Edwin Boyette behind Hawaii GOP pro-QAnon tweets

Edwin Boyette behind Hawaii GOP pro-QAnon tweets - Bent Corner

On Saturday, the Hawaii GOP’s official Twitter account tweeted statements supporting QAnon and the pro-MAGA enthusiasts who stormed the U.S. Capitol building on January 6.

The tweet I read was this:

We should make it abundantly clear – the people who subscribed to the Q fiction, were largely motivated by a sincere and deep love for America. Patriotism and love of County should never be ridiculed.

The tweet was deleted sometime Sunday.

I thought the tweet was strange. First of all, I didn’t know the GOP had a presence in Hawaii. Second of all, the “Q fiction” the Hawaii GOP was defending is the claim that Satan-worshipping pedophiles secretly control the country.

Seriously, that’s what supporters of QAnon believe.

They believe in a lot of other crazy stuff too. Most of their beliefs revolve around Donald Trump being the lone individual who can save the country from the Satan worshipers.

Edwin Boyette behind Hawaii GOP pro-QAnon tweets - Bent Corner
This painting captures the moment the Democratic party was formed.

When I thought this story could not get any crazier, I found out who wrote the tweet on behalf of the Hawaii GOP: it was Edwin Boyette.

From Hawaii News Now:

On Sunday night, Hawaii GOP vice Chair of communications Edwin Boyette resigned through a Facebook post. In his statement, he wrote “the discussion of the Q-Conspiracy was an error of judgement.”

Who is Edwin Boyette?

Edwin Boyette behind Hawaii GOP pro-QAnon tweets - Bent Corner
Edwin Boyette shortly before attending a comic book convention.

I knew of Edwin Boyette when he was part of ComicsGate. He’s a strange guy, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Back when he was an active member of ComicsGate, he was a frequent guest on Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube channel. I find Ethan to be entertaining even though I disagree with him politically. I found Edwin to be creepy. He spoke in a fake radio DJ kind of voice that I don’t even think was an act. I think that’s how he actually spoke. Weird.

When he spoke, he tried to use as many words as he could. Why use three or four words to get your point across when you can use twenty? It seemed to me like he was trying way too hard to come off sounding wise and learned. For me, he sounded like someone who kept someone locked up in their basement.

I don’t even think people in Hawaii have basements.

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  1. I just had the “pleasure” of reading an article you wrote a while ago. You are possibly the worst poster on the internet. It’s like reading the musings of an 8 year old. Please stop and find something else to occupy your time.

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