When will they arrest Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd?

When will they arrest Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd? - BENT CORNER
Former police officer Derek Chauvin.

On Monday, May 25, Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. He did this in the light of day and in full view of a crowd of witnesses. The murder was recorded. Chauvin murdered the handcuffed Floyd by forcing a knee into one of his carotid arteries for 7-9 minutes, depriving his brain of oxygen. Floyd and onlookers pleaded with Chauvin and his fellow officers to stop what they were doing to Floyd and to offer assistance.

When an ambulance arrived, Chauvin finally removed his knee from Floyd’s neck. No first aid was provided. Floyd’s vital signs were not even taken. Floyd appeared to be dead. He was then roughly placed on a gurney and put in the ambulance. The ambulance then left.

When will they arrest Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd? - BENT CORNER
George Floyd

Sometime shortly after, it was announced George Floyd was dead. Of course, he was. Anyone who watched the video already knew Floyd was dead. He murdered in the street by former police officer Derek Chauvin.

It’s now Friday, May 29. Derek Chauvin has yet to be placed under arrest for murder. I don’t get that. Why is there a delay?

Is it because Derek Chauvin was a cop?

I have a feeling Chauvin’s former occupation is what’s keeping him out of a jail cell. It cannot be that the powers that be watched the video of Floyd’s murder and decided Chauvin was innocent. Evidently Chauvin’s actions were severe enough that the Minneapolis Police Department decided to fire him. Not only Chauvin, but the officers who failed to stop him were fired too. If what Chauvin and his crew did was bad enough to get them fired, why is it not severe enough to put them all in a jail cell?

I just don’t get it. I didn’t know George Floyd, but my heart mourns for him. He was a fellow American and he was murdered in a street. He died in agony. Floyd was treated worse than an animal. His supposed crime? Attempting to pay for a purchase at a convenience store with a possible counterfeit $20 bill.

What happened to George Floyd is an affront to all Americans. The longer Floyd’s murderer is allowed to go without facing criminal charges, the larger his pool of accomplices becomes.


Derek Chauvin was arrested yesterday afternoon and charged with murder. Furthermore, it is being reported Chauvin’s wife is filing for divorce.


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