WooCommerce raises renewal rates 50 percent

WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce software for WordPress, secretly and without notice, raised the renewal price for extensions by 50 percent, or in other words, to the full original purchase price. When you buy a WooCommerce extension from WooCommerce, you’re purchasing a one-year “subscription” that entitles you to a year of free updates and support. After … Continue reading “WooCommerce raises renewal rates 50 percent”

Let the no SEO experiment begin!

Yesterday I uninstalled Yoast SEO. It’s one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress plugin repository. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Yoast SEO provides tools that make posts and pages more optimized for search engines. The more optimized a post or page is for search engines, the more likely your post or page … Continue reading “Let the no SEO experiment begin!”

If Squarespace is so great, why do you use WordPress?

  A lot of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis advertise for Squarespace, a website builder that claims to allow anyone to quickly build a fantastic looking website. I was listening to the Nerdist podcast today while, coincidentally enough, working on a WordPress website. As I was listening to host Chris Hardwick … Continue reading “If Squarespace is so great, why do you use WordPress?”

The problem with WordPress and the global economy

I have a Google alert set up that notifies me when the word “payeezy” appears online. Payeezy is First Data’s e-commerce payment gateway. Sometimes it helps me find prospective clients for my freelance web developer business. Other times, it makes me want to pound my head into the sand. This post on Trulancer made me want … Continue reading “The problem with WordPress and the global economy”

Advanced WordPress Facebook group goes full blown iron curtain mode

The Advanced WordPress Facebook group is changing the way it operates. The 28 Admins for the group took a vote and beginning April 17, an Admin must first approve a post before it appears in the group. From Matt Cromwell’s blog, one of the moderators of Advanced WordPress Facebook group: Every time a low-quality post … Continue reading “Advanced WordPress Facebook group goes full blown iron curtain mode”

Using a CSS wildcard selector in WordPress

I wanted to add some padding on the right of every tag in the tag cloud shown on the bottom of my blog. I thought each tag was too close to the next tag, making it harder to see when one tag ends and the next one begins. I took a look at the code in … Continue reading “Using a CSS wildcard selector in WordPress”