‘Direct To Reader’ is an awful way to distribute comics

I was watching an episode of Diversity & Comics on YouTube where the show’s host “Zack” (government name Richard C. Meyer) floated a name for the method of publishing a comic book exclusively through crowdsourcing. The name he came up with was Direct to Reader (D2R). He’s publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls through Indiegogo. For $25 plus … Continue Reading “‘Direct To Reader’ is an awful way to distribute comics”

Amazon is my favorite source for Funko Pop! figures

The best place to buy Funko Pop! figures is Amazon. Not only are they cheaper than even Target or Walmart, it’s a much more convenient way to look for the specific figure you want. Case in point, #172 Weaponized Rick from the Rick and Morty line. Instead of hunting through stacks of figures at F.Y.E. or … Continue Reading “Amazon is my favorite source for Funko Pop! figures”

Audible’s monthly subscription price is stupid

Audible is a company under Amazon that produces and sells spoken-word entertainment, specifically, unabridged audio versions of books. Why read a book when you can listen to a book? This method of reading comes in handy when you’re driving somewhere or doing some type of manual labor. I also like to listen to a good … Continue Reading “Audible’s monthly subscription price is stupid”

Thrasher Suit Batman Deluxe Figure by Greg Capullo

DC Collectibles released an action figure of Batman in his Thrasher Suit. The special suit first appeared in Batman vol. 2 issue #8. In the book, some Jehovah Witness folks knock on the front door of Wayne Manor and are greeted by Batman in a special armored suit. At least, that’s the way I remember it. … Continue Reading “Thrasher Suit Batman Deluxe Figure by Greg Capullo”

Verizon DSL: Life in the slow lane

About a week ago, my wife Sheri and I noticed a problem streaming to the living room TV. For some reason, we couldn’t watch Amazon, Hulu, HBO Go, or even YouTube using our Roku device without constant buffering. We have the Roku connected to the Internet via a wireless connection to our router. To help … Continue Reading “Verizon DSL: Life in the slow lane”