Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress

BuzzFeed News reported last night that President Donald Trump directed his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his dealings with Russia over a proposed real estate deal in Moscow.

From BuzzFeed News:

The special counsel’s office learned about Trump’s directive for Cohen to lie to Congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents. Cohen then acknowledged those instructions during his interviews with that office.

Also reported in the same article was that Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were heavily involved in the Moscow deal. Donald Trump Jr. then lied about his level of involvement when he testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in September of 2017.

It’s a witch hunt!

Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress - Bent Corner
Demon-Possessed Witch from Magic: The Gathering (Art: Ryan Pancoast).

From reading the BuzzFeed News article, it certainly seems as though Robert Mueller has the goods on House of Trump. If his investigation is indeed a witch hunt, it would certainly seem Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a lot of witches. I can almost smell the brimstone and eye of newt here in Hagerstown, about 80 miles from Washington D.C.

Does it even matter?

I’m not sure any of this even matters. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to not only pardon his children but also himself. The U.S. Constitution gives the president absolute power to issue pardons as he sees fit. It doesn’t say anything about a president not pardoning himself. The other two branches of government, the Legislative or the Judicial have the power or the authority to rescind pardons.

I don’t think the framers of our Constitution ever envisioned someone like Donald Trump being president.

Would Trump’s followers, the 39 percent of the population who support him, even care if he pardoned himself? I don’t think they would. I think they’d just chalk it up to owning the libs. They’ve supported him up until now. Why would this make them stop?


It now looks like this entire story is as fake as trickle-down economics. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is disputing the entire BuzzFeed News story.

Lyft changes driver pay rates for Western Maryland

Lyft announced last week that they are adjusting the Western Maryland driver pay rates. They were increasing the per minute amount by 65 percent and decreasing the per mile amount by 16 percent.

Without even doing the math, I approved of these new driver pay rates. I’ve always believed the per minute amount was far too low. I routinely have passengers who want to make a “quick” stop. I don’t mind stopping, I just want to be adequately compensated for the stop.

Most of the trips I drive in and around Hagerstown are the low mileage, high minute variety. Although there aren’t many miles from one end of Hagerstown to the opposite end, it can take time to go from one end to the other. This is especially true if a lot of cars on the road. It’s even worse if there are school buses on the roads dropping off kids and parents who want to speak to the bus driver.

Lyft changes driver pay rates for Western Maryland - Bent Corner
I hate school buses.

The old Lyft driver pay rates

Lyft changes driver pay rates for Western Maryland - Bent Corner

I wasn’t aware of the fact the penalty for the scheduled trip wasn’t the same as the standard canceled trip penalty. I had to cancel a trip because the rider failed to show up and I received only $7.00.

The New Lyft driver pay rates

Lyft changes driver pay rates for Western Maryland - Bent Corner

The new Lyft diver pay rates went into effect yesterday, December 17.

Everything stayed the same except the per mile amount dropped from $0.96 to $.8025 and the per minute amount increased from $0.1275 to $0.21.

If you apply the old numbers to a hypothetical 5 mile, 10-minute trip, it works out to be:

Base Rate:  $1.2375
Miles: $4.80 (5 miles x $0.96)
Minutes: $1.275 (10 minutes x $0.1275)
Total: $7.31

Apply the new numbers to the same hypothetical 5 mile, 10-minute trip, it works out to be:

Base Rate:  $1.2375
Miles: $4.01 (5 miles x $0.8025)
Minutes: $2.10 (10 minutes x $0.21)
Total: $7.35

In conclusion

Lyft changes driver pay rates for Western Maryland - Bent Corner
I drive strangers around in my car for earthly riches, not glory.

I will not see much of a difference in the amount Lyft pays me to drive strangers in my car. If I see any difference, it will be on trips that take longer because the passenger wants me to stop at Dollar Tree to do some quick Christmas shopping. On trips like these, I’ll be making more money than I would have made before.

Want to try your hand at driving strangers for Lyft? Click this link to get started.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey posted a comment on Facebook that implied the mayor of London was a terrorist.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent Corner
Photo: Brittany Wedd

The mayor of London is Sadiq Khan, born to Pakistani emigrants in Tooting, South London. He is also a Sunni Muslim.

Mayor Bruchey is suggesting that since Mayor Khan is a Muslim, he’s a terrorist. What an idiotic thing to believe, let alone post publicly on social media. Only a microscopic fraction of Muslims are terrorists. Considering there are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. If Mayor Bruchey was correct and every one of those Muslims was also a terrorist, by now the planet would be a smoking hunk of rock.

To imply every Muslim is a terrorist is like implying every Christian goes to funerals of U.S. service members and holds signs that say, “GOD HATES FAGS.” It would be an absurd thing to suggest. Absurd and stupid.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent Corner
God didn’t say he hates fags, he said he hates figs because they’re so high in sugar. God tries to stick to a low carb diet.

The position of mayor in Hagerstown is honorary

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent CornerHagerstown’s City Council wields all the power in city government. The Hagerstown mayor is more of an honorary position. What happens then when the mayor is someone without honor? To post a comment on social media implying Muslims are terrorists is a very stupid and dishonorable thing to do.

Bob Bruchey lacks good customer service skills

Those of us who live in Hagerstown are Mayor Bruchey’s constituents. Another way of looking at it is we are his customers. I know for a fact some Hagerstown residents practice Islam. To post such an insulting and inflammatory comment on social media suggests at the very least, our major has no customer service skills.

Speaking of customer service, when Mayor Bruchey isn’t representing the people of Hagerstown or posting stupid comments on Facebook, he works at Hagerstown Ford as the Director of Sales. We’ve purchased three cars at Hagerstown Ford.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent Corner

After Bruchey’s stupid remark about Muslims, we won’t be buying a fourth vehicle at Hagerstown Ford.  When it comes time to buy another vehicle and if we decide to buy another Ford, we’ll go to Frederick to buy it before we spend another dime at Hagerstown Ford.

Worst day of rideshare driving ever

I don’t know why, but yesterday was the worst day I’ve ever had as a part-time Uber and Lyft driver. It was like somebody came to Hagerstown and gave everyone who didn’t have a car a free one if they agreed to delete the Uber and Lyft app from their phone.

Worst day of rideshare driving ever - Bent Corner

I had a total of five drives yesterday for a total of $22.47 not including cash tips. For some reason, the few riders I did have were being quite generous with the cash tips.

Worst day of rideshare driving ever - Bent Corner

All five rides were with Uber, not Lyft. I don’t even know if Lyft was working yesterday. Normally as soon as I get a ping from Uber or Lyft and I accept the ride, I go to the other app and go offline. I got to the point yesterday where I didn’t even bother going offline in Lyft. What was the point? It was like Lyft forgot I existed yesterday.

Worst day of rideshare driving ever - Bent Corner

Not getting many drives meant I spent a lot of time sitting in the car reading. We had a wonderful spring day in Hagerstown yesterday. It got up to 95 degrees. That’s right, 95 degrees. The perfect temperature for sitting in the car reading a book. It’s not August, it’s May. Whatever happened to four distinct seasons? Is that just not a thing anymore?

To make matters worse, I didn’t sell any WordPress plugins yesterday. I did get a promising email from a WordPress developer asking if I would be available for future freelance work, so there was that shining moment in a day full of economic darkness.

Worst day of rideshare driving ever - Bent Corner

Not driving people around yesterday meant I had a lot of time for other stuff. I stopped in at Walmart while still logged into Uber and Lyft and bought a magnetic dry erase board and a white t-shirt. It meant I spent more money in less than ten minutes than I earned yesterday.

I haven’t read many books on business, but I don’t think that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

And so goes the life of a professional freelancer. It’s a lot of hit and miss. Yesterday was pretty bad, but last month I made more money with selling WordPress plugins, integrating eCommerce onto websites, and rideshare driving than I’ve ever made working at a real job. Last month was a very good month. Yesterday was a very bad day.


After writing this post on Friday I went out and made $134.56 just from Uber and Lyft. That doesn’t even include the cash tips I received. This one-day success more than made up for Thursday’s meager earnings. I guess all I have to do is complain here on my blog about not making enough money and poof, the following day I will rake it in like I’m Thurston Howell III.

Thurston Howell III

Thinking of driving for Lyft? Something to first consider

One of the things to consider before driving for Lyft is they have no problem asking you to take trips guaranteed to make you lose money. Case in point, the trip they sent me on the other day.

Lyft sent me 21 miles away to pick up a rider who wanted a ride from his house to a liquor store around the corner. I drove him to the store and waited while he bought beer. He then got back in the car and I drove him back to his house.

The entire round trip from his house, to the liquor store, and back to his house was less than a mile. Lyft was aware of this when they dispatched me to pick up the rider 21 miles away. Riders enter their location and where they want to go when requesting a ride.

Would Uber do this?

Uber handles issues like this differently. If a driver has to drive an extended distance to pick up a rider, they pay the driver for the inconvenience. Lyft doesn’t do this. Considering how Lyft’s business model seems to be based on imitating everything Uber does, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Lyft starts paying drivers in a similar fashion.

Until they do, don’t allow Lyft to send you far away to pick up a passenger. The only reason I accepted it was because I was worried about my acceptance rating so I’d be eligible for the weekly promotion.

That’s never happing again. Before driving for Lyft, this is something to think about.

Toys R Us has not fully committed to going out of business

Toys R Us has declared bankruptcy and will close all of its retail establishments. Everything still on the shelves has been marked on clearance for easy liquidation. Or has it?

When I go into the Hagerstown Toys R Us, I feel like they aren’t truly committed to going out of business. They haven’t committed to the bit. The signage on the front windows says the entire store is “up to” 30 percent off, but I don’t think that’s true. I’ve gone in and walked around and I haven’t seen anything that was 30 percent off.

Toys R Us has not fully committed to going out of business - Bent Corner

The entire line of Lego toys is marked down only five percent. I don’t buy Legos, so I don’t even know if that is any cheaper than what Walmart, Target, or any other retailer sells Lego toys for.

Toys R Us has not fully committed to going out of business - Bent Corner

Their entire line of Funko Pops! is marked down ten percent. Even with the discount, they are still charging more than Walmart, Target, and every other brick and mortar retailer.  When I buy Funko Pops!, I buy them at Target for $8.99 each or I order them on Amazon for even less.

Toys R Us has not fully committed to going out of business - Bent Corner

All their Marvel Comics toys and related paraphernalia is only discounted ten percent. I did want to buy a Diamond Select Gallery Classic Iron Man PVC figure statue. The last time I checked, they have only one left and at ten percent off, it’s going for $35.99. That’s more then what the statue is going for on eBay and Amazon. 

Toys R Us has not fully committed to going out of business - Bent CornerI’m thinking if I truly want the PVC Iron Man statue, I should just go into Toys R Us and buy it. It’s not like it costs more than it costs anywhere else. It’s the last one and I can make it the last thing I ever buy at a Toys R Us.

One thing I noticed as soon as Toys R Us announced it was going out of business, they removed all of their Magic: The Gathering cards from the shelves.

Toys R Us has not fully committed to going out of business - Bent Corner

I don’t know if they were able to return them to their distributor or to Wizards of the Coast, the manufacturer of Magic: The Gathering. I only know the Hagerstown and Frederick stores didn’t have any Magic: The Gathering product. It didn’t really make any difference since Toys R Us actually charged more for Magic: The Gathering product than the standard MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price). That way they could run gimmick sales such as “buy one, get another at 40 percent off ” and not lose any money.

How did that work for Toys R Us?


I went and bought the Iron Man statue and it cost me $38.15. The receipt says I saved a whopping $4.00.