Jeremy Hambly getting punched at Gen Con is now officially a dumpster fire

I’m calling it. As of 9:44 pm eastern daylight time, Jeremy Hambly getting attacked by Matt Loter at Gen Con is now officially a five-alarm dumpster fire.

Little by little, the story of him getting punched to the back of the head because of his “political beliefs” has become more and more absurd. Last night Jeremy released a video that said a whole host of things, some of which contradicted what he said earlier.

The whole thing is a mess. An absurd, hot mess.

Jeremy Hambly should have been prepared to deal with people who hate him

Jeremy Hambly

Jeremy is a controversial, YouTube culture warrior. He was banned for life by Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic: The Gathering for what they considered harassment and bullying of people in the community. He’s not allowed to attend sanctioned Magic: The Gathering events or tournaments for the rest of his life. There’s a reason they took this extraordinary step.

Whatever you think about Jeremy, there’s no denying he’s disliked by a good many people. It’s a reaction he spends a lot of time and energy cultivating.

If this happened to me, I would not have called the police

Matt Loter

If someone like Matt Loter attacked me and I walked away with little to no physical damage, I wouldn’t have called the police. What’s the point? I generally don’t like the police and I try not to interact with them.

I also wouldn’t broadcast to the world that I allowed some alt-lifestyle freakazoid to approach me from behind and punch my head several times. The last thing I would want is my name in a public record documenting my inept reaction to being assaulted by someone. Consider how often Jeremy refers to men he doesn’t like as cucks, soy boys, and beta males. Now consider how he acted when he met with someone who wanted to do him harm. He ran away. At the very least, I don’t think he should ever call into question another man’s maleness.

Is Jeremy Hambly an alcoholic?

I think Jeremy has a drinking problem. In the military, this incident would be classified as an alcohol-related incident. He would have to be evaluated and depending on the findings, forced to attend an alcohol a rehab program and AA meetings. Even if he didn’t have, according to him, 19 drinks before the assault, the fact it happened outside a bar at 2:00 am would trigger some kind of mandatory treatment. Good thing for Jeremy he’s not in the military. Good thing for the military too. His reaction to someone visiting violence upon him is to run away.

Jeremy Hambly wants to be a victim

Jeremy seems obsessed with making this one drunken incident his defining moment. He seems to want to wallow in victimhood. That’s too bad. Who wants to be known as a human punching bag? Who wants to be a professional victim? Not me, that’s who. I would do everything in my power not to be those things. I get the impression this was the first time he was attacked by someone. I wouldn’t call it a fight because that implies both parties participated. Matt threw ineffective punches and Jeremy fled to the safety inside the bar.

That, of course, is if you believe any of it even took place.

18 thoughts on “Jeremy Hambly getting punched at Gen Con is now officially a dumpster fire”

  1. Matt Loter has openly advocated cared physical violence against those he disagrees with politically and conducted an assault with multiple witnesses present. You either acknowledge the truth of that and condem it or you are part of the problem.

  2. So if it had happened to you no one would ever know about it and there would be no warning to prevent future attacks. That’s manly.

    1. First of all, it wouldn’t have happened to me. At least not the way it happened to Jeremy. I explained this succinctly and clearly in the above post.

      It’s not my job to inform or warn people. And say I did warn people about Unicorn Boy? There are still people who refuse to believe Matt Loter attacked Jeremy Hambly. That’s completely retarded. There are still people who believe the earth is flat or that Jimmy Buffett is a gifted musician. Cleary facts don’t matter much these days.

      I don’t care if you think I’m manly or not. In fact, I’d prefer it if you didn’t dwell too much on my gender.

  3. You wouldn’t have called the cops after being assaulted? You, sir, are a liar.

    The law exists to punish those who can’t exist peacefully around others. Your article(s) all include this Jeremy-deserved-it subtext and we should just ignore this situation.
    We will be watching you closely when an SJW is attacked and check your content against these articles. Pretty sure we’ll find that as long as it’s not a conservative straight white male who is assaulted, then your ire will ire will rise. Justice just isn’t for everyone, right?

    Matt deserves to be ruined. He showed up to Gen Con looking for a fight, sought out Jeremy and attacked. If all else was the same and Jeremy was anything but a white guy, this story would have exploded nationally (probably globally) and Matt would be in jail already. Check yourself for bias – you know it’s true.

    1. You wouldn’t have called the cops after being assaulted? You, sir, are a liar.

      No I’m not. Prove that I’ve ever been attacked and/or called the cops because of it?

      As I said, I don’t care all that much for cops and I try to not engage with them.

      Speaking of things you said that aren’t true, I in no way think Jeremy deserved a beating. I also don’t think I expressed that opinion in any of the posts I’ve made about this subject. No one should ever get attacked over something they said. That’s not the way this country operates.

      Justice is highly overrated. You’ll notice all the hoops Jeremy is now jumping through hoops to get the police to take his attack seriously and enforce the law. That’s just the way the police operate. They get to pick and choose which laws they enforce and who those laws apply to. In this case, I think the Indianapolis police has a sweet spot for grown men who dress as fairy princesses. Go figure.

  4. So many lies in one single post: how do you know it wouldn’t have happened to you? It’s easy to sucker punch, especially when there’s more than one individual engaging. In Jeremy’s case, there was a friend of Matt who probably distracted the guy so that Matt could act.
    Also, do you really think you wouldn’t have called the police? It doesn’t matter how biased your American police is, aggressions wouldn’t be ignored.

    1. So many lies in one single post: how do you know it wouldn’t have happened to you?

      Because, once again, I would not have allowed myself to be in that situation, a situation that is ideal for getting jumped. Jeremy got excessively drunk, drunk enough in a strange city where he couldn’t defend himself if the need arrose. I wouldn’t have done that. I don’t drink to excess, especially out in public and without people I know and trust.

      And no, I would have most definitely not called the police. Bad things can happen by calling the police and there’s no guarantee the police will do anything to help. In this case, the police have done nothing to help Jeremy, nor will they. At the very least they should have questioned Loter and based on the witness statements, placed him under arrest.

      1. So someone is assaulted out drinking, and you believe that it is the victims fault.

        was Jeremy’s dress a little too low cut for you?

        1. Nope. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything about someone going out drinking and then getting assaulted. I wrote specifically about Jeremy Hambly, a professional harasser, should have had more sense then to go out in a strange city by himself and get inebriated so much so that he lacked the ability to defend himself.

          Unless of course he wanted to be a victim.

  5. You’re 100% spot on, Mr. Rottman. Jeremy should be more alert when he’s out in public, especially since he’s a very controversial figure. And this bugman brawl isn’t worth a pricey lawsuit. Finally an article with some common sense.

    As for the people in the comments who have a problem with not calling the cops; you guys need to learn to choose your battles. At the end of the day this will be a huge waste of time, even if Jeremy gets his justice. Don’t be vindictive, folks.

    Cheers from Bavaria.

    1. Don’t be vindictive?!?! You are a joke for even saying that. Jeremy got assaulted by Matt, plain and simple. That warrants an immediate call the the authorities. One can say that Jeremy needed to be more alert (I agree as well) but not to call the police is not a good idea. A crime is a crime, inebriated or not. its almost saying that rape is the fault of the victim…. As for Rottman, it is clear where you stand. You are biased, so I will keep my comment to you short. I doubt you would not call the police, especially how sensitive things are here in America. You obviously don’t like Jeremy (or his views) and it shows in this post. If this assault was done to someone black, latino, or even female, I think this post would have a different tone. Again inebriation should not have a factor in the assault, a crime is a crime.

      1. You obviously don’t like Jeremy (or his views) and it shows in this post.

        I like Jeremy just fine. I thing it’s important to be consistent when he presents the facts. I like him more when he’s consistent.

        I even wrote a post critical of WotC for not giving Chris Kluwe a lifetime ban, but giving Jeremy one, especially considering what Jeremy did was a lot milder than what that weasel Cris Kluwe did. Jeremy even showed the post on UnsleevedMedia.

  6. Quick question, so when is the right moment to call the police? I understand normal people don’t like to bother/interact with the police officer, I also understand you don’t like the inconsistencies in his online character and his real life character(mainly the part where he calls people beta male but then call the cops when getting attacked.)
    Its kind of like saying you punch a woman that keeps provoking you, is it wrong to punch the woman even though she is asking for it? should the woman call the cops then?
    I understand the whole free speech thing, but with it comes consequences, since the guy(Jeremy Hambly) is getting his consequence(getting jumped) shouldn’t the attacker get what they deserves as well?

  7. Quick question, so when is the right moment to call the police?

    I guess that depends. Before I’d call the police, I’d need to know involving the police would add some sort of value to the experience that I could not get without involving them.

    I haven’t been following the Jeremy Hambly drama, at least on purpose. The last I saw was that involving the police provided him no added value to the incident. On the other hand, I saw a headline somewhere that Gen Con banned him and the man he believes attacked him from all future events.

    I imagine filling a police report and publicizing the incident had a lot to do with that.

  8. Saw the lawsuit. If Loter can’t get a dismissal he loses. It’s in Federal Court. You wrote your article before the lawsuit went to Federal court. I give the case 50-50. Loter does not have the $75K to cover the assault and another $25K for legal fees.

    Nothing hurts people like taking a large amount of money from them. Matt Loter stands to lose years of earnings to this alleged assault. I work in a collection department. Once you enter the system the garnishment stays with you until it’s discharged. You can’t run to Canada. We process their garnishments and vice versa.

    Lesson, control yourself in public. Jeremy went to a funding site and raised $25K for the lawsuit at the drop of a hat.

    1. Story? It’s a blog post. I blog about what I find interesting.

      When I wrote the series of posts, I thought the incident was fascinating. First, because an innocent YouTuber was attacked outside a bar. Then, as more and more came out about the attack and Hambly began deleting more and more videos about the incident, I found it fascinating for other reasons.

      As far as jealousy is concerned, although I have feelings about Jeremy Hambly, Jealousy is not one of them.

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