Vic Mignogna sues Funimation and others

Vic Mignogna, the anime voice actor, accused of sexual harassment is suing one of the companies he did work for. He’s also suing some of the women who accused him of sexual harassment.

From Variety:

Vic Mignogna, known for voicing Broly in the “Dragon Ball” series of games, films, and tv shows, filed a lawsuit claiming defamation and other charges against Funimation and other voice actors on Thursday, according to public court documents.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit.

Suing a company because they no longer wish to use your services seems like a stretch to me. Studios do this type of thing all the time. Not only did Funimation cut ties with Mignogna. Rooster Teeth did too. Why isn’t he suing them? Rooster Teeth is even based in Texas, where the lawsuit was filed.

When in doubt, sue the victims

Vic Mignogna sues Funimation and others - Bent Corner
Vic Mignogna with a 14-year-old fan at a 2014 anime convention.

Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi, female voice actors who, along with others, accused Mignogna of sexually harassing them.

Vic Mignogna sues Funimation and others - Bent CornerVic Mignogna sues Funimation and others - Bent CornerMignogna’s including them in this lawsuit, along with Rial’s fiancée Ronald Toye.

I don’t remember reading about Harvey Weinstein going to Texas and suing Rose McGowan. Maybe this Mignogna lawsuit will open the floodgates for alleged sexual predators to sue their alleged victims. Bill Clinton could go to Texas and sue Monica Lewinsky.  Dead Michael Jackson could go down to Texas and file a class action preemptive lawsuit against prepubescent boys everywhere.

Vic Mignogna sues Funimation and others - Bent Corner
Dead Michael Jackson

Remember when GoFundMe was about paying for someone’s medical bills?

You might wonder where Mignogna is getting the money to fund this lawsuit. It is being funded from a GoFundMe campaign. These GoFundMe lawsuits are starting to be a thing now. If this lawsuit is like most others, I expect Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ronald Toye to turn to GoFundMe to fund their legal defense. In other words, it will be a battle of the GoFundMe campaigns.

Sexual harassment is real

I know some people like to pretend otherwise, but sexual harassment is a real thing. I once worked with a guy who was sexually harassing someone else in the company. He was a work friend. I had no idea it was going on. Sometimes it’s easy to assume people are just like you. I would never sexually harass someone. Therefore, I tend to extend that standard to the people in my life, even work friends.

In conclusion, I don’t know if Vic Mignogna is guilty of sexual harassment. Are the people accusing him of telling the truth?  I believe they are, but I have no ironclad evidence confirming that. Sometimes you just have to decide. Before you dismiss circumstantial evidence as being inadequate, keep in mind circumstantial evidence is what’s used to convict most criminals.

For me, it comes down to the photos I’ve seen of him interacting with his underage female fans. I find a lot of those photos to be extremely creepy. Those photos were taken in public places. How does he comport himself with young girls and women when no one else is around?

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