Why some people think Muslims should appologize

Yasmina Blackburn, freelance writer and board member of MyJihad, an organization dedicated to defending Islam from anti-Muslim and Muslim extremists, wrote a post over on The Huffington Post about the #MuslimApologies campaign on Twitter. Muslims are taking to Twitter and “apologizing” for all sorts of dumb things in response to the criticism that they do not seem to ever apologize for the things their fellow Muslims do.

From her post on The Huffington Post:

But then I often wonder, how come Christians are not asked to apologize for crimes committed by Christians? Why aren’t Hindus asked to apologize for crimes they had nothing to do with? What about Jews? Atheists? Republicans? Democrats? Unitarian Universalists? Skin heads? Gays? Lesbians? Homophobes? Police Officers? Politicians? Young, hot teachers?

How come? Well, it could be that the difference is that when your fellow Muslims do awful, terrible things, they do so because they are Muslim. According to them, they do those things in the name of Islam, the religion you and they share.

When a person who is Christian commits a crime, it’s almost never because of their chosen faith. Can the same be said about people who claim to be Muslim?


Personally, I don’t care if Muslims apologize for the transgressions perpetrated on the world by their fellow Muslims. It is what it is. I don’t know why anyone would choose to practice such a violent and misogynistic religion as Islam, but it’s really none of my business. If someone chooses to practice the same religion as the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah, they’re free to do so. I neither expect, nor desire an apology from them.

In all honesty, I just don’t care what they think or feel.

Catholic Church excommunicates mother, doctors of 9-year old rape victim who received an abortion

A 9-year-old girl in Brazil was raped by her step-father. When the girl complained of severe stomach pains, he mother took her to the hospital where doctors discovered that she was four months pregnant with twins. Evidently the girl had been sexually assaulted for years by her stepfather. When doctors explained to the girl’s mother that having a twins at such an early age would possibly kill the girl, the mother elected to terminate the pregnancies.

The 9-year-old rape victim received a life-saving abortion.

The Catholic Church responded to the situation by officially excommunicating the mother and doctors. A senior Vatican official defended the action saying that life must always be protected.

What about the step-father? Though he was arrested for raping his 9-year-old step-daughter and possibly her 14-year old handicapped sister, he was not excommunicated by the Catholic Church. The reason? Though the Church views that rape of a 9-year-old to be “a heinous crime”, it’s not as serious as abortion. The Church thinks what the girl’s mother and doctors did was far worse than what the rapist step-father did.

If there was ever a time this poor woman needed the spiritual support that one receives from one’s faith, it has to be now. Instead of supporting her, her church expels her. It’s not as if this woman actually made the choice to have her 9-year old daughter’s pregnancies terminated. This woman had no choice. She no more chose to have the pregnancies aborted than a person chooses to leave a burning building.

The Quiverful movement

I blogged a couple of months ago about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, a married couple in Arkansas that were expecting their 18th child. They were getting their own reality show on the Discovery Channel, 17 Kids and Counting. At the time I thought they were just incredibly weird. As it turns out, there is an actual name for what they are doing.

It’s called the Quiverful movement.

A quiver is the thing an archer uses to hold all of his arrows. To someone who practices Quiverful, their home is the quiver and their children are the arrows. The idea is to stock their quiver with as many arrows as they can. It’s practiced primarily by conservative Christian evangelicals here in the United States. They almost never use any form of birth control or any other type of family planning.

The Duggars are people living the Quiverful or “QF” life.

I still think it’s pretty weird. They must think very highly of their genes to so heavily overstock the gene pool. Evidently the Duggars can afford the Quiverful lifestyle. I read on the Discovery Channel website that they own their own cellphone tower. I didn’t even know they had cellphones in Arkansas.