RockstarFlipper, more like RockstarScalper

There’s a guy on YouTube who calls himself RockstarFlipper. His real name is Casey Parris and he fancies himself to be an expert on reselling on eBay. He buys used clothing at Goodwill outlet stores and then sells the clothing on eBay. This is referred to as flipping.

The subject of his most recent YouTube offering is a video where he recommends people go to stores selling the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) on September 29, stand in line, and buy as many of the $79.99 consoles as they can. The reason? To resell them on eBay for $400 to $500.

The RockstarFlipper is recommending people engage in scalping.

It seems like Nintendo is trying to do the right thing with releasing the SNES. Nintendo is setting the price at only $79.99 and they are reportedly releasing enough to meet customer demand. Casey Parris promised his audience there will not be enough consoles to meet consumer demand, especially closer to Christmas time. He believes the game consoles will sell out the first day. He recommends getting a team together and splitting up at different retail stores.

The RockstarFlipper is recommending people buy things they do not want so they can turn around and resell them to people who do want them for a huge profit. Casey Parris is claiming people will pay two to three times retail for them because of Christmas.

I hate scalping. I think the people who do it are lowlifes. People who encourage other people to engage in scalping are worse. People who encourage scalping because of Christmas are the worst. I hope Nintendo makes enough of the SNES units so anyone buying them to resell will end up losing money.

When it comes to buying things at retail for the sole purpose of reselling, Casey Parris has a terrible track record. He did the same thing with Sprint phones. He and his fiancé Kaitlyn Hedenstad bought subsidized Sprint phones for use in the United States,  jailbroke them, and then sold them as new for use overseas in markets Sprint doesn’t subsidize the price of the phones. Sprint sued Casey Parris and Kaitlyn Hedenstad in federal court. The judge ruled in favor of Sprint and ordered the RockstarFlipper and his fiancé to pay Sprint $5 million.

Too bad Nintendo can’t sue the RockstarFlipper too.

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