Ethan Van Sciver blocked me on Twitter

Last week Ethan Van Sciver, the glorious leader of Comicsgate blocked me on Twitter. The reason? He’s good at throwing insults, but not so good at hearing the truth. It started when I commented on someone’s tweet about a donor to Richard C. Meyer’s lawsuit campaign. Meyer is suing comic book writer Mark Waid for … Continue reading “Ethan Van Sciver blocked me on Twitter”

NPC: Comicsgate’s new slur for non-Comicsgate people

Comicsgate supporters have come up with a new term for people who don’t support their movement: NPC. It stands for “Non-Player Character.” It comes from table-top roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. The term later migrated over to video games. An NPC is a character in the game who looks and acts like another player … Continue reading “NPC: Comicsgate’s new slur for non-Comicsgate people”

Bleeding Cool apologizes for Vox Day article

  Bleeding Cool, the eminent comic book and pop culture blog, published an apology for publishing an interview with Vox Day, an American white nationalist living in Italy. Mr. Day (government name Theodore Beale) is now in the comic book publishing business. His comics cater to the white alt-right crowd. Mr. Day was a proud … Continue reading “Bleeding Cool apologizes for Vox Day article”

Frank Cho denounces Comicsgate as an alt-right hate movement

Comic book writer and artist Frank Cho wanted to let everyone know he’s not down with the hate movement known as Comicsgate. He went to Facebook and posted the following: So there you have it. Contrary to what comic book artist and the self-described “Ceasar” of Comicsgate Ethan Van Sciver would like to believe, Frank … Continue reading “Frank Cho denounces Comicsgate as an alt-right hate movement”

Comicsgate is definitely a hate group

It’s been a bad week for Comicsgate. Former Marvel Comics Editor in chief and current Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment Joe Quesada wrote a series of tweets criticizing Comicsgate. Maybe Quesada’s tweets about Comicsgate wouldn’t have been so bad if they were made in a vacuum. The problem for Comicsgate is just about everyone else in comics … Continue reading “Comicsgate is definitely a hate group”