British man convicted of possessing sexualized Japanese cartoon images of children


A 39-year-old man in the UK was sentenced to nine months in prison for possessing Japanese Manga images, cartoons, depicting young girls, some in school uniforms, exposing themselves or taking part in sexual activity. Robul Hoque, of Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to ten counts of of possessing prohibited images of children. Judge Tony Briggs … [Read more...]

Did Eron Gjoni commit ‘Internet warfare’ from work?


Joseph Bernstein from BuzzFeed News, published an article based on a lengthy Skype interview he did with Eron Gjoni, the 24-year-old jilted ex-boyfriend of indie game developer Zoe Quinn. On August 16, Gjoni published a 9,000 word rambling screed detailing the breakup. Gjoni's post about the breakup is what created the whole stupid GamerGate … [Read more...]

Remind me to stay out of Utah

Anita Sarkeesiant

Anita Sarkeesian, one of the women receiving rape and death threats from males associated with the GamerGate movement, had to cancel a planned speaking engagement at Utah State University. The day before the event, school officials received a detailed email warning that a shooting massacre would take place at the event. The reason the event had to … [Read more...]

#GamerGate, death threats, feminism, and gamer culture


There’s been a controversy brewing online about video game culture. It’s called GamerGate, or as it’s referred to on the Twitter, #GamerGate. It’s a grassroots movement that claims video game journalism is rife with unethical behavior between gaming journalists and game developers. It also aims to defend the male gamer identity against Social … [Read more...]

New York Comic Con is now bigger than San Diego Comic-Con


The New York Comic Con was held this past weekend, and thanks to Thursday now being a full-day, they were able to sell tickets to 151,000 unique individuals. This makes the New York Comic Con the largest, most attended comic convention in all of North America. The San Diego Comic-Con is now the second largest comic convention in all of North … [Read more...]

Edward Snowden warns people to stop using Google, Facebook, and Dropbox


Edward Snowden, everyone's favorite leaker of secrets, conducted a video chat from his new home in mother Russia and advised people to avoid Dropbox, Facebook, and Google. According to Snowden, these services are just too dangerous when it comes to privacy. Ironically, Snowden made this statement with the Google logo proudly displayed to the left … [Read more...]