Mathew Sterling arrested at Phoenix Comicon for attempted murder

A 29-year-old man showed up at the Phoenix Comicon on Thursday armed with an array of weapons with the intent to kill police officers and one of the original Power Rangers. Phoenix police arrested Mathew Sterling on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, wearing body armor during the commission of a … Continue reading “Mathew Sterling arrested at Phoenix Comicon for attempted murder”

Some Uber drivers are losing their minds

Uber rolled out a new methodology for paying drivers. Before Monday, driver pay composed of the base fare added to the per minute fare and then added per mile fare. Uber then totalled this amount up and then subtracted 25%, Uber’s cut. The driver got the rest. Here in Hagerstown, this worked out to be the … Continue reading “Some Uber drivers are losing their minds”

Joe Rogan fails to grasp depression

People don’t understand clinical depression. Even though there’s lots of information available about the subject, too many people insist on remaining ignorant about it. That’s fine. People can choose what they want to educate themselves about. The problem I have are people who know nothing about clinical depression, yet talk about it as though they … Continue reading “Joe Rogan fails to grasp depression”

Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017

I woke up this morning to discover that Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died last night. He was 52. Soundgarden was one of the creators of grunge music that came out of Seattle in the early 1990’s. Nirvana and Pearl Jam were more well known, but Soundgarden was by far my favorite.

Sprint vs. RockstarFlipper

Casey Parris, known on YouTube as RockstarFlipper, publishes videos about his eBay business. He buys clothing and other things at Goodwill, yard sales, pawn shops, etc. and then sells them on eBay for a profit. He appears to be good at selling things on eBay. He famously drives a BMW i8 sportscar, an automobile that … Continue reading “Sprint vs. RockstarFlipper”

Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about

The Adam Carolla Show, a daily podcast hosted by Adam Carolla, features live read ads throughout the show.  One of the more regular ad spots is for, a service that allows you to buy and print postage from your computer. The United States Post Office also allows you to do the same thing on … Continue reading “Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about”