Have we been lied to about the coronavirus pandemic?

Have we been lied to about the coronavirus pandemic? - Bent Corner

Considering how the coronavirus infection rates have been plummeting here in Maryland, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ve been lied to about the coronavirus pandemic. Considering how restrictions have been lifted throughout most of Maryland, along with the Black Lives Matter protests where many people do not wear masks or keep 6 feet away from others, I honestly expected our infection numbers to skyrocket.

That just did not happen.

On Sunday, the new infection count in Maryland was 396. That was the lowest they’ve ever been. That is, until today. The new infection rate today is 331.

Either the people in charge lied to about how infectious COVID-19 is, or the state is lying about the numbers. I don’t see how it can be anything else. Of the two I think they lied about how infectious the virus is. The alternative is to believe in a giant conspiracy involving an untold amount of people all agreeing to falsify the official test results. I have a hard time believing that considering how much people love to blab.  If the state was fudging the numbers, somebody would blab.

If they lied about how contagious the virus is, what else have they lied about?

I have health issues that make contracting the virus especially dangerous. That’s what the CDC said. Because of that, I’ve been very religious about following all the CDC guidelines. Religious as in Muslims not eating pork fried rice. Not how Baptists are with committing adultery. I’ve been very strict with adhering to CDC guidelines. Now I’m wondering if it was all for not.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

3 thoughts on “Have we been lied to about the coronavirus pandemic?”

    1. Yes, you’re right. Now I’m wondering if the state of Maryland is fudging the numbers.

      At first, I thought too many people would need to be involved to successfully pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Now I’m not sure. The state has already been caught faking the numbers involving nursing homes. There was a big write up in the Baltimore Sun about it.

  1. Sorry folks, I’m not a believer regarding the extreme danger of Covid to the majority of people. There is certainly concern for a contingent of the populous that are at a greater propensity for developing life threatening illness. With that being said, it is futile to think we can stop the virus by wearing masks and social distancing for low risk people groups. I’m not suggesting we should all start coughing on each other but let’s be honest. It is not very practical to maintain a 6 foot cone of isolation without some sort of Covid virtual geofencing.

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