Why does Donald Trump hate brown people?

President Donald Trump spoke last night at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri. He warned people about the slow-moving migrant caravan in Mexico. He warned that if they “threw rocks” they would be killed by the U.S. troops he is deploying to the border. You know, the same troops he’s deploying to aid federal Immigration … Continue reading “Why does Donald Trump hate brown people?”

Superman used to be a racist, hateful jerk

In March of 1943, the United States was embroiled in a massive war with Imperial Japan. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Instead of using all his various superpowers to quickly bring an end to the war, Superman (government name Clark Kent) used his superpowers to stoke the fires of racial hatred and bigotry. No wonder Batman … Continue reading “Superman used to be a racist, hateful jerk”

If America is so racist, why did Roseanne Barr get fired?

I continuously read on Facebook what a racist country America is. Racism in the United States is so bad, we don’t even have a black president anymore. Roseanne Barr is a racist? Considering all this, I was a little surprised when I learned ABC canceled the TV show Roseanne over a tweet the show’s namesake, Roseanne Barr, made about Valerie … Continue reading “If America is so racist, why did Roseanne Barr get fired?”

Allow me to mansplain the fallacy of ‘white male privilege’

For a while now I’ve heard about something called white male privilege. As a white male who has never felt especially privileged, I never quite understood what the term was trying to refer to. I think I first heard about it when one of my favorite science fiction authors at the time, John Scalzi, wrote about it … Continue reading “Allow me to mansplain the fallacy of ‘white male privilege’”

What does social justice even mean?

The term social justice is one of those terms that seems to have as many meanings as people advocating for it. I feel as though if I asked ten people what social justice means, I’d get ten different answers. That’s not good. When I look up the term in the dictionary, I get a definition … Continue reading “What does social justice even mean?”