I went in for a colonoscopy and got an incomplete

I went in for a colonoscopy yesterday and it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I’ll need to go the University of Maryland Hospital and get it done again. The reason? The ascending colon is still inflamed and too narrow for the scope to traverse. A full colonoscopy can’t be done here in Hagerstown. It will have to be done at the University of Maryland Hospital where they evidently have scopes more suited for my situation.

To say I’m not at all happy with this outcome is an understatement.

We knew my colon was inflamed and narrow back when I was in the hospital. This is what caused the infection that required me to stay in the hospital for ten days, nine of those days in intensive care. They could tell from the series of CT scans I had in the hospital that my colon was inflamed and too narrow.

A week before the colonoscopy, I went in for another CT scan just to make sure the colonoscopy could be done. The results from that CT scan indicated the colonoscopy could be performed. That turned out not to be the case.


Before the colonoscopy, I was required to pay $1,018 out of pocket for the procedure. Then, after waking up from the anesthesia, I found out the full colonoscopy could not be performed.

I now get to look forward to another colonoscopy, this time 80 miles away. The actual colonoscopy isn’t that bad. The worst part is the prep required for the colonoscopy. Two days before the procedure, you have to go on a liquid diet. The day before the procedure, the liquid diet turns into a clear liquid diet. You can only drink substances you can see through. Oddly enough, that doesn’t include American beer.

You then have to start consuming the liquid called MoviPrep. It’s supposed to clean you out. It’s the worst tasting concoction I’ve ever had. It tastes like dirty ocean water with a hint of lemon-lime. I had to drink 32 ounces of this nasty sludge the night before the procedure and then another 32 ounces at 4:00 AM the day of the procedure.

If the idea is to clean you out, why don’t they arrange for you to have a colonic?

What depression feels like to me.

I now have this to look forward to all over again, only 80 miles away at the University of Maryland hospital in Baltimore. If I didn’t already have a problem with chronic depression, knowing I have to do this again would make me feel depressed. At least this gives me a valid reason to be depressed. Normally with my depression, I don’t have a reason to be depressed. I just feel depressed.

As incomplete as my colonoscopy was, my gastroenterologist here in Hagerstown diagnosed my condition as ulcerative colitis (UC), not Crohn’s disease. I’m now taking medication for UC, a very expensive medication called Delzicol.

Delzicol (mesalamine) 400 mg.

As far as how pills look, the Delzicol is the coolest looking drug I’ve ever taken. It’s four tiny pills in a clear capsule. I take two capsules in the morning and then another two in the evening.

My appointment with the gastroenterologist at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore isn’t until April 27. That was the earliest appointment available and it was only available because of a cancelation. The good news is the gastroenterologist I will be seeing is an expert on UC.

I bought DetraPel 53 days ago and still have not received it

On January 14, 2018, I purchased a 2-ounce spray bottle of DetraPel. It’s a product that you apply to white athletic shoes that keeps them white.

I learned about the product from Shark Tank. The founders pitched the product to the sharks and Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks agreed to go into business with DetraPel’s founders.

Mark Cuban.

After watching the episode, I went to the Nike outlet store at the Hagerstown Prime Outlets and bought a pair of white on white Jordan 1 shoes I had my eyes on, but passed on because I knew I would have zero success keeping them stain-free.  With DetraPel, I would be able to keep them looking like they looked when I first bought them.

White on White Jordan 1 shoes.

As soon as I got home with my new shoes, I found the DetraPel website and ordered the spray bottle. It’s been 53 days since I paid DetraPel $19.06 on PayPal and I still haven’t received it.

I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get my bottle of DetraPel. Supposedly they received funding from Mark Cuban, so they should have the ability to fulfill orders. Unless of course Shark Tank is a fraud and when one of the sharks agrees to partner up with an entrepreneur, it’s just a lie.

I don’t know if this is the case. What I do know is that I have a pair of shoes I cannot wear because I don’t want them to get any stains.

I don’t care what your business is. I don’t care if you’ve been on Shark Tank or not. I don’t care what you’re selling. If you can’t deliver the product you’re selling, you shouldn’t be in business. This is one of the reasons “entrepreneurs” have such a poor reputation.

Today was supposed to be DACA’s deadline

When President Donald Trump announced the end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, today was supposed to be its deadline. Congress had until today to come up with something to replace it.

DACA isn’t a law. It was something put in place by then President Barack Obama with an executive action. He bypassed Congress entirely when he put DACA in place.

Today, March 5th was supposed to be the day DACA recipients could not renew expiring two-year permits. The courts stepped in and called Trump’s justification for ending the program questionable. Because of this, they did away with the March 5th deadline. Federal judges ordered the Department of Homeland Security to continue renewing all existing DACA permits.

Even witches support DACA.

The Trump administration tried to get the Supreme Court to hear the case, but they refused to take the matter up. Instead, they said it should continue to work its way through the lower courts.

My thoughts on DACA are mixed. I feel sorry for people living here illegally who were brought here as children. As children, I believe they did nothing wrong. The wrongdoers were the people who brought them here. Those are the people who should be punished.

I also don’t like how the current system doesn’t offer a pathway to citizenship. I believe anyone coming to the United States should have the goal of being a citizen. If you are coming to the United States for the purpose of making money to send back to your family in your home country, then I don’t want you in my country. The money you earn in this country should benefit the economy of this country.

What I find ironic about this non-deadline is how once again the courts have stopped Donald Trump from doing what he wanted to do. It’s kind of hard living up to the reputation of being the worst president in American history when the courts stop you at each and ever turn from enacting your agenda.

President Donald Trump doing what he does best, being mad.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like Donald Trump. I did not vote for Donald Trump. I very much did not want him to be my president. With that said, my life is really no worse than it was before he took office. I attribute that to his ineptitude. He’s so terrible at being president, he cannot get anything done even though his party controls both houses of Congress.

Maybe that’s the secret when voting for a president. Instead of picking the person you think will do the best job, pick the person you think will do the worst job. If they’re bad enough, the courts and their own party will stop them from doing anything.

Hagerstown welcomes its new electronic overlords, red light cameras

Hagerstown began issuing $75 tickets yesterday based on the findings from its shiny new red-light cameras. The cameras are installed on Potomac Street and Wilson Boulevard and Virginia Avenue and Burhans Boulevard.

I’m actually happy about this. People in Hagerstown are terrible drivers. I only hope city officials can handle the huge influx of money.

I would go even further. Instead of having two stationary cameras at intersections known for people running red lights, I would empower the people to enforce basic traffic laws.

Transcend DrivePro 220 3.0 MP Dashboard Camera – 1080p

With quality dashcams being cheaper than ever before, I would initiate a program where normal citizens could upload video clips of drivers breaking the law. The city or the county could then split the fine collected with the person who uploaded the video.

A person could make a small fortune driving around Hagerstown with a dashcam, snitching on their fellow citizens, if a program like this was ever instituted.

Top photo courtesy of the Herald-Mail, Hagerstown’s premier newspaper.  

When you get sick in this country, you better be sitting on a pile of money

In response to my recent health scare which resulted in spending ten days in the hospital, nine of those days in intensive care, I vowed to myself that I would do whatever I needed to do to never let that incident ever happen again.

My diabetes was a contributing factor to the problems I had. Since getting out of the hospital, I’ve gotten my diabetes totally under control. I avoid carbs whenever I can. My days of eating chips, pizza, and pasta are over. I test my glucose levels up to ten times a day to ensure that it’s as close to 100 as I can get it. Before going to the hospital, I was on a bunch of medication for my diabetes. Now I’m only on two; Humalog, a fast-acting insulin and  Xultophy, a once-a-day injectible pen.

As soon as my anemia is under control, I plan on adding daily exercise to my routine.

The other thing that put me in the hospital, the thing that contributed the most to me almost dying, was the blockage in my gut that caused the infection. They determined in the hospital that it was due to intestinal inflammation. Why my intestines were inflamed is still not known, at least by me.

Because I’m self-employed, I’m covered by my wife’s employer-provided insurance. The way it works is that at the beginning of the year, everything is out of pocket. We pay for everything. Once a certain monetary threshold is met, insurance pays for eighty percent and we pay for the remaining twenty percent. Once another monetary threshold is met, the insurance pays for everything.

Because I was lucky enough to get sick at the end of the year, insurance paid for everything. Our thresholds had already been met for the year, thanks mostly to all of the drugs I was taking for diabetes. Some of them were quite expensive.

My hospital bill totaled over $35,000. Insurance paid for all of it.

This past Wednesday I had a CT scan of my abdomen. As far as procedures go, it was pretty awful.  I had to arrive early at the imaging facility that was doing the scan and sit in a special waiting room where I had to drink three bottles of this nasty tasting lemon-lime concoction.  It tasted like flat, store brand 7-Up that had been thickened.

Once I got those three bottles of yuck down, I went in for the CT scan. I was hooked up to an IV and given a drug and made me feel hot all over. I was told it would make me feel like I wet myself. I didn’t feel that, but it did feel weird.

The next day, I got a call from the Target pharmacy. I was told they received a prescription, but it was very expensive. My out of pocket was going to be $2,400 for a three-month supply. The prescription was requested by my gastroenterologist. Evidently, he saw something on the CT scan that required this very expensive drug. I don’t know because he never contacted me.

My wife called the gastroenterology office the next day and spoke to the doctor’s assistant. She explained $2,400 was a lot of money for a three month supply of a medication and asked if there was something cheaper or a generic version I could take. The assistant relayed the question to the gastroenterologist and later that day I got a text from the Target pharmacy. I had a new prescription ready for pickup. My wife called the Target pharmacy. The new drug was going to cost $700 for a three month supply.

My wife called the gastroenterology office again. A few hours later, I got another text from the Target pharmacy. Two new prescriptions were ready for pickup. One cost less than two dollars, the other was 27 dollars.

Why weren’t these two much cheaper medications prescribed in the first place? What do they not do that the more expensive drugs do?

I don’t even understand why I’m being prescribed medications. I go in for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. Shouldn’t the gastroenterologist wait for all of the tests, both the CT scan and the colonoscopy, before prescribing medication? If he’s able to prescribe medication with only the results of the CT scan, why do I still need a colonoscopy? Is the gastroenterologist ordering the colonoscopy because I need it or because that’s what gastroenterologists do, perform colonoscopies?

It seems to me that if he was ready to prescribe a medication that costs $2,700 for a 90 day supply, he is done with the troubleshooting phase.

So far I’m not very pleased with the gastroenterologist. Communication seems to be severely lacking. The reason I’m seeing him and not another gastroenterologist is that he saw me in the hospital, although I don’t remember it.

I was out of it quite a bit while in the hospital, especially at first when the infection was at its worst.

And because we’re at the stage in our insurance where everything is out of pocket, I have to pay $1,018 when I arrive for the colonoscopy. I don’t know how much the CT scan cost because they didn’t make me pay up front. They will bill me. As much as things are costing out of pocket, we should be hitting the first insurance threshold sooner rather than later.

Remember, we have the best healthcare in the world as long as you’re sitting on a pile of gold like the dragon from The Hobbit, a lot of money in savings, or a credit card with a large amount of available credit. If you don’t have any of that and you experience a catastrophic health problem, you’re screwed.

Boogie2988, pound for pound, one of the biggest defenders of our country

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, had a mini-meltdown last night on Twitter. The reason? He thinks Donald Trump is going to take away his violent video games.

Grand Theft Auto V, the most recent in the series, was published September 2013.

Does anyone even make violent video games anymore? Rockstar last put out a Grand Theft Auto game in 2013. When I think of so-called violent video games, I think of the Grand theft Auto franchise. Games like that aren’t my thing, so I don’t know if there’s anything out there right now that rises to the violent equivalency of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Boogie began to sperg out yesterday with the following tweet:

People then began calling Boogie out for not criticizing Donald Trump for any of the other retarded things he’s tried to do until now. I guess some people assumed Boogie was a supporter of Donald Trump since he’s never said a negative thing about him or his policies until now.

That’s one of the problems with being a middle of the road fence sitter, something Boogie always took great pride in being. People never really know what you believe in.

My guess is people see Boogie, a white guy in his forties living in Arkansas who makes a lot of money from his YouTube videos and has never criticised Donald Trump, assume he’s a Donald Trump supporter. Considering how he sperged out yesterday, I think he was a Donald Trump supporter. His tweets and the emotion behind them reminded me of something you’d expect from a jilted lover.

By far my favorite Boogie tweet was this gem:

What’s G. I. Boogie ever done to defend this country?

Nothing. Nothing at all.