A strange choice for a Walmart exclusive Funko Pop figure

Walmart exclusive Funko Pop figure

It’s quite common for retailers to sell exclusive Funko Pop figures. Either a unique figure or a unique version of a figure. I wrote earlier about Target getting an exclusive red Batman figure that you could only buy with their predatory branded credit card.

One of the latest Walmart exclusive Funko Pop figures is… unusual. It is Chatterer from the movie Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. It’s the third installment in the Hellraiser movie franchise. It was released to theaters in 1992.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth was not a good movie

Walmart exclusive Funko Pop figure

As the Rotten Tomatoes score shows, nobody liked Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. Not really. Not only did critics hate it, the audiences pretty much hated it too.

I don’t remember this movie when it first came out. I think the only people who went to the theaters to watch it were hardcore Hellraiser fans. If Rotten Tomatoes is to be believed, fans liked it even less than the critics.

Why choose Chatterer as a Walmart exclusive Funko Pop figure?

Chatterer is a Cenobite. What is a Cenobite? This is what it says on Wikipedia:

Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings who appear in the novella The Hellbound Heart, the sequels The Scarlet Gospels and Hellraiser: The Toll, and the ten Hellraiser films. They are theologians from a religious sect in Hell known as the Order of the Gash, describing themselves as “explorers in the further regions of experience”, and granting sadomasochistic pleasures to those who call upon them.

I think it’s weird that Walmart would want an exclusive Funko Pop figure associated with “sadomasochistic pleasures.” Walmart likes to portray itself as a wholesome, family-friendly retailer. Granted, they once sold exclusive t-shirts that featured a Nazi skull, but that seemed to be an accident.

It’s hard to believe Walmart agreed to allow a sadomasochistic pleasure granting movie character to be a Funko Pop figure sold exclusively at Walmart, with the Walmart name on it. But that’s what they did.

Of course, I bought one. I’m no fan of the Hellraiser franchise, but I am a fan of Funko Pop horror figures. At only $8.25 a figure, it’s hard to pass up a Funko Pop figure at Walmart, especially when it’s an exclusive.

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