Protesters loot Ferguson convenience store Michael Brown robbed


Early this morning, protestors in Ferguson, Missouri stormed into Ferguson Market, the convenience store Michael Brown robbed shortly before he was shot and killed by a police officer, and proceeded to loot it. So much for demilitarizing Ferguson. Protestors looted before the (fake) military occupation and now they’re looting again. I feel sorry for the […]

Turns out Michael Brown was a violent robber of fine convince store cigars


Police released a surveillance video from the Ferguson Market, taken before the shooting. It shows what appears to be Michael Brown stealing a box of Swisher Sweets, cheap cigars for people who don’t smoke cigars, and then pushing a store employee. The surveillance video from the store: After watching the video, I find myself not […]

The military occupation of Ferguson is now over

Looks like the military occupation of Ferguson is about to come to an end

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the St. Louis County Police Department out of Ferguson yesterday and put state troopers in charge. He named Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson in charge of security in Ferguson. Not only is Johnson originally from Ferguson, he is a man of color. In other words, he’s black. This should help […]

Contrary to what that t-shirt says, water is not a human right

Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters

The city of Detroit has begun shutting off the water to city residents who haven’t been paying their monthly bills. So far, over 15,000 residential customers have had the water cut off, and thousands more will be joining them shortly. From The Daily Beast: Tangela Harris been doing her best to keep up, but when she […]