Yes, even poor people should shop at a grocery store

Yes, even poor people should shop at a grocery store - Bent Corner

There’s a guy named Sondsol on Twitch who talks about political related things from a left perspective. I enjoy listening to him and agree with him on a lot of the things he says. I also follow him on Twitter. He tweeted something a couple of days ago that caused a lot of his fellow left-leaning thinkers to lose their ever loving minds. At least, that’s how they acted.

Here’s the tweet:

I agree with this. If you’re broke and spend what little money you have on fast food instead of buying groceries and preparing your own meals, you’re stupid. The problem is, there are a lot of stupid people doing just this.

I’ve worked with people like this. Instead of bringing their lunch with them to work like a civilized person, they leave on their lunch break and get fast food every single day. They then complain three days before payday about how broke they are. They act like it’s a mystery why they’re having money problems. I would listen to them moan about their self-induced money problems while I was eating the sandwich I made at home with ingredients I bought at a grocery store.

I’ll be honest and admit that I found those situations quite entertaining.

Back to Sondsol’s tweet. People read the tweet and ignored the qualifiers he included in his tweet. He might as well as tweeted, “Listen if you’re in poverty maybe you need to grow the fuck up a little bit.” Even though that’s not what he said, people responded as though he did.

Here’s a response from the British cave troll known as Kevin Logan:

Kevin Logan is an idiot. He completely ignored Sondsol’s qualifiers in his tweet. Sondsol was referring to people who think cooking is too hard and that going to the grocery store is boring. The British cave troll read what Stondsol said and dishonestly made it about something else entirely.

The world would be a better place if more people thought more like Sondsol and less like a British cave troll.

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