This just in, Boogie2988 is a terrible person

Steven Williams, the man who plays the Boogie2988 character on YouTube, has been embroiled in controversy. A 20-year-old cam girl and porn actress, Lucy Foxx, has accused Boogie2988 of mental abuse during their ten-week relationship.

He, of course, has denied the accusation. That’s what Boogie2988 does when accused of anything, even word-for-word direct quotes from something he’s said; he denies, denies, denies. The then announces the person quoting him is a “hater” and wants to see him die.

I don’t know if the accusations made by Lucy Foxx are true or not. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter. Although Lucy Foxx has problems in her life, an abusive relationship with Boogie2988 does not compare to her other problems.

What matters are the underlying facts in the story that Boogie2988 doesn’t dispute: he had a ten-week relationship with a 20-year-old sex worker. He’s 44 years old. Even if she wasn’t a cam girl or a porn actress, the relationship would be highly inappropriate for no other reason than their difference in age. Throw in the fact she’s a sex worker just makes the story all that worse.

What kind of repugnant man has a relationship with a sex worker 24 years younger than him? Even if there was no abuse going on, the situation was ripe for it.

Tell me again how Boogie2988 is the Mr. Rogers of YouTube?

This just in, Boogie2988 is a terrible person - Bent Corner
Mr. Rogers, the Boogie2988 of PBS.

This will be my last post about Boogie2988. I just don’t see the point of commenting any further on any of the garbage he does. He lies constantly. He defended his child rapist father. He shared with people on Twitch how he performs oral sex on a prostitute and then strangles them.

At this point, I don’t understand how anyone can look at Boogie2988 and not see him for what a garbage person he is.

To continue blogging about him and pointing out what a loser he is would be like blogging about the Atlantic Ocean and pointing out how wet it is. It’s an ocean. Of course, it’s wet. The same thing applies to Steven Williams. Of course, he’s a lying psychopath addicted to the sympathy of strangers. If you cannot see that, then there’s no amount of posts from me that will ever change your mind. At this point, it should be obvious to everyone.

Goodbye Steven. I know you read all my posts about you. I hope you enjoy this post because I will never blog about you again.

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