Mags Visaggio goes after Sean Murphy on Twitter

Comic book writer Mags Visaggio weaponized Twitter to go after comic book writer and artist Sean Murphy. The reason? He dared to be her friend and he was nice to her. The scoundrel!

Here are some of Mags Visaggio’s tweets:

Some men are creepy jerks

She’s referring to a few professionals in comics accused of inappropriate behavior. I haven’t really paid attention to it. None of it sounded criminal. I think it was older men sexually pursuing younger women with the expectation the men would then help them with their comic careers. Again, nothing sounded illegal. Creepy? Most definitely, but this is the comic book community we’re talking about. Creepiness is usually considered a virtue in the world of comics.

Mags continued:

Lovebombing? Is that a term that everyone knows about? I’ve never heard of it. And I worked on B-52 bombers when I was in the Air Force. You could say I loved working on B-52s because I did.

Again with the lovebombing. Why would Mags need professional assistance? She seems to get writing gigs in comics on a constant basis. I assume she gets those jobs because of her talent as a writer. In other words, she shouldn’t need professional assistance at this point in her career. She should be helping others, not expecting people like Sean Murphy to help her.

I hate when privileged people with blue checkmarks use Twitter as their therapist

Mags Visaggio really should have expressed her feelings to a therapist. Then again, I know firsthand it’s pretty hard to find a good therapist.

I do not see the point of publicly dragging Sean Murphy’s name through the mud on Twitter. I believe the first rule of being a comic book professional is to act professionally. That means not saying disparaging things about a fellow professional in public for everyone to see.

I am a fan of Sean Murphy

Maybe I’m biased because I like Sean Murphy’s work. I enjoy his art style. He’s a writer as well as an artist. If comics were like football, Sean Murphy would be a starter at tailback and free safety. As they say, he’s a two-way player. He’s a dual-threat.

I really enjoyed Batman: White Knight. On the other hand, I’ve never read a comic penned by Mags Visaggio. The only reason I even know about her is from watching Richard C. Meyer’s old YouTube channel. I think it was a video about how she threatened “cis assholes” with a baseball bat to the teeth. Unlike Sean Murphy, Mags Visaggio does not create the kind of books I want to read.

To the best of my knowledge, Sean Murphy never threatened anyone with a baseball bat to the teeth. He strikes me as a genuinely nice guy. I doubt he will even respond to Mags Visaggio’s Twitter rant. Plus, there’s really nothing to respond to. Not really.

Mags was just being Mags.

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