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A timely update on my health problems

This post is going to be very self-indulgent as it pertains to my health. If you have no interest in reading this, please accept my apologies. Then again, this is my personal blog. Remember those? I should be entitled to write about myself here without apologies.

Also, I have a few family members back in California I don’t have relationships with, but I know for a fact they creep around here like the little stalkers they are to see what I’ve been up to so they can trash talk me.

Anyway, I almost began the new year by taking up permanent residence in a budget urn. I almost died. They believe a G.I. blockage resulted in a very serious infection which caused my diabetes to go all out of whack. For some reason when the human body is hit with a heavy infection, it begins to make sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. After that, I went into Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Sheri took me to the doctor this morning for my checkup. Things are going well.

  • The depression I’m feeling is completely normal. I’m on a heavy dose of steroids and that, as well as going through what I went through can ramp up the depression. That makes me feel better. Not only am I dealing with depression, the slightest little thing can send me off into an emotional crying fit. Seriously. Things make me cry.
  • The level of fatigue I’m feeling is also completely normal. My doctor told me that it will take two to three months to get back to feeling like a normal human being.
  • My doctor told me this morning that when he first came by to see me in the ICU, he didn’t think I was going to make it. This was news to me. I know in retrospect that what I had was serious and potentially life-ending. Hearing my doctor tell me that he thought I was going to die is somehow different. It helps put things into perspective. It makes me feel better about the depression and fatigue. My doctor thought I was going to die. Cut me some slack bitch (I’m speaking to myself. I call myself bitch all the time, especially when watching the evening news makes me cry).
  • Finally, my doctor thinks that when I’m well enough for a colonoscopy, it will show I have Crohn’s disease. I don’t know what that is. I need to look it up on the Internet, but I find reading about diseases on the Internet to be scarier than those Japanese horror movies where the girl doesn’t have a face. I might wait to read up on Crohn’s disease.

So that’s about it. My blood sugar is still running a little high, but that’s to be expected because of the steroids. When in doubt, blame everything on steroids.

As bad as steroids are, I don’t know how Cal Ripken Jr. used them for so long. Respect.

And for the record, Dr. Tu Bui is the greatest doctor of all time and  Meritus Health is the best hospital in the world.

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