Boogie2988’s ex-wife is his landlord

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, admitted on Reddit that he doesn’t own his house. His credit rating is so bad, he couldn’t get a mortgage in his name. The mortgage is in his ex-wife’s name, Desiree Williams.

From Reddit:

Hey guys. Since I got tagged in this thread I saw it so thought I’d help you guys out. Why is my credit at zero? I got very sick as a young adult. I almost died. Lymphedema in my legs went septic. I was in the hospital for almost a month and ran up a few hundred thousand dollars worth of medical bills. In order to get my credit BACK to zero, I paid off all of that debt with the first few years of youtube income.

I am now working on the credit by borrowing money, putting it into an account, and letting it draw off itself. Overall the small loan will cost me about 16 dollars to build credit.

The house is in my wife’s name because, at the time, I wasn’t able to purchase it for myself. However, the wife and I during mediation came to the arrangement that:

  • I can live in the house for 6 months to a year (my choice)
  • i live here rent free
  • she maintains the mortgage from her share of the assets until i’m ready to move or take it over
  • when we sell, we split any equity. if I take over the house the equity can optionally stay mine if I give her a small payment for it.

This is why I keep saying she rocks. She volunteered to do all of that. She wanted me to feel safe. The only reason she didn’t simply transfer the mortgage over to me was the bank wouldn’t allow it because of my credit.

I could potentially finish off this mortgage in one lump payment but I’d have to sell stocks to do it and I have no interest in selling those stocks. So I’m looking for a new home with a pool or hot tub instead.

I might decide to keep this place and take the price to refinance using a mortgage broker but since rates have gone up it seems like it might be better to get a place with more amenities for the same price that was built more recently. Time will tell though.

thanks for the questions!

There’s a lot to digest in what Boogie wrote on Reddit. Considering how difficult it is for him to tell the truth, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. For example, if Boogie owed $200,000 in medical bills and had no way of paying it, why didn’t he declare personal bankruptcy? That’s what personal bankruptcy is for.

Then there’s the part about him owning stocks. If he owned stocks he could “potentially” sell and pay his wife, why wouldn’t he do that?

His ex-wife is his landlord. Who in their right mind would choose to live that way if they didn’t have to?

Boogie’s ex-wife and landlord, Desiree Williams.

Just because his ex-wife “rocks” this minute doesn’t mean she always will. Wait till she meets someone new and that new guy learns that her 400-pound ex-husband lives in her house rent-free. That can only become a massive obstacle in her new relationship.

If I were Steven, my number one goal would be to get my hands on enough money to pay off my ex-wife so that the home I live in would belong to me and me alone. I would sell whatever I could to get enough money to make this happen. I’d sell all my toys. I’d sell all my Pokémon and Magic The Gathering cards. I’d sell everything.

Once I owned my home outright, then I could think about selling it and buying something else with a pool or a hot tub. If his credit rating is as bad as a says, he’s going to have trouble even renting something halfway decent, let alone buying something.

Donald Trump’s sexual relationship with a porn actress is not news

I fail to see how Donald Trump having a sexual relationship with a porn actress is news. That’s the way CNN is treating it, as though it’s news. We have the cheap plan with Dish so CNN is the only cable news channel we have. The other cable news channels may be ignoring the story, but I wouldn’t know.

It’s embarrassing. I was sitting in the waiting room at my gastroenterologist’s office and CNN was on the TV. The main topic of discussion was porn actress Stormy Daniels and whether he non-disclosure contract with Donald Trump was valid or not because he didn’t sign it.

I don’t care.

Donald Trump's sexual relationship with a porn actress is not news - Bent CornerWe’ve known for a while that Donald Trump was not a good person. He heard him in his own words talk about grabbing women “by the pussy” and getting away with it because he was famous. And this was before the 2016 presidential election. People still voted for him.

Donald Trump is not a good man and he didn’t hide this fact from the voters.

Under normal conditions, the President of the United States having a sexual relationship with a porn actress and a non-disclosure with a porn actress would be a big story if we had a normal human being as president. We don’t have a normal human being for president. We have Donald Trump.

CNN just needs to move on.

Saudi Arabia to build 135,000 seat stadium in Iraq

The king of Saudi Arabia is paying to have a 135,000 seat stadium built in Iraq as a result of a 4-1 friendly soccer match between Saudi Arabia and Iraq that saw Iraq as the winner. The game was an upset. Saudi Arabia qualified for this summer’s World Cup in Russia. Iraq, like the United States, did not qualify for the World Cup.

The stadium once built will be the largest in the world.

What are they going to do with the stadium once it’s built? The largest soccer stadium currently in Iraq seats a 65,000.

Heather Antos leaves ‘dream job’ at Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Assistant Editor Heather Antos is leaving her “dream job” at Marvel Comics to become the Editor-in-Chief of eSports betting platform Unikrn. Heather Antos drew notoriety when she created the #MakeMineMilkshake phenomenon on social media. She and some other female Marvel employees went out for milkshakes and it became a huge story.

Why it became a story is a mystery to me. At the time of the incident, I was trying to put as much distance between me and comic book culture.

Now that she’s leaving Marvel Comics to work for an eSports betting platform, does she still get to keep her blue checkmark on Twitter?

Heather “MILKSHAKE ONE” Antos drinking a milkshake.

If I was leaving a job, any job, especially my dream job, to work for an eSports betting platform, I wouldn’t tell anyone where I was going. Betting on eSports isn’t even legal in the United States. The whole concept of eSports, watching teams of people play video games against each other, seems weird. The idea of betting on eSports is beyond weird. Like anything else involving gambling, it seems unethical and immoral.

People go to rehab for gambling problems. Heather Antos is announcing her new position at an eSports betting platform like it’s something to be proud of.

Pretend nerd Wil Wheaton.

This reminds me of the time Wil Wheaton whined and cried to get out of his contract for Star Trek: The Next Generation. He now likes to market himself as the king of the nerds. There’s no way, no how a true nerd would ever want to leave a TV show with the words “Star” and “Trek” in them.

Wil Wheaton being a nerd is simply revisionist history. Being a pretend nerd is the only career he’s got now.

If Heather Antos was a geek girl, there’s no way she would be leaving Marvel Comics to go work for a betting platform.

President Donald Trump met with video game ‘experts’

Our president seems to believe that so-called violent video games cause young males to become homicidal maniacs. Back in 2012, in wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Trump tweeted:

He’s made similarly misinformed comments since the Parkland massacre.

It’s with these thoughts in mind that he held a fact-finding meeting at the White House.

From Stephen Totilo of Kotaku:

In attendance to rep the video game industry were the head of the ESA, publishers’ D.C.-based lobbying group, the head of the ESRB ratings board, and the chief executives of Bethesda and Take Two. Repping the anti-gaming side were an author of books that claim violent video games train killers and a member of the Parents Television Council, which supported the California law to criminalize the sale of violent video games to children that was ruled unconstitutional in 2011.

I think Trump would find it convenient to blame the video game industry on real-world violence. Anything instead of the proliferation and the ease of access of firearms in this country.

Then again, it’s much more ironclad that the First Amendment protects video games than the Second Amendment protects the private ownership of military grade, mass killing machines.

I think it’s safe to say that NRA would be much happier if video games could be blamed from things like Sandy Hook and Parkland then our current gun laws.

At this point, I don’t think it really matters what our current gun laws do or don’t do. The real problem has been long in the making. We have too many guns in this country. The number is so large, we don’t even know how high it is. The Washington Post estimates there are 357 million firearms in this country. That’s more guns than people.

At this point, it would be far more productive to ban ammunition and gunpowder than it would to even try to ban guns. That’s where our efforts should be focused. Allow people to own as many firearms as they wish, just deny them access to the bullets those weapons need to make them lethal.

I went in for a colonoscopy and got an incomplete

I went in for a colonoscopy yesterday and it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I’ll need to go the University of Maryland Hospital and get it done again. The reason? The ascending colon is still inflamed and too narrow for the scope to traverse. A full colonoscopy can’t be done here in Hagerstown. It will have to be done at the University of Maryland Hospital where they evidently have scopes more suited for my situation.

To say I’m not at all happy with this outcome is an understatement.

We knew my colon was inflamed and narrow back when I was in the hospital. This is what caused the infection that required me to stay in the hospital for ten days, nine of those days in intensive care. They could tell from the series of CT scans I had in the hospital that my colon was inflamed and too narrow.

A week before the colonoscopy, I went in for another CT scan just to make sure the colonoscopy could be done. The results from that CT scan indicated the colonoscopy could be performed. That turned out not to be the case.


Before the colonoscopy, I was required to pay $1,018 out of pocket for the procedure. Then, after waking up from the anesthesia, I found out the full colonoscopy could not be performed.

I now get to look forward to another colonoscopy, this time 80 miles away. The actual colonoscopy isn’t that bad. The worst part is the prep required for the colonoscopy. Two days before the procedure, you have to go on a liquid diet. The day before the procedure, the liquid diet turns into a clear liquid diet. You can only drink substances you can see through. Oddly enough, that doesn’t include American beer.

You then have to start consuming the liquid called MoviPrep. It’s supposed to clean you out. It’s the worst tasting concoction I’ve ever had. It tastes like dirty ocean water with a hint of lemon-lime. I had to drink 32 ounces of this nasty sludge the night before the procedure and then another 32 ounces at 4:00 AM the day of the procedure.

If the idea is to clean you out, why don’t they arrange for you to have a colonic?

What depression feels like to me.

I now have this to look forward to all over again, only 80 miles away at the University of Maryland hospital in Baltimore. If I didn’t already have a problem with chronic depression, knowing I have to do this again would make me feel depressed. At least this gives me a valid reason to be depressed. Normally with my depression, I don’t have a reason to be depressed. I just feel depressed.

As incomplete as my colonoscopy was, my gastroenterologist here in Hagerstown diagnosed my condition as ulcerative colitis (UC), not Crohn’s disease. I’m now taking medication for UC, a very expensive medication called Delzicol.

Delzicol (mesalamine) 400 mg.

As far as how pills look, the Delzicol is the coolest looking drug I’ve ever taken. It’s four tiny pills in a clear capsule. I take two capsules in the morning and then another two in the evening.

My appointment with the gastroenterologist at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore isn’t until April 27. That was the earliest appointment available and it was only available because of a cancelation. The good news is the gastroenterologist I will be seeing is an expert on UC.