Where is all the baby formula?

Where is all the baby formula? - Bent Corner

The latest casualty in the not-so-great supply chain kerfuffle is baby formula. It’s the powdered substance parents use to make fake breast milk for their baby when the mother’s own breast milk is not an option. Formula is very important. Without it, or the real thing, a baby will starve.

Considering how important access to formula is, it seems incredibly ridiculous that store shelves are empty of this product. How does something like this even happen? Blame it on bacteria.

From the New York Times:

A potential bacteria outbreak led to the February shutdown of a Michigan factory that makes Similac formula, and the plant still has not reopened. Its closure has aggravated shortages created by broader pandemic supply-chain problems. Last week, stores stocked about 43 percent less baby formula than usual.

How great can a country claim to be when it cannot even keep safe, bacteria-free baby formula stocked on the shelves?

Where is all the baby formula? - Bent Corner
FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Missile
This problem needs to be fixed. A country that has no problem getting FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine should not have so much difficulty getting baby formula on store shelves. Maybe Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, the joint manufacturers of the Javelin missile, should get into the formula making business.


We need to get our collective act together. Considering that the Supreme Court will soon abolish Roe v. Wade, a lot more women will need to stock up on formula. 

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