Virtue signaling is always a giant waste of time

Virtue signaling is always a giant waste of time - Bent Corner

Funimation, a Texas-based company specializing in dubbing and distributing anime for an American audience, went to Twitter on Saturday and engaged in a bit of virtue signaling.

Maybe you haven’t heard, but June is officially Gay Pride Month. Its purpose is to call attention against the discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. In other words, you should expect to see a lot of rainbows this month. The rainbow is the official image of gay pride. You should also expect to see a lot of posturing and virtue signaling this month.

As important as LGBT rights are, I’m not sure why it’s relegated to only a single month every year. Americans should always stand against discrimination all year long, not just one month out of twelve.

To commemorate Gay Pride Month, Funimation changed it’s Twitter profile pic to include a rainbow and posted an image on Twitter showing its logo infused with a rainbow and the words, “Anime is for everyone.”

Anime is for everyone?

Virtue signaling is always a giant waste of time - Bent Corner

I’m not sure why Funimation felt the need to do something like this. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of anime should now it’s a fairly gay-friendly genre of entertainment. If you’re a distributor of anime, why feel the need to broadcast the fact that you are against discriminating against LGBT folks? It seems unnecessary to me.

What seems unnecessary to me, others deem it to be not good enough. Take, for example, this response to Funimation’s original tweet:

Virtue signaling is always a giant waste of time - Bent Corner

According to this Twitter user, it’s not good enough to announce you are pro-gay. You must also be willing to offer employees health insurance that covers sex reassignment surgical procedures. In other words, no matter what you do or what you say, it’s never good enough.

In conclusion

People and corporations should think twice before ever engaging in virtue signaling. To a lot of people, it comes across as self-serving pander and more than a little obnoxious.  To others, it’s just never good enough. You can say you are a supporter of LGBT rights, but unless you can demonstrate your primary focus is unwavering support of all things LGBT, with an emphasis on the “T” part, you are part of the problem. You can display the rainbow flag all you want, but unless you’re willing to adopt a transgender child, you’re a terrible human being and deserve to die in a fire at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

In other words, the worst possible death a person can experience.

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