Chris Cuomo: ‘Fredo’ is like the n-word for us

Someone called CNN anchor Chris Cuomo “Fredo.” It’s a character’s name form The Godfather. Cuomo didn’t like it. He not only compared it to the n-word (it’s not), he threatened the person who said it with physical violence.

Here’s a video from the incident on Twitter:

“Punk ass bitches from the right call me Fredo”

I think it’s funny how he can go from mild-mannered CNN news anchor to a minor character from The Sopranos in less than three seconds. That’s not who he is. It’s not how he grew up. He’s not a former street hoodlum who turned things around and made a good life for himself. His background is one of elite privilege. His father Mario Cuomo was the long-time governor of New York. He left office in 1994. I know this because it was the year I got out of the Air Force and moved from New York to Maryland.

Chris Cuomo attended an all-boys prep school in Albany and then went on to Yale.

Chris Cuomo should have just walked away

Just because someone you don’t know says something you don’t like doesn’t give you license to then act like an unhinged lunatic. Worse, he threatened the person with violence. Over a word. Didn’t he learn this at The Albany Academy? What good is an elite prep school if they don’t teach boys the basics. Knowing Cuomo’s background, I think he responded the way he did to compensate for his own poor self-esteem issues. He probably feels self-conscious about the way he was brought up in this world. The constant taste of metal in your mouth from all those years with a silver spoon in your mouth can sometimes do that. I think he used this opportunity to pretend to be something he is not, an Italian-American tough guy. I highly doubt he’s ever been in a real fight in his life. I think he was just cosplaying something he probably watched on TV or the movies.

In conclusion

Not only did Chris Cuomo make a fool out of himself, but he also let everyone know what his trigger word is. Want to see Chris Cuomo sperg out? Call him Fredo. He also lost any credibility he still had. I imagine it would be hard to watch him on CNN after seeing him flip out over being called a name he didn’t like. I don’t watch a lot of CNN anymore. I’ll watch Anderson Cooper and that’s about it. The other anchors make my skin crawl.

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