Cara Dune action figures are commanding high prices on eBay

With Gina Carano getting let go by Lucasfilms for inappropriate social media posts, the action figures for her character, Cara Dune, are heating up on the secondary market. By that, I mean they are commanding ridiculous prices. The two figures shown in the above photo are listed on eBay with a starting bid of $499.

Sure, as I write this, the auction doesn’t have any bids. I cannot imagine someone paying that much for two modern-day action figures. Then again, even if they bid the minimum bid and turn out to be the only bidder and win the auction, they still have to pay for shipping.

Couldn’t the seller spring for the shipping themselves? I always try to offer free shipping when I list something on eBay. People generally factor in the shipping cost when they decide to bid or buy something on eBay, so it doesn’t make a real difference. Plus, when I list something with free shipping, I don’t have to box something up, measure and weigh the package before posting it. I do that only when it sells.

Back to the Cara Dune action figure. I looked at the sold auctions to gauge the actual prices people are paying for the Care Dune figure. This one just sold today, February 22, for $189.99:

The seller offered free USPS Priority shipping. That’s pretty decent of him, I think.

I should point out, these boxed 6-inch Black Series action figures go for $19.99 at most retail establishments. I think they go for $26.99 at GameStop. I have a fondness for action figures. I grew up playing with them. I’ve collected them over the years. That said, twenty bucks is too pricey for me to really get into collecting them again. I have a few 6-inch Black Series Star Wars figures in a plastic tote in storage. I paid $5 each for them at a Five Below.

One of the reasons I enjoyed collecting Funko Pops is they are around $8.99 at big-box retailers. They’re a little more at specialty shops. Not enough money to make you think twice about it.

The funny thing about these Cara Dune action figures is I remember them hanging around the stores for a while. For the longest time, my local Target had only the Cara Dune figures out of all the Star Wars figures. It seemed like nobody really wanted them.

That has obviously changed. I think it’s safe to say Gina Carano has become a hero for the Trump-supporting Star Wars fans. The Fandom Menace types. They appear to have money and are willing to spend it. Imagine how much Cara Dune stuff would be going for on eBay if Lucasfilms decided to fire her after the next stimulus checks go out. People would really be making bank off these MAGA weirdos then.

“I would pay more for a mint-in-mint box Cara Dune figure, but I’m still waiting for the next stimulus check.”

From now on, I’m going to keep an eye on science fiction TV shows. I’ll try to spot someone who might be politically right of center, incredibly dumb, and has an active presence on social media. I will then stock up on their action figures and just wait for the magic to happen. Once it does, I will be rich.

Sure, the actor probably won’t be daft enough to compare Donald Trump supporters to Jewish people in Nazi Germany. If they think that, most likely they will be smart enough not to post it on social media.

They’d have to be as dumb as Gina Carano to do that.

Rick Rottman

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  1. Kevin T. Rodriguez

    The action figures are selling for high amounts because it was discontinued by the toy manufacturer. Thus, there is no more being made. Thus, it makes the toy rare. And if you’ve been buying Star Wars action figures for any amount of time, you know how collectors go ape-crazy over an OOP action figure.

    1. Rick Rottman

      That’s certainly one theory. Another is that Gina Carano has become a hero to the hardcore fandom menace types and see acquiring her charactor’s action figures as a shot at the libtards and SJWs. Maybe a combination of the two?

      I’m probably in the minority, but what bothered me the most with what she shared on social media was the anti-masker stuff. I have a very low tolerance for people who deny the seriousness of COVID-19. I think it’s the duty of all Americans to do what we can to keep each other safe. Wearing a mask to keep the possible virus-laden droplets I expel from my mouth from infecting others seems like a really small thing to do.

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