Bisexual Superman leads a school strike against climate change – Bent Corner

Bisexual Superman leads a school strike against climate change

In Superman: Son of Kal-El #7 by DC Comics, bisexual Superman will take to the streets and protest against climate change. As the above image shows, he’s carrying a sign that reads “School Strike for Climate.” How very Greta Thunberg of him.

When I first saw this image on Twitter, I thought it was a goof. I honestly thought it was created by a climate change activist who wasn’t very artistic. I was wrong. The artwork is the real-deal created by someone actually working for DC Comics. How embarassing.

Here’s the full image:

Bisexual Superman leads a school strike against climate change – Bent Corner
There’s no planet B? Actually, in the DC Universe, there are 52 other Earths.

This art is so bad, I don’t think it would even pass muster at Marvel Comics.

I think refusing to go to school in the name of climate change is a braindead thing to do. If we are going to properly address the very real problem of man-made climate change, having less educated people is not the way to go. Our future generations will need more education, not less. But there’s bisexual Superman leading the protest, carrying a sign advocating for children to be less educated, in the name of climate change.

When I first learned that Jon Kent, son of Louis Lane and Clark Kent and the current Superman was getting turned into a member of the LGBT community, I felt somewhat optimistic. I feel like we’ve reached the point in society where almost all of us are either related to a gay person or at least know a gay person in a meaningful way. We want the best for these people, right? I thought DC Comics was going to take this opportunity to honestly explore in a meaningful way what it’s like to be gay.

Now I’m not so sure. Now it just seems like an attention seeking bit. I feel like someone in DC editorial might have said, “Lets give Superman a boyfriend with pink hair and make him act like Greta Thunberg.”

In a world where superheroes are real, man-made climate change would not even be a problem. I’m pretty sure the Justice League could come up with a plan for removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and venting them into the vacuum of space. I think something like that could be done in a single Thursday afternoon. Instead, we have Superman encouraging kids not to go to school in the name of climate change.

In Marvel Comic’s Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos already solved the problem of man-made climate change. Sort of. He snapped his fingers and caused the extermination of half of all life in the universe.

Bisexual Superman leads a school strike against climate change – Bent CornerLess people means less greenhouse gases created. More people means more of a demand for energy derived from fossil fuels. Surely the superheroes found in the pages of DC comics can come up with a much more humane, more efficient way of tackling man-made climate change then just exterminating half the population.

Encouraging children to not go to school is not one of those ways. It’s not only cringe, it’s counterproductive. Educating children less is never the answer for solving a problem.

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