Jeremy Hambly and Matt Loter settle lawsuit

The long national nightmare is finally over. YouTuber Jeremy Hambly and male feminist Matt Loter reached an out-of-court settlement. Hambly accused Loter of punching him in the back of the head during the early morning hours outside a bar in Indianapolis.Continue Reading

Jeremy Hambly’s YouTube update poses yet more questions

Jeremy Hambly posted a new video that was aimed at providing an update to his legal case against alleged attacker Matt Loter. It posed more questions than it did answers.


Jeremy Hambly posted a new video that was aimed at providing an update to his legal case against alleged attacker Matt Loter. It posed more questions than it did answers.

Jeremy Hambly hired a lawyer

Jeremy Hambly
Bill Richmond

Hambly said he retained the legal services of business attorney Bill Richmond. Who is Bill Richmond?

From Mr. Richmond’s LinkedIn page:

Bill represents companies and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries when they are involved in litigation regarding contract disputes, business fraud, large property loss, and catastrophic personal injury. Bill has experience in both state and federal courts regarding pleadings, motion practice, discovery, pre-trial and trial and he has represented both small and Fortune 500 companies in high-stakes litigation.

Mr. Richmond is based in Dallas Texas. Will Hambly file the lawsuit in Texas? I wouldn’t think so. I’d think he’d file the lawsuit in Indianapolis, Indiana, where the alleged assault took place. One might think Hambly would then want to hire a lawyer there who specializes in lawsuits like the one he wants to file. A local lawyer could exert pressure on the Indianapolis Police Department to take the alleged battery more serious.

Why would Hambly hire a lawyer in Texas who does not specialize in the type of case he wants to pursue? Because Mr. Richmond is also the attorney of conservative political commentator Steven Crowder.

The GoFundMe campaign

Hambly claimed in the video he paid Mr. Richmond a $5,000 retainer, half of his normal retainer. Why didn’t he pay the full retainer? His GoFundMe legal fund currently has over $29,000 in it. I don’t understand why Hambly is pinching pennies. If this money isn’t going to pay for a lawyer, what will it go to?

On Hambly’s GoFundMe page, he says he paid his lawyer a $10,000 retainer. Which is it, $5,000 or $10,000?

The GoFundMe page still says the attacker “will be arrested shortly.”

Jeremy Hambly
Text from Jeremy Hambly’s GoFundMe page.

I think it’s safe to say the man Hambly believes attacked him will not be arrested shortly.

Jeremy Hambly does not know who attacked him

It’s important to point out that Hambly doesn’t really know who attacked him. This is a tweet he made August 2, hours after the attack.

Jeremy Hambly

Publicly saying he “didn’t get a good look at him but others did” doesn’t sound at all like the basis of a successful civil suit. This is especially true considering there’s no physical evidence suggesting Matt Loter assaulted Jeremy Hambly. The case will depend solely on eyewitness testimony. Were any of the eyewitnesses sober? Hambly wasn’t. He has claimed to have consumed 19 drinks before the alleged attack took place.

Loter cannot even be forced into sitting for a deposition since he’s never been charged in the case. Loter has a right under the Consitution against self-incrimination. Anything he said in a deposition could then be used against him in a criminal case if one ever materializes. That’s why most civil lawsuits relating to a crime only happen after the criminal prosecution has concluded.

Jeremy Hambly believes Quinnipiac University fired Matt Loter

According to the update video, Hambly believes Quinnipiac University fired Loter from his part-time teaching gig. The reason? Because Loter’s name has been removed from the university’s website.

I sent a test email to and the message did not bounce. I then sent another email to and it bounced. What does this show? It shows Loter’s name may have been scrubbed from the website, but he still has an active email account at Quinnipiac University. It also shows I’ve done more research than the blogger at has done. This is the same blogger who’s two posts about this matter contain factual errors and she claims to have “broke” the story.

Her first post about this was published August 8, 2018. My first post about this was published on August 3, 2018.

Also from the update video:

If you’re sending your kids to this school (Quinnipiac University) they have been contacted by multiple people about one of their own professors being violent, unstable, having delusions and they didn’t even tell the campus police. So it’s pretty clear they’re not interested in keeping their students safe.

If Jeremy Hambly now has a lawyer, why are they allowing him to make a video saying this? Hambly knows the school has been contacted by multiple people complaining about Loter. Hambly urged his viewers to contact Quinnipiac University and ask them what they thought about keeping a violent criminal on staff.

Remember, Loter not been charged with a violent crime, let alone convicted of one. To say Quinnipiac University is “not interested in keeping students safe” is actionable by the school. It’s a statement presented as fact that anything but a fact. It’s slanderous.

Where is the evidence?

Although there’s zero evidence Loter assaulted Hambly, there’s a boatload of evidence Hambly libeled Loter. With each passing day, Hambly says more things on YouTube and Twitter about Loter, not as opinions, but as fact. For example, he says Loter is unstable and has delusions. How would Hambly know this?

From the legal dictionary at

Jeremy Hambly

If Jeremy Hambly’s actions towards Loter do not constitute libel, I don’t know what does. Loter should hire a lawyer of his own and file a lawsuit against Hambly for libel. Hambly would then have to prove the things he’s said about Loter were true. He cannot do that because he made most of it up. The reason Hambly believes Loter was the one who attacked him was that people on 4-chan said it.

Jeremy Hambly
Jesus telling it like it is, dropping truth bombs like a B-52 over Hanoi at midnight.

Like Jesus Christ said at the Sermon on the Mount, a good defense is a good offense. I don’t know if Loter is a follower of our Lord and Savior, but the man who died for everyone’s sins gave some good advice.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Jeremy Hambly was trying to make his dumpster fire of a case burn with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Jeremy Hambly

Jeremy Hambly getting punched at Gen Con is now officially a dumpster fire

I’m calling it. As of 9:44 pm eastern daylight time, Jeremy Hambly getting attacked by Matt Loter at Gen Con is now officially a five-alarm dumpster fire.

Little by little, the story of him getting punched to the back of the head because of his “political beliefs” has become more and more absurd. Last night Jeremy released a video that said a whole host of things, some of which contradicted what he said earlier.

The whole thing is a mess. An absurd, hot mess.

Jeremy Hambly should have been prepared to deal with people who hate him

Jeremy Hambly

Jeremy is a controversial, YouTube culture warrior. He was banned for life by Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic: The Gathering for what they considered harassment and bullying of people in the community. He’s not allowed to attend sanctioned Magic: The Gathering events or tournaments for the rest of his life. There’s a reason they took this extraordinary step.

Whatever you think about Jeremy, there’s no denying he’s disliked by a good many people. It’s a reaction he spends a lot of time and energy cultivating.

If this happened to me, I would not have called the police

Matt Loter

If someone like Matt Loter attacked me and I walked away with little to no physical damage, I wouldn’t have called the police. What’s the point? I generally don’t like the police and I try not to interact with them.

I also wouldn’t broadcast to the world that I allowed some alt-lifestyle freakazoid to approach me from behind and punch my head several times. The last thing I would want is my name in a public record documenting my inept reaction to being assaulted by someone. Consider how often Jeremy refers to men he doesn’t like as cucks, soy boys, and beta males. Now consider how he acted when he met with someone who wanted to do him harm. He ran away. At the very least, I don’t think he should ever call into question another man’s maleness.

Is Jeremy Hambly an alcoholic?

I think Jeremy has a drinking problem. In the military, this incident would be classified as an alcohol-related incident. He would have to be evaluated and depending on the findings, forced to attend an alcohol a rehab program and AA meetings. Even if he didn’t have, according to him, 19 drinks before the assault, the fact it happened outside a bar at 2:00 am would trigger some kind of mandatory treatment. Good thing for Jeremy he’s not in the military. Good thing for the military too. His reaction to someone visiting violence upon him is to run away.

Jeremy Hambly wants to be a victim

Jeremy seems obsessed with making this one drunken incident his defining moment. He seems to want to wallow in victimhood. That’s too bad. Who wants to be known as a human punching bag? Who wants to be a professional victim? Not me, that’s who. I would do everything in my power not to be those things. I get the impression this was the first time he was attacked by someone. I wouldn’t call it a fight because that implies both parties participated. Matt threw ineffective punches and Jeremy fled to the safety inside the bar.

That, of course, is if you believe any of it even took place.

How is Jeremy Hambly going to sue Gen Con assailant Matt Loter?

Gen Con is wrapping up today. As of this morning, there’s still no indication the Indianapolis Police Department has arrested Matt Loter, the man Jeremy Hambly identified as his assailant. In fact, there’s been no word that they’ve even questioned him.

That’s not good. If you think Matt Loter should be punished for assaulting Jeremy Hambly, it would be nice if the police did their jobs. If you count on the police protecting you against those who would do you harm, think again. You are totally dependant on whether the police will do their jobs or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s a fickle thing.

Would a prosecutor even take the case to trial?

Even if the police arrest Loter and present the case to the prosecutor, it’s doubtful they would elect to prosecute. The reason? Both Hambly and Loter live out-of-state, Wisconsin and Connecticut, respectively. The witnesses most likely live out-of-state too. If Loter is ever going to be convicted in a criminal trial, it will depend heavily on witness testimony. If the prosecutor was going to take the case to trial, he or she has to hope the witnesses will come back to Indianapolis to testify in court as to what they witnessed for what most likely would be a misdemeanor.

And for what exactly? Hambly didn’t seek medical attention after the attack. That would indicate he wasn’t injured in the attack. Hambly said exactly that in YouTube videos that he has since removed from public view. He also didn’t return home to Wisconsin after the attack, nor even try to get a temporary restraining order against Loter. That would indicate the attack and the threat of future attacks by Loter wasn’t a concern of Hambly’s.

What damages did Jeremy Hambly suffer?

Other than a favorite shirt, it’s not clear how Hambly suffered any damages from the attack. In fact, the opposite is true. Hambly received a lot of positive public attention after news of the attack was made public. Subscriptions to his two YouTube channels, TheQuartering, and Unsleeved Media are almost guaranteed to go up now.

Speaking of non-existent damages, Hambly is planning on suing Mr. Loter in civil court. There’s even a GoFundMe campaign raising money for the lawsuit, not by Hambly, by artist Ethan Van Sciver.

How would a lawsuit even work?

I don’t quite understand how a civil lawsuit would work in this case. Again, Jeremy experienced no real damages from the cowardly attack. He didn’t seek medical attention, nor did he feel the need to leave the con and go home. He did get positive exposure from the attack, something quite valuable for a YouTuber with two channels.

Van Sciver has raised over $13,000 in two days for Hambly. When the campaign is over and Van Sciver gives the money to Hambly, he’s under no legal obligation to use the money on a civil trial. Even if he did sue Loter and then won the lawsuit, would a jury or judge award him anything close to $13,000?

I doubt it. He’d have to show his damages. Again, it doesn’t appear he has any. If he had gone to the hospital and then left Gen Con in fear of his safety, he could have shown he had some damages. Even then I don’t think his damages would amount to anything close to $13,000. There wasn’t any pain and suffering because he didn’t seek medical attention. He also didn’t leave the convention. If anything, he was able to capitalize on the attack. Good for him. As Jesus H. Christ famously said, turn lemons into lemonade. Hambly turned the incident into a giant tumbler of delicious lemonade.

The cap on small claims judgments where the attack took place is $8,000. I doubt a small claims judge would award Hambly anything close to that amount considering he can’t prove damages.

The GoFundMe campaign throws up red flags

How is Jeremy Hambly going to sue Gen Con assailant Matt Loter? - Bent Corner

When I learned there was a crowdfunding drive to seek justice for Jeremy Hamley initiated by Ethan Van Sciver, I began looking at this story with a much more critical eye. The GoFundMe campaign states the following:

The perpetrator has been identified, and will be arrested shortly.

Really? Although the perpetrator has been identified, I don’t know how anyone can say for certain he will be arrested. If he’s not arrested, will the people donating money to Jeremy Hamley then get a refund?

I”m extremely leery of anyone asking for donations, especially when they make claims they have no way of ensuring will come true. Just because you hope the police arrest Jeremy’s attacker, doesn’t mean it will happen. That’s not the way things work.

But then what do I know? I’m not a lawyer. I didn’t go to law school or pass the bar.

My advice

How is Jeremy Hambly going to sue Gen Con assailant Matt Loter? - Bent Corner

If I were in a position to recommend a course of action for Hamley, I’d recommend he try to take the case to Judge Judy. Not only would the show pay for both parties to fly to Los Angeles and stay in a hotel, including any witnesses, it would also pay each litigant as well as any witnesses. Both Hamley and Loter would make compelling TV. Additionally, both parties would benefit professionally from the TV exposure. Hamley with his YouTube channels and Loter with the games he’s designed and the Connecticut game store he and his wife operate.

When in doubt, go to Judge Judy.

Jeremy Hambly assaulted at Gen Con by male feminist Matt Loter

Jeremy Hambly, the man behind the YouTube channels TheQuartering and Unsleeved Media was physically assaulted at the Tin Roof, a drinking establishment in Indianapolis. It’s actually part of a chain of bars all over the United States. There’s one in nearby Baltimore.

Jeremy was there to attend Gen Con, an annual event promoted as the best four days in gaming.

Here’s the video Jeremy posted about the assault:

Jeremy Hambly’s attacker has been identified as a man named Matt Loter.

Who is Matt Loter?

Matt Loter co-owns and operates Elm City Games with his wife, Trish Loter. The store is in New Haven, Connecticut. Loter is at Gen Con to promote a table-top came he designed. I would now rather play Russian roulette with the Viet Cong than play this game.

Who gets to decide who’s a Nazi?

Loter when not designing games no one wants to play, dressing as a fairy princess, or wearing a shirt that encourages people to punch Nazis, works as a justice of the peace in the state of Connecticut. Seriously, a justice of the peace.

This from LinkedIn:

Jeremy Hambly assaulted at Gen Con by male feminist Matt Loter - Bent Corner

How absurd is it that a man who attacks someone from behind is also a justice of the peace? Jesus Christ famously said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Those words from our Lord and Savor have never rung truer.

LinkedIn also shows that Loter has a Bachelors in Political Science and Women’s Studies. He also has a Masters in History and Secondary Social Studies Education, whatever that means.

Jeremy Hambly assaulted at Gen Con by male feminist Matt Loter - Bent Corner

Women’s studies. I’ve always wondered what people with that particular degree do when they grow up. Mystery solved.

Matt Loter planned the assault on June 5. Maybe:

Jeremy Hambly assaulted at Gen Con by male feminist Matt Loter - Bent Corner

Anita Sarkeesian’s twitter handle is @femfreq. She was probably too busy playing video games, eating Doritos, and chugging Mountain Dew to notice the threat in her Twitter feed. As everyone knows, Anita is a hard-core video gamer.  With table-top gaming’s popularity on the rise, I guess Anita will become a table-top gamer too so she can tell everyone who enjoys the hobby how sexist and misogynistic they’re being.

Jeremy made a video about Gen Con inviting Anita Sarkeesian as a guest of honor. It’s something that surprised a good many people, including myself.

Jeremy Hambly did nothing wrong

I find it outrageous Gen Con would know Matt Loter wanted to “fight” anyone who had a problem with Anita Sarkeesian being a Gen Con guest of honor and not doing anything about it. Either that or they don’t monitor their Twitter feed.

What does it mean to be a Gen Con guest of honor? Gen Con is paying the guest to be there. Considering Anita has expressed no interest in table-top gaming, it’s highly doubtful she would attend Gen Con on her own.

Gen Con as of this morning has not commented on the assault on Jeremy Hambly, nor have they banned Matt Loter from attending the con. Considering the safety risk Loter poses not only to Hambly but to everyone else attending the con, Gen Con’s inaction seems both asinine and highly dangerous.

Matt Loter cannot control himself. What’s going to happen when he decides a 14-year-old boy in a wheelchair is a Nazi? I guess he’ll just pound on him too.

This incident really irritates me. What Matt Loter did is indefensible. I’ve come to genuinely appreciate Jeremy Hambly’s content on YouTube. I hope for everyone’s safety, Gen Con will revoke Loter’s 4-day pass and the Indianapolis police will do their duty and arrest him.


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