GameStop is stupid and unprofessional

GameStop is stupid and unprofessional - Bent Corner

I bought the One Piece Kaido, King of The Beasts statue I wrote about the other day from the GameStop website on Monday, January 31, 2022. Not only have I not received it, GameStop hasn’t even shipped it yet. This wasn’t a pre-sale. I bought something that was in stock and ready to ship. When I check the status on the GameStop website, it says my order’s status is “in progress.”

Then on Thursday, February 3rd, I received the following email from GameStop:

Dear Rich,
Our hope is you and yours are safe during the severe weather currently impacting several parts of the country. Because of the conditions, there may be a slight delay in shipping your Order Number 168450260. Rest assured our local druids are working on their best spells in efforts of clearing the way as swiftly as possible for you- we know it’s of extreme importance!

We’ve also made sure our shipping partners are highly caffeinated to make sure your delivery makes it to you as swiftly as possible when the weather clears.

If there is anything we can do to help you level up in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Game on,
Your friends at

This email is being sent to you in connection with a transaction you have entered into with GameStop. See Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

According to GameStop, the planet is experiencing another ice age.

What “severe weather” conditions? You’ll notice they don’t say these severe weather conditions are effecting them. They only say these severe weather conditions are “impacting several parts of the country.”

The same day I received the email from GameStop, I sold something on eBay. I boxed up the item and took it to the Post Office that same day. Why was I able to ship an item someone bought from me in a timely manner, but GameSpot can’t? It’s unprofessional.

Speaking of unprofessional, what’s with the stupid verbiage in the email? I didn’t appreciate the mention of “druids casting spells” and the bit about making sure their “shipping partners are highly caffeinated.” I’m an adult man, not an eight-year-old boy. I paid GameStop over $100, and they send me a childish email to inform me they still have not sent me something I paid for.

Do better GameStop.


It’s now been a full week since I ordered the One Piece Kaido, King of The Beasts statue and its status has not changed.

GameStop has now been “preparing” this statue for a full week.

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