Woke bullies get Dynamite Entertainment to cancel Cecil variant comic

Dynamite Entertainment canceled a special edition of Vengeance of Vampirella #1. It was available on the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. What made this book special was its cover. It was to feature Cecil, a comedic persona from YouTube. The artwork showed Cecil with his arms around Vampirella and Red Sonya.

Why would woke bullies want this book canceled?

People pressured Dynamite Entertainment to cancel the project because Cecil is a supporter of Comicsgate.

In case you’ve forgotten, Comicsgate is a hate group. Don’t believe me? Go ask the angry woke comic book people on Twitter. In fact, you do not even have to ask them. They repeat the “Comicsgate is a hate movement” mantra over and over again. What they do not do is show you evidence of this assertion. It is as if they believe if they repeat the lie over and over again, it will become true.

What makes Comicsgate a hate movement?

Woke bullies get Dynamite Entertainment to cancel Cecil variant comic
This is what a hate group looks like.

Calling Comicsgate a hate group is an insult to real hate groups. Do followers of Comicsgate want a national homeland for people who believe in good customer service?

The whole thing is absurd. If anything, it shows how little power actual hate groups have in our current society. People wanting to virtue signal, to denounce hate, need something to focus on. Unfortunately for them, the marketplace of hate is not keeping up with demand. To some Comicsgate fills that need. It becomes the faux boogyman people suffering from acute wokeness can rally against. At best, it’s only a placeholder until something legitimate comes along to virtue signal against.

What did Cecil do that was so hateful?

Woke bullies get Dynamite Entertainment to cancel Cecil variant comic
Cecil on a motor scooter impressing a pretty lady.

I have known of the existence of Cecil for a few years now. I cannot recall anything he has ever done that was hateful, bigoted, or discriminatory. He seems dedicated to making people laugh. He’s made me laugh quite a bit. I value people like him.

When you have to stoop to canceling someone like Cecil, it makes you and the things you claim to believe in look ridiculous.

Dynamite Entertainment screwed up

Speaking of looking ridiculous, Dynamite Entertainment screwed up by canceling the campaign. You do not cancel a crowdfunding campaign after it’s reached its funding goal. It is not something reputable people or organizations do. It is not good business.

A no-name freelancer who works for Dynamite Entertainment went on Twitter and threatened to put his pencil down because of this campaign. How embarrassing. Not only for the freelancer who made the empty threat but for Dynamite backing down in response to it. I would feel weapons-grade shame if I did what Dynamite did.

Keep your promises

I am not a big believer in boycotts, but I don’t think I can ever buy a book published by Dynamite Entertainment again. It would feel like I was rewarding them with my money. Keeping promises is what reputable individuals and organizations do. Dynamite Entertainment chose not to do that because of Twitter outrage. Again, how embarrassing.

Seeing what the Twitter mob convinced Dynamite to do, I’m more convinced that deactivating my Twitter account was the correct thing to do.

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