him to play EverQuest and World of Warcraft all day long.

Steven has probably noticed a decline in his viewership compared to his subscription numbers. As of this morning, YouTube shows he has 4.4 million subscribers. His videos rarely crack a million views. They rarely crack even a half million views. 

Most of Steven’s subscribers don’t watch his videos.

When I go to YouTube to watch videos, I go directly to my subscription feed:

Click on the above link and it will take you to your subscribed YouTube channels (if you’re logged into your Google account).  I have this link bookmarked. When I go there, it shows me all the new videos of the creators I subscribe to. I’ve never been suppressed by a robot or an algorithm from watching videos I want to see.

I’ve got to believe that if people really wanted to watch Boogie’s videos, they’d watch his videos. Instead of whining about robots and mystery algorithms he has no control over, Steven should concentrate on the things he does have control over. He should make better videos. For example, if he’s going to respond to another YouTuber, he should link to the video he’s responding to.

Maybe he should try making videos that aren’t aimed at invoking sympathy from his viewers. Although some of his viewers may enjoy listening to him complain about his problems, real or imagined, others may not.

Some people go to YouTube solely to be entertained. The only entertainment I get from watching a Boogie2988 video is watching him contradict himself. Luckily for me, he does that a lot.


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