Boogie2988 had gastric bypass surgery, still has an eating disorder

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, posted on Twitter about “feeling down” so he got “sushi” for lunch.

Boogie was the recipient of gastric bypass surgery on August 1, 2017. It looks like gastric bypass surgery didn’t cure his food addiction problem. Go figure. I’ve never understood how gastric bypass surgery, essentially making your stomach the size of an old lady’s coin purse, can successfully treat an eating disorder. That’s what Boogie has, an eating disorder. Doing gastric bypass surgery on someone who overeats because of mental problems makes as much sense as doing stomach enlargement surgery on an anorexic.

Most people who get gastric bypass surgery lose weight, but then eventually gain it all back. At first, they lose weight because their stomach is too tiny to allow them to eat as much as they want. As time goes by, the stomach begins to expand, allowing them to eat more.

Is the pile of food shown in the photo even sushi? It looks so disgusting. It looks like Boogie is having soy sauce with a side of California rolls. I’ve never really considered California rolls to be true sushi. The first time I had sushi was on Okinawa, so I’m a bit of a sushi snob. I like my sushi to have only two ingredients: rice and raw tuna.

Boogie2988 got gastric bypass surgery, still has an eating disorder - Bent Corner

That’s not to say I don’t like California rolls if they’re made right. I don’t like them with fake crab meat or cream cheese. I also like the seaweed wrap to be on the outside of the roll, not the inside.

After seeing Boogie’s photo, I don’t know if I can eat California rolls anytime soon.

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