Boogie2988 threatens violence in defending his child rapist father

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 online, went to Twitter early this morning to further defend his late father. Evidently, he was on Twitch earlier and threatened physical violence against anyone who besmirched his father’s good name.

Boogie2988 threatens violence defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner

Why would anyone express the opinion that Boogie2988’s father deserved to die the way he did, drowning in his own blood from cancer? Because his father was a child molesting rapist.

Boogie2988 threatens violence defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner

Boogie2988 threatens violence defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner

Boogie2988’s father deserved to die the way he died

The problem with most child molesters is they are rarely punished for what they do. That’s not the case with Boogie’s father. Drowning in his own blood sounds like fitting retribution for a man who would sexually molest and rape his own pre-teen daughter.

I would express this to Boogie2988’s fat soy-boy face if I ever had the chance.

Boogie2988 threatens violence defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner
The face of a man who would never say no to a glass of soy milk.

I doubt Boogie2988 could knock anyone’s teeth out except his own

Apparently, since Boogie2988 has slimmed down to a svelte 380 pounds, he believes he can take a swing at someone and knock their teeth out. I highly doubt it. This is the same man who broke and shattered his own arm walking out of the movie theater. Speaking of walking, he doesn’t do much of it. He rides his mobility scooter every chance he gets. When he travels to events like Vidcon or E3, he rents one and has it waiting for him when he arrives.

Boogie2988 threatens violence defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner

If Boogie2988 is too lazy to walk from one place to another, how does he expect to be able to kick another man’s ass? Fighting another man is a lot of work. It takes real stamina to fight someone, especially if you want to come out as the victor. What’s he going to do, chase someone down in his mobility scooter?

Boogie2988 threatens violence in defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner

Does he have a custom-built spring-mounted boxing glove that shoots out of his scooter with the push of a button? Once again, I highly doubt it.

This was not the first time Boogie2988 defended his child molesting rapist father

On Father’s Day, Steven posted the following tweet:

Boogie2988 threatens violence defending his child rapist father - Bent Corner

He did well with what was given? What a creep. According to Boogie, he repeatedly molested and raped his pre-teen sister. If I had a sister and she was raped, I wouldn’t be tweeting nice things about her rapist.

If I had to guess, I’d say Boogie2988 is one of those people who believe child molestation is not that bad. I used to think everyone thought child molestation was evil. I thought it was a common denominator type of thing. No matter who you are or what you believed, you believed molesting children was bad.

I’ve realized not everyone thinks like that. I realized during the Penn State child rape controversy, not everyone looks at the issue the same way. Even though Coach Joe Paterno knew his defensive coordinator Joe Sandusky was raping boys, he chose not to do anything about it. The number of people who defended Paterno and the Penn State football program was alarming and quite disgusting.

I’m not saying Boogie2988 is a child molester. There’s no evidence suggesting that he is. I just find it weird he is so adamant in defending his father, the man who raped his sister.


Boogie2988 was reacting to a video published by Gina Annunziato of The Ginescast. So when he said, I will knock you the fuck out, he was speaking directly to Gina. You should watch the below video if you had any doubts about what piece of diseased rat excrement Steven Williams is, watch Gina’s video. It’s well made and very informative.

Chris Kluwe violated Wizards of the Coast’s Code of Conduct

Former punter of footballs and aficionado of geeky things Chris Kluwe is a Magic: The Gathering game ambassador. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to have been representing the game very well. He recently posted the following tweet about deceased video game critic John “TotalBiscuit” Bain:

Chris Kluwe violated Wizards of the Coast's Code of Conduct - Bent Corner

Magic: The Gathering is produced by Wizards of the Coast (WotC). Like a lot of large companies, they have a code of conduct. Unlike other large companies with a code of conduct, their code of conduct applies to people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. It doesn’t even matter where you are, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else on the Internet, the WotC code of conduct applies to you. People have received lifetime bans from WotC for breaking the code of conduct on YouTube and Facebook.

From the official WotC Code of Conduct:

Chris Kluwe violated Wizards of the Coast's Code of Conduct - Bent Corner

I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the important parts, the parts Ambassador Chris Kluwe is in violation of.

Can you harass a dead person?

Even though TotalBiscuit is no longer with us and cannot read the hateful words written by Ambassador Chris Kluwe, TotalBiscuit left behind a wife, Genna and a son, Orion. Imagine the pain they will feel when they read Ambassador Chris Kluwe’s tweet. Even if they don’t know who Chris Kluwe is, all they will have to do is a Google search of TotalBiscuit to read his hateful words.

Chris Kluwe violated Wizards of the Coast's Code of Conduct - Bent Corner
Genna Bain, wife of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain.

What does it even mean to be a Magic: The Gathering Ambassador?

Chris Kluwe violated Wizards of the Coast's Code of Conduct - Bent Corner

I have no idea what it means to be an ambassador of Magic: That Gathering. That’s something that’s up to Wizards of the Coast to work out. I do know that anyone representing the game should at the very least conduct themselves in a way others can safely emulate. Has Chris Kluwe done that? Hardly. In fact, if anyone else acted out the way Chris Kluwe acted towards TotalBiscuit, they’d be looking at disciplinary action by WotC for violating their code of conduct.

Chris Kluwe is an example of who not to be

That’s not to say Chris Kluwe isn’t a good example for others. He is, just not in the traditional, conventional sense. If you’d like to know how you should conduct yourself in the public square, just imagine how Ambassador Chris Kluwe would act and then try to do the complete opposite.

Boogie2988 threatens suicide in a Twitter argument

The man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, Steven Williams, was in a Twitter argument with someone and he threatened to kill himself. The person reading this threat called the authorities who in turn performed a welfare check on Boogie2988. There was a knock on the door and when he answered it, he found police, firemen, and paramedics at his front door.

Boogie2988 was able to talk his way out of it. Remember, he talks for a living.

There’s a suicide king, but not a king of suicide threats.

What’s even more irresponsible than threating to kill yourself to a random stranger on Twitter? Going on Twitch shortly after the welfare check to vent about it. That’s what Boogie2988 did.

Boogie2988’s Twitch streams are even harder to watch than his YouTube videos are. People in the chat are able to interrupt him by triggering sound effects. These include, “You’ve got to get paid to get laid you’all.” and “Welcome to the sub club.” Also, people can communicate with him by giving him money and having their text read on the stream with a creepy female robot voice.

Suicidal Tendencies

He doesn’t seem to have any control over these things. In fact, you could probably say that about everything about Boogie2988, he doesn’t seem to have any control over anything. He had to get gastric bypass surgery to force him to eat less and lose weight.

People in the chat were telling him to hire someone to take over his social media accounts, mainly Twitter. Boogie2988 said over and over that’s not possible. Why he said that I don’t know. It sounded like sound advice, especially considering that we’re supposed to believe communicating on Twitter is giving Boogie2988 suicidal tendencies.

Suicidal tendencies as in the propensity to take your own life, not the band from the 1980s.

My advice to Boogie2988

If I were in a position to lend advice to Boogie2988, I’d encourage him to hire someone to take over his Twitter account. If interacting on Twitter gives him suicidal tendencies, I think it’s a sign he needs to step back. I’d also encourage him to stop streaming on Twitch. I thought Twitch was a service so people can watch you play video games. That’s not what his Twitch channel seems to be about. It’s about people giving him money in small-dollar increments.

I’d encourage him to put more work in his YouTube videos. They’ve gotten to the point were they’re unwatchable. He puts his face very close to the camera, making his videos uncomfortable to watch. I’d also redecorate the room he makes videos in so it doesn’t look like a 12-year-old boy’s bedroom.

If exercise felt good, they wouldn’t call it exercise

I’d also encourage him to work harder at losing weight. According to him, he hasn’t lost weight in months. I think he expected the surgery to do all the work for him. It’s been a year now since his surgery. Whatever the surgery was able to do for him, it’s probably already done it. He now has to concentrate on working what he can do to lose weight like a normal person with diet and exercise. When he tries to exercise, he claims it hurts too much. That’s true for everyone, especially when they get older.

If he began working hard at losing weight, he’d be able to incorporate it in his YouTube videos. He would then have content worth watching.

It would also help Boogie2988 if he stopped lying. He’s not good at it. He’s constantly contradicting himself. New lies do not mesh well with past lies. If you don’t lie, you don’t have to have a good memory. I don’t think Boogie2988 has a very good memory.

Landon Donovan’s other ‘team’ is Mexico?

The 2018 World Cup is currently taking place in Russia. It’s a competition to see which country has the best football (soccer) team in the world. It takes place every four years. The host country automatically gets in, all the other countries have to play their way in. The United States did not get in. They did not play well enough in the qualifying matches to go to the World Cup.

Landon Donovan’s other team

Landon Donovan is arguably the greatest player in U.S. soccer history. In 157 appearances for the United States, he’s scored 57 goals. For many years, he was the face of U.S. soccer. That all changed this weekend with the following tweet:

Landon Donovan's other 'team' is Mexico? - Bent CornerLandon Donovan seems to have confused the word “team” with “country.”

Mexico is a country. It’s not a team.

Landon Donovan is 37-years-old. He is playing professional football in Mexico for Club León. I can only guess that’s why he agreed to appear in this promotional photo for Mexico, sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Did Mexico and Wells Fargo pay him well for this promotion? There’s no amount of money large enough that would get me to turn my back on my country and promote my country’s biggest rival in international soccer.

Landon Donovan is just weird

Landon Donovan has played for the United States against Mexico at Azteca in Mexico City where supporters threw cups of urine at him and his teammates while taking corner kicks. Who knows, maybe he’s into that. He’s heard Mexico supporters chant homophobic slurs at him and his teammates, both at Azteca and in the United States. He honestly expects me to turn my back on my country and join him cheering for Mexico? Thanks, but no thanks.

The United States isn’t in the World Cup. You know who I’m rooting for this year? The other 31 countries that are not Mexico.

Boogie2988 admits YouTube random giveaways are fixed

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, admitted on Twitter that when he and other YouTubers do “random” giveaways, they vet the winner online to see if they are an “asshole” and if they decide they are, they then randomly pick someone else.

I don’t know if this is illegal or not. I’m not a lawyer. I do watch a lot of Judge Judy and I used to watch L.A. Law. That said, it certainly seems sketchy to me. There are federal laws involving contests and giveaways.

This might make a good topic for lawyer Nick Rekieta, host of the YouTube channel of Rekieta Law to cover in a future episode. 

One of the many problems with this statement is who Steve considers an asshole and what others consider an asshole is probably vastly different. I know by criticizing Steve on my blog for the things he has had his various characters (Boogie2988, Francis, Jessy) say on YouTube and Twitch, I’m probably someone he would deem to be an asshole.

I’m more than fine with that. If Steve thought I was an asshole, it would probably make me feel proud.  Also, I would never put myself in a position where I was trying to win something Steve was randomly giving away to his fans. I’m not a fan. I watch his videos for the unintended entertainment value his content provides.

Steve “Boogie2988” Williams with his creepy dog.

I used to think he was a nice person, but that opinion ended a long time ago. Watch enough of his YouTube videos, you start to pick up inconsistencies with the things he says. This is especially true if you bother to watch his Twitch videos. His content on Twitch really shows what a fake person he is on YouTube.

One of the other problems with his tweet is that he includes other YouTubers into the act of vetting winners of random giveaways. My guess is it was something he spoke about with other YouTubers at the recent YouTube Creator Summit.

I know Steve attended and met with other people who make content on YouTube. I wouldn’t even be surprised if this was something YouTube told creators to do.

If you thought other YouTubers would not appreciate being outed as doing something like this, you would be right:

The first rule of fight club, don’t talk about fight club.

Again, I don’t know if this activity is illegal, but I know it seems sketchy. I learned in the military that even the appearance of inappropriateness is almost as bad as inappropriateness.

Is it inappropriate to pick someone at random to win something and then after checking their online conduct, pick someone else at random? In my opinion, yes.

Facebook shuts down largest Black Lives Matter group

Facebook has closed the largest Black Lives Matter group because the group was run by a white man in Australia. Even though the group had over 700,000 followers, Facebook deemed it inauthentic.

The group reportedly raised over $100,000 in support of racial-justice causes in the United States.

The group’s founder has been identified as Ian Mackay, an employee of the National Union of Workers in Australia.

Founder of the largest Facebook Black Lives Matter group, Ian Mackay, a white guy.

Why would Facebook even allow a user from Austrailia to create a Black Lives Matter group dedicated to racial-justice causes in the United States? One of the benefits of Facebook is users are usually who they say they are. It’s hard to be a troll on Facebook because of the fact each account is tied to a cell phone number. Did Ian Mackay have a cell phone based in the United States?

I would think that to create a Facebook group dedicated to Black Lives Matter, you would have to live in either Detroit, New York, Baltimore, or Wakanda.

Facebook is stupid. The fact that it’s been able to keep going as long as it has is really a miracle. There’s obviously a market for whatever Facebook is offering. Why a more competent company, run by competent people, hasn’t entered the marketplace and offered consumers an alternative, is a mystery.

The same applies to Twitter.

This isn’t how the marketplace is supposed to work. Companies that fail to satisfy what the market wants are supposed to be replaced by companies that do satisfy consumer demand. It’s 2018 and neither Facebook nor Twitter has any competitors. I find that weird.

And what’s it say about the real Black Lives Matter group when they get outperformed by some random white guy in Austrailia? Nothing good, that’s what.