Why some people think Muslims should appologize

Yasmina Blackburn, freelance writer and board member of MyJihad, an organization dedicated to defending Islam from anti-Muslim and Muslim extremists, wrote a post over on The Huffington Post about the #MuslimApologies campaign on Twitter. Muslims are taking to Twitter and "apologizing" for all sorts of dumb things in response to the criticism that … [Read more...]

Catholic Church excommunicates mother, doctors of 9-year old rape victim who received an abortion

A 9-year-old girl in Brazil was raped by her step-father. When the girl complained of severe stomach pains, he mother took her to the hospital where doctors discovered that she was four months pregnant with twins. Evidently the girl had been sexually assaulted for years by her stepfather. When doctors explained to the girl's mother that having a … [Read more...]

Creepy old guy wearing lots of bling and sitting in a gold throne warns against selfishness

Pope Benedict XVI delivered his annual Christmas sermon from a balcony of St Peter's Basilica decked out in his finest golden clothing. He actually warned the world that it was headed toward ruin because of selfishness during these tough economic times. Maybe his message would be a little easier to swallow if he wasn't wearing so much bling. Not … [Read more...]

The Quiverful movement

I blogged a couple of months ago about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, a married couple in Arkansas that were expecting their 18th child. They were getting their own reality show on the Discovery Channel, 17 Kids and Counting. At the time I thought they were just incredibly weird. As it turns out, there is an actual name for what they are … [Read more...]