Joe Biden’s pathetic response to Russian aggression

Joe Biden's pathetic response to Russian aggression - Bent Corner

Hunter Biden’s dad is finally responding to Russia’s continued aggression towards Ukraine. He’s decided to send American troops to the region.

From CNN:

President Joe Biden has formally approved the deployment of 3,000 US troops to Poland, Germany and Romania, the Pentagon announced Wednesday, in a move to bolster NATO countries in Eastern Europe with tens of thousands of Russian troops amassed along Ukraine’s border.

Only 3,000 troops? Is that some kind of sick joke?

It’s reported Russia has over 100,000 troops on two of Ukraine’s borders. It’s also reported there are thousands of tanks and heavy armor at the border. What can 3,000 troops do against that much Russian aggression? Not much.

Hunter Biden’s dad should send aircraft and lots of it to Poland and Romania. Unlike Ukraine, Poland and Romania are NATO allies. As a member of NATO, we are legally obligated to defend Poland and Romania against Russian aggression. It’s kind of the whole point of NATO.

That will not happen if Hunter’s dad only sends 3,000 troops to the region. He’d be better off by not sending any troops at all. When you consider the massive military might Hunter’s dad has at his disposal, it’s almost rude to send only 3,000 troops. It’s like a millionaire eating at Red Lobster and only tipping his server a nickel. He could have left a sizable tip, but chose to be a dick about it.

That’s precisely how Hunter’s dad is acting by sending only 3,000 troops to the region.

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