Preston Poulter obtains provisional trademark for the word ‘Comicsgate’

Preston Poulter obtains provisional trademark for the word 'Comicsgate' - BENT CORNER
Preston Poulter holding a public library book about trademark law.

Independent comics publisher and prominent anti-Comicsgate YouTuber Preston Poulter registered the word “Comicgate” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Furthermore, Poulter is seeking a certification trademark. This will allow him to certify who gets to call their comic book “Comicsgate.” Those he deems worthy will get a special logo to put on their book. This will notify the consumer that the book has been certified “Comicsgate.”

This is the logo:

The official Comicsgate logo.

The logo shows a blue-haired woman destroying a mailbox with a sledgehammer while a frog leaps to safety. The blue-haired woman is meant to represent anti-Comicsgate Twitter activist Renfamous. The mailbox is meant to represent the mailbox belonging to notable Comicsgate YouTube personality ThatUmbrellaGuy.  The frog is meant to represent Ethan Van Sciver’s comic book character Cyberfrog.

Why would Preston Poulter do this?

I cannot help but think this is a major troll on the part of Poulter. It reeks of a troll operation. From the library book on trademark law to the ugly, poorly made logo representing Comicsgate certification, this whole thing doesn’t seem like something a normal person would do. It lacks both professionalism and legitimacy. If someone wanted to troll the Comicsgate community, this would be a great way of doing it.

I can’t imagine any comic book creator who cares about the aesthetics of their book wanting this awful looking logo anywhere near their book. Besides, not even actual Comicsgate creators put the word “Comicsgate” on their books.

Preston Poulter wanted to be apart of Comicsgate until he was against it

By the way, Poulter wanted to be part of Comicsgate before he became such a vocal critic against the community. Ethan Van Sciver often tells the story of how Poulter repeatedly sent him message after message after message asking to appear on his YouTube channel, ComicArtistPro Secrets. Van Sciver failed to get back to Poulter. This resulted in Poulter quickly becoming a champion of anti-Comicsgate.

It would explain the apparent white-hot passion Poulter has against the Comicsgate community. It seems all too personal.

My opinion

Poulter spends too much of his time focused on Comicgate. It’s a shame. He seems to have cornered the market on non-fiction World War II female Soviet fighter pilot comics. Instead of focusing on Comicsgate, he should focus on that.

He should make videos going over his source material. Poulter should try to educate American consumers on the World War II Soviet Air Force. He could attract a whole different audience to his channel. For example WWII history buffs. In particular, people who may have never read a comic book before in their lives. If I were him, I would create a whole new channel. I would call it something related to WWII Soviet aviation history. For example, Hammer, Sickle, and Propeller.  It’s a channel I would subscribe to and watch.

Poulter could market his comic books to people who watch his videos about the old Soviet Air Force. He could make his books the first comic books many of them have ever read.

Soviet Air Force propaganda poster from World War II, or as Russians refer to it, the Great Patriotic War.

In conclusion

Selling comic books to non-comic book fans is something all independent comic publishers should try to do. It’s something many Comicsgate creators do. Many of them have been very good at it. Poulter really ought to give that a try. What’s he got to lose?

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