Funko to make knock-off figures for the movie ‘Major League’

Funko announced it would make Pop figures for the movie Major League. For some strange reason, the figures lack the Cleveland Indians logo. Instead, the movie’s logo is plastered on the figures where Chief Wahoo should go.

If you’ve watched Major League, you know the team featured in the movie was the Cleveland Indians. The team itself was a central part of the movie. It gave the movie a lot more relatability. It took place in the real world with real Major League Baseball teams. Anyone with even a passing interest in baseball knew the Indians were historically a terrible team—that fact set up the entire movie.

Making these figures without a connection to Major League Baseball robs them of their appeal.

Funko made figures from the movie A League of Their Own. The movie was about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League team, the Rockford Peaches. The figure of Jimmy Dugan (played by Tom Hanks) featured the Rockford Peaches’ real logo.


Major League
Jimmy Dugan (played by Tom Hanks)

Why is it that Funko was able to secure the rights to use the Rockford Peaches logo, but not the Cleveland Indians? Keep in mind, Funko is already partnered with Major League Baseball. They make Major League Baseball figures. I own quite a few.

If Funko made these figures with a true representation of the movie in mind, I would buy all three, especially the chase figure. Seeing that they don’t feature the logo of the Cleveland Indians, I want nothing to do with them. In my opinion, they’re knock-offs.

If Funko could not secure the movie and the Cleveland Indians’ license, they should not be making these figures.

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  1. I agree. I loved the original movie and was excited about the new Funko’s. That is until I noticed the original Logo wasn’t on them. I guess I won’t need to waste my money on them now.

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