I had a good week on Lyft

I had a good week doing rideshare driving last week. It wasn’t even a full week. I drove Monday thru Thursday. I stayed home on Friday and did things around the house.

This is my Lyft earnings for last week:
It’s a lot easier to be successful at rideshare driving than it was before COVID-19. One of the major differences between then and now is both Uber and Lyft show you how much you will make before you accept a drive. This enables you to decline the drives that do not fit what you are trying to accomplish that day.

Streak bonuses are the Lyft driver’s friend

For example, Lyft was offering streak bonuses during different times in the day. If you give three rides in a row during the streak hour, you will get a bonus.  Your first ride has to start in the streak zone, but the next two ride can start anywhere. These streak bonuses are between nine to 21 dollars. They really add up. When you’re in a streak hour, you want to accept short trips. That way you can knock out your three required trips out quickly.

Lyft was handing out bonus streaks all week long.

I didn’t even log into Uber this past week. Lyft would need to be dead for me to log into Uber. They both pay the same, but Uber seems to have more problem riders than Lyft. At least that’s been my experience.

What about Doordash?

Once Lyft stops dolling out streak bonuses, I want to give Doordash a real try. I’ve only done a total of seven Doordash deliveries. It’s difficult to determine if Doordash is a viable alternative to rideshare with such a small sample size. I need to commit an entire day to it. Preferably, it would be good to try Doordash for entire week to see how it truly stacks up against rideshare.

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