Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil do not understand clinical depression

Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil do not understand clinical depression - Bent Corner

There are times I like Joe Rogan and there are times I don’t. His interview with Dr. Phil is a perfect example of when I don’t like him. Phil McGraw, the man who plays Dr. Phil on TV is not an actual medical doctor. He plays one on TV. Although he holds a doctorate in psychology, he is not a licensed psychologist. He cannot prescribe medication. In comparison, a Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medication. People who hold a doctorate in psychology or pretend to be a doctor on daytime TV cannot.

This is something to keep in mind when you watch Rogan probe Dr. Phil on his views on medication for depression.

Joe Rogan is against taking medication for depression

For the record, Rogan is staunchly against taking medication for depression. This is from a man who admits to taking a testosterone supplement and using marijuana on a daily basis. He believes depression should not be treated with medication but should be treated with kettlebell exercise. Coincidently, he sells a line of kettlebells on his website and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Here’s the clip:

Of the two men talking, I cut Rogan more slack than I do McGraw. Rogan doesn’t have depression. I doubt anyone close to him has it. Rogan is an entertainer. McGraw, on the other hand, should know better. Although he’s not a licensed psychologist, he does play one on daytime TV. The man does hold a doctorate in psychology. Is it asking too much that he should know something about depression before he spouts off about it?  I don’t think so.

I suffer from depression and anxiety

I’ve had clinical depression for most of my life. Even before I knew what it was and was diagnosed with it, I knew my mind operated differently. As I got older, the symptoms got much worse. Having depression isn’t just feeling blue or sad. It’s not the same feeling you get when your favorite sports team loses or when your cat dies. Those things can and do make you feel bad. Clinical depression is not that. It’s a feeling that washes over you. It’s usually not tied to outside stimulus. Rarely does something outside yourself trigger it. It’s just a feeling that overcomes you for no explicable reason.

The only exception to that is when I experience an anxiety attack. When that happens, it’s almost always followed by a wave of depression.

In conclusion

Having depression and anxiety sucks. Do you know what makes these things worse? Having ignorant people with large audiences discuss these issues while giving the impression they have authority on the issues. These two men don’t know what they’re talking about. They are attaching a stigma to antidepressants where none should exist. To tell someone who suffers from depression they should not take medication for their depression is morally repulsive and dangerous. It’s so irresponsible, it should be criminal. Bad things regularly happen to people with depression when they stop taking their medication.

Shame on Joe Rogan and shame on Phil McGraw.

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