‘One Piece’ Kaido, King of The Beasts statue

I made a quick stop at FYE yesterday to see if they had any new Funko Pop! figures. They didn’t, but while I was there, I couldn’t help but notice a massive new statue in the anime section. It’s from the wildly popular¬†One Piece¬†franchise and it represents Kaido, King of the Beasts.

I’m not very familiar with the One Piece. I haven’t read the manga or watched the anime. By the time I heard about One Piece, they had published too many books for me to every try to catch up. As of this writing, One Piece is already up to volume 98. How’s a normal person supposed to catch up?

I had never heard of Kaido because seeing the statue yesterday. I picked it up to look for the price sticker, but I could not find one. It surprised me how heavy it was. It felt like I was picking up a boat anchor.

I took a pic of the boxed statue and looked it up last night. I discovered FYE was charging $199.99 for the statue of Kaido. I also learned it weighs over 10 pounds.

After checking up the FYE website, I went to Amazon and found it to be $179.20. That’s a better price, but not by much. That’s still scary expensive.

I then went to Entertainment Earth. They have the Kaido, King of the Beasts statue, for $139.99.

Here are the photos I found of the Kaido, King of The Beasts statue:

Click on any of the images to see the larger version.

As much as I like this statue, I can’t really justify the cost of buying one. FYE has two of these wonderful looking statues. I’ll be curious to see how long they remain on the shelf. For all I know, Hagerstown might be a hotbed of One Piece fandom by people who have lots of disposable income to spend.


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