Ethan Van Sciver blocked me on Twitter

Last week Ethan Van Sciver, the glorious leader of Comicsgate blocked me on Twitter. The reason? He’s good at throwing insults, but not so good at hearing the truth. It started when I commented on someone’s tweet about a donor to Richard C. Meyer’s lawsuit campaign. Meyer is suing comic book writer Mark Waid for … Continue reading “Ethan Van Sciver blocked me on Twitter”

Richard C. Meyer files lawsuit against Mark Waid

Richard C. Meyer, the man behind the Comics & Diversity YouTube channel, filed a lawsuit in federal court against comic book writer Mark Waid. He claims Waid committed “tortious interference of a contract” upon him. This relates to the incident when Meyer announced Antarctic Press was going to publish his comic Jawbreakers: Lost Souls only to have the publisher … Continue reading “Richard C. Meyer files lawsuit against Mark Waid”

I supported Comicsgate until I didn’t

For a while, I’ve had some strong opinions about comic books. My biggest concern is that comics cost too much. The average price of a monthly comic book is $3.99. That’s too much for the amount of entertainment you get. Considering that it takes less than 10 minutes to read a 22-page comic book, it’s the … Continue reading “I supported Comicsgate until I didn’t”

The New York Comic Con is an harassment free zone

The New York Comic Con 2017 starts today. ReedPOP, the event’s organizers, have a strict rule about harassment. What is comic convention harassment? This is how it’s defined on their website: Stalking Intimidation Offensive Verbal Comments Physical Assault And/Or Battery Harassing Or Non-Consensual Photography Or Recording Sustained Disruption Of Panels, Signings, And Other Events Bathroom … Continue reading “The New York Comic Con is an harassment free zone”